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By now, everybody has heard about
how two passengers using European
passports, stolen from tourists in
Thailand suggest that the greatest
likelihood for the disappearance of
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from
the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur
to Beijing, China and that these two
people using these stolen passports
were suicide bombers.

Family and friends awaiting their loved
ones at Beijing International Airport
complain that they were "treated like
dogs" by Malaysia Airlines, when they
were not informed of any problems
with the flight until several hours after
it was supposed to have landed.

Seeing the radar playback of the
moments leading up to the plane's
disappearance, one may forgive
Malaysia Airlines for not being more
forthcoming, in this case - because the
radar playback is not only baffling, it
shows two distinct anomalies, as pointed
out by intrepid citizen-reporter and
YouTube popstar, DAHBOO7.

The radar playback depicts dozens of
planes in flight over the region at the
time. The first peculiarity is seen in the
lower left of the screen. A round object
appears in the vicinity of Flight 370 (and
amid several others), which the radar
does not automatically "read" as airplane.

Suddenly, this round object takes the
form of a "plane" on the radar screen
and it accelerates at a rate of speed that
must be at least five times the speed of
the surrounding planes, heading eastward,
over the South China Sea. Then, just as
suddenly - the object stops and appears
to hover in place.

During this same time, there is some
evidence that shortly after crossing the
Malaysian Peninsula, Flight 370 was in
trouble. The radar shows that the plane
took three sharp turns: right, left, right
at an altitude of 35,000 feet and at a
speed of 473 knots - just before the
radar readings instantly go from 35,000
feet to 0, with the plane still traveling at
that speed for a few moments more, at
0 feet altitude before it vanishes from
the screen. As of this writing, this plane
remains missing, even though the sea is
relatively shallow where it disappeared.

As for the other object described here, it
disappears, as well. There have been no
reports about this object - or plane, or what
have you; whether it was a commercial
airliner, like the many others in flight over
the region during the final moments preceding
the disappearance of Flight 370 - but the
object in question certainly didn't behave like
a commercial airliner.

Regardless of whether this mystery object had
anything to do with the demise of of Flight 370
- what IS evident is that the radar readings
shown in this clip captured signals from what
for now, can only be termed a UFO.

(Video: 4 mins):

UFO in the Radar Readings of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

- Alexandra

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Alexandra Bruce
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Facebook Scam: Missing Malaysian Plane Found in Bermuda Triangle ...
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I believe this may be true and what I'm wondering is when it will be publicly revealed and how.  The Ashtar message doesn't say how long until disclosure and return of the plane/passengers - disclosure will ultimately happen in a big way if this occurs.  I am very excited at the possible happy ending..... for us all.

if they were taken to an alternate dimension that would explain the phone calls-apparently about 19 passengers got through to this side and then their calls dropped when family picked up -many of the other passengers must have tried also -




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