Unexplainable Experiences

I've had several strange things happen to me in my life of 52 years. An episode of lost time was one of them, this happened at around 6 years of age. The one that really has me wondering though went down like this:

I was about 10 or 11 years old around 1970. I was on a float in a small lake with kids a few years my senior. They thought it a good idea to teach me to swim. (They were not my regular friends btw). They threw me in. I remember looking up at them while standing on the bottom. I'm guessing that in was about 7 feet deep maybe? It was over my head anyways. That was the last thing that I remembered.

The had happened in the morning (around 10am ish). I woke up on the little beach as the sun was going down. I remember looking at it after I stood up and saw that it was setting. No one was around me. I shook it off and went home. The next day I saw some of the same kids that "taught me how to swim". When they saw me, it looked like they had seen a ghost or something when they looked at me.

They never said anything to me, nor did I ask them what had happened, I was a kid and more interested in playing ball or something. I've often wondered about this. I'm guessing that they probably pulled me out and left me for dead on that little beach? I don't know. But when I think about it, the time difference between when I was on the float to when I woke up was probably a good 8 hours or so later. That does not compute. Sometimes I think that maybe my life was saved by a higher being of some sort? Maybe one day I will find out?

Do any of you have similar stories that you would like to get off your chest, or to just tell?

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  • Your intuition is likely correct, they thought they killed you dragged you out of the water and ran away, being unconcious for 8 hours after drowning or almost, isnt really that abnormal.  What s abnormal is you didnt do anything about it, did you ever ask them what the F is wrong with them? or what happened?  Instead you leave the details to conjecture that you were saved, yeah by the people who tried to kill you.

  • Hi Audie,

    Interesting case of missing time. I suspect you may have been rescued by aliens or angelic beings.

    Having nearly drowned once when I was six, I recall that after the initial horror of being unable to breath, I went into a dream state after about a minute. Just dreaming like I would if I had gone to sleep. Then someone pulled me out of the pool by my leg, and so the first thing I saw, awakening (as it were) was the world upside down. All the water in my throat was pouring out and I still couldn't catch a breath, but when I finally was able to (they had laid me out poolside) - and after some gasping - I felt all calm, warm and fuzzy. Weak, but not how you would think you would feel: panicked and maybe angry. I just wanted to go to sleep.

    I'm guessing that in your case, you were teleported onto a ship of some sort, and "drained".  Most spaceships don't operate within the flow of our "3D" time, so any 'abduction' experience takes place 'out of time', and the experiences one has there are not recalled well once a person is returned to our reality. They may have let you rest for a while, and then returned you to the scene of the event. No doubt the kids that threw you in presumed you had drowned, and your rescue was probably cloaked from their view. Just be grateful; it wasn't your time to go.

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