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Universal White Time Healing

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Still today, few people know about Universal White Time Healing (UWTH). It’s understandable as well as UWTH has only been available on the Earth since 1993. Perhaps even though almost 18 years has passed, knowledge of new spiritual information takes time to make itself known.

UWTH was given to us through Channie West (otherwise known in the Universe as Channie Centara Cha), who lives in Sweden. Since she was a young child, Channie has had physical contact with spiritually advanced extra-terrestrials. As we have learned in our UWTH education, White Time is a generally known energy in other parts of this Universe. For them, White Time is something they use in various ways, each and every day. When these higher spiritual beings recognized that humans on Earth needed a form of healing that would work for them, they created Universal White Time Healing specifically for humanity. In this way, because it was designed for use on Earth and by humans, it is a very safe and effective healing modality. For certain, nothing negative or dark can come about from this healing energy.

White Time is comprised of six energies that when combined, create a seventh energy – White Time. White Time does not come from this Earth, nor any other planet or sun … it comes from a high, high divine source … it comes into this Creation from the beyond, and feeds and nourishes each and every living organism in this Blue Creation.

Throughout the history on Earth, there have been some people who have connected with the knowledge of White Time. Perhaps they came to the understanding of it through their guides, their angels, or other divine ways. Most people actually do connect with White Time – in dreams, when using their psychic abilities, etc., but it isn’t understood that they are connecting with this divine energy.

As a Universal White Time Healer, students are initiated in such a way that they are connected to the source of this energy. UWTH Healers become channels for White Time, and take the energy in through their Crown Chakras and out through both hands. As we UWTH healers give out healing, some of the healing energy also remains within us as well. Thus, as we heal, so do we become healed.

Almost anything can be healed through the use of Universal White Time Healing, but what it cannot do, is interfere with Karma. When we talk about Karma … what we are referring to is that at times, we must have certain experiences because the result of the experience is something that is intended to happen by a Higher Divine Will.

UWTH Healers also come to have a broader understanding of what “healing” is. Most often, UWTH Healers are being sought after because of physical, emotional and mental complaints, but truly, UWTH can heal much, much more than that. Because White Time is of a high divine origin, there is a special intelligence within this energy, and when a UWTH Healer delivers healing, the energy goes to wherever there is disharmony. In this way, UWTH works to create harmony where there is disharmony.

Can anyone be a Universal White Time Healer? The answer is YES! As long as there is a willingness in the heart, to give to others … to this Earth, then a person can be a UWTH Healer. It doesn’t matter what sort of spiritual beliefs you have, but it does help to have an understanding of a higher power. There are different “starting points” for people as healers though. If a person was a healer in past lives, his/her starting point may well be more developed than say a person who was never a healer. Essentially, the healing skills you learned in past lives are opened again for you to continue on with that journey.

What UWTH is not about, is it is not about serving one’s ego. A UWTH Healer never says “I healed this” or “I healed that”, because we understand that it is not “about us”. We come to understand the divine nature of this force, and approach it with all respect, humility and gratefulness. Gratitude, is a big part of being a UWTH Healer, and every time we are honored in using this power, we are grateful for it.

In learning about UWTH, a healer comes to understand how using this healing energy can be a way of life … or not … it depends on the individual. Some people learn to embrace the knowledge, and use this to create harmony in their lives. We learn that not only can we heal our own bodies, but we can also heal relationships, heal our pets, heal our food and things we drink, we can heal our cars, our finances, our love lives …. So many things can be brought about into harmony. There only needs to be the willingness of the individual.

There are four levels of training within Universal White Time Healing that a person can aspire to. Each level is taught consecutively, and must be completed before moving on to the next level. Many people are satisfied with taking in the learnings of level 1 and 2, but those who feel particularly drawn to UWTH and the knowledge it offers, further their trainings by taking the next two levels, which is also referred to as the Higher School of Knowledge.

