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Unexplained Ghost/ET's Caught On Tape-Other Dimensional Peeps Becoming Visible

Could be faked but a couple look authentic -and big foot at no. 4!!!

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Hi, number 10 in video, sure looks like the being is using some kind of cloaking technology, like in the predator movie.

The camera is probably picking up some of the infrared frequency range, which is why we can see anything at all, most human eyes could probably see nothing unusual.

I notice number 9 also, possibly has similar beings, using cloaking technology by the shed. 

peace love light

yep-cloaking, different vibrational rate

number 10 and 7 look like they could be real, with some of things I have seen over the years. With today's computers and software all are easily faked though.

true -but I've seen weird et's with my own eyes



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