• "seeing IS BELIEVING"

    That's not true. Believing is SEEING.

    Those who wait to see before they believe will ALWAYS get misled since it's too easy to trick the eye. 

  • This puts to rest the theory that the Olympic UFO was the Goodyear blimp, apart from the fact that the Blimp was indeed grounded during the opening ceremony, no anti-collision lights or strobes are visible on the unknown object.

    The second object, which at first I believed was a helicopter, does not have anti-collision lights or flashing strobes either, this proves the object is unidentified also. So now we have two confirmed UFOs at the opening of the London Olympics. (UFO or Unidentified Flying Object, does not necessarily mean Extraterrestrial in origin, it just means the object is unidentified).

    Could this be a test run for a possible false flag using black-op, back engineered craft, or possibly bluebeam tech. One thing is for sure, they will be back, so keep watching.

  • this is not an ufo, but a good year blimp... it was there for the whole day and night, there is pictures of it online, i don't know why people is so obsess with first contact that create illusions upon illusion. Here is the video of the Olympics opening at the beginning you will hear the blimp noise, like an helicopter. and this video is a blimp landing same noise...  

    now see the picture of it, well people are saying the object in the picture is not the same as the one in the video just because the object is not on the same place lol well the picture was taken before of the fireworks, and u can not expect a flying object to be in the same place for the whole day and night... 

    the blimp also have a light on it, so on the video it maked it look like an ufo, blurried..

    • So then how do you explain the object suddenly going in the other direction, a blimp cannot do that it has to make a big turn. Please watch the video posted earlier that shows it from a distance.

      • Blimps are not airplanes. When you turn around with a blimp you pull forward on the left engine and backward on the right, and you can easily swing around "on a penny" if you wish.

        • hahaha way to edumacate!

  • Welcome on Earth, dear family from far away!

  • holly shit, what's that? 

  • Yes WE were watching a clip and this saucer shaped object was seemingly watching ..hovering over the stadium like the beings inside