Each level of UWTH is a profound experience and offers the student so much for their spiritual growth. Within the initiations provided by the teacher, certain blocks are opened within the auric field so that the student can grow and expand. Typically, it would take a person 40 years of meditating to open one of these blocks – in the first level of Universal White Time Healing, 13 of these blocks are opened. In level 3, more than 72 blocks are opened. By the end of UWTH level 4, the spiritual growth for a student is immense, and their continued growth is dependent on their own will.

For those who feel drawn to learning this healing modality, my heart is open and welcome your questions. My website and email address are provided above for your interest and convenience.

Blessings to your Heart!

E-Zine Article Author: Ashaka, [email protected],

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Thanks for passing along the information Ben, this looks very interesting, I'll definitely check this out when I have more time to look at it! :-)
I've been deeply interested in learning the healing abilities, seeing as how we are suffering on a global scale.  God bless you for your contributions and I'm definitely going to look into this.  take care and be well.

(= very interesting indeed... was available long before 1998.

another thing, it works only when the heart is pure, unconditionally loving.

It does work,

and there's one more thing, trust has to be implicitely given.

Free will plays a huge part to receive the blessing.

It truly is an awe inspiring blessing, to be able to know you(universe)(Heaven) we're able to do that.

You really stay reverant, to the powers You hold.

and you quickly understand that it is only through love, and such a trust...that You can do it.

You kind of help open a channel, like a radio, to help...

and when You can align it all ...divinely...(=

You will do it ! (=


much love,


Thank you Steve!


Just to clarify a bit more.  Steve .. in your email to me you referenced "White Light healing" in saying this form of healing has been available long before 1998.  I completely agree with you.  But .. what you are referring to is White Light healing which is something quite different that Universal White Time healing.  To help the reader understand .. there is a difference between White Light and White Time.


I would agree with you though, one needs to have an open heart and be willing to give of themselves to be a healer.  Love ... unconditional, total and complete Love is a foundation of this wonderful healing modality.


Blessings ...


ok..You gotme.(=

shall we clarify..and have to put a name to it.


It's Our time,

Universal benevolence.


and...don't forget the trust is a two way street.

one has to want to give and one has to be fully able to receive.

and..comparing what You call it versus what I call it..

I'm just an older soul perhaps (=

it's still the same thing.

Much Love, andthanks for the reply,

You are a blessing (=


Awesome Ashaka !!!

Other traditions have called this modality - Full Spectrum Healing (white scientifically signifies limitless/infinite)

I`m glad you mentioned the issue of Karmic Restrictions which is tied to our soul mission/contract.

peace - tom.

Thank you for this information I have always been working to advance these abilities

Those interested in learning Universal White Time Healing, please check out "Events" for a UWTH level 1 workshop being held on May 27 - 29th in Vancouver.




Light & Love To All,

   I would like to share my expierences begining with the fact that I immediately resonated with Ashaka & the message of Universal White Time Healing. Being a starseed I have been blessed (and cursed lol) from a very early age with the natural  ability of accessing many of my spiritual gifts one which has been my ability of "knowing" which comes dierctly from the heart and was immediately drawn first to UWTH and then to Ashaka. After reading the above artcle I contacted Ashaka whom I found to be an extremely inviting being that, to me, seemed to generate this warm & gentle knowing in all that she does. I mention these qualities because I don't believe one can seperate the channeler from the source just as spiritual knowledge must understood gnosticly, that is through direct experience by living it moment to moment and this knowledge definitly shines brightly through Ashaka. So much so that I am enrolled in level one and have already had a healing session which upon completion filled me with calm, beautiful energy which seemed to expand with time. I previously expierienced a form of this type of healing by invoking my star family and asking for medical attention and have since been attempting to invoke this same healing which I believe syncronisticly brought about my meeting Ashaka and UWTH. Aside from the type of energy that was infused with I recieved certain symbols during my session and have found  that my channel to my higher self has expanded and become more clear. I intend on sharing more after I complete level until then I send light & love for we are love, we are love, we are love.........       


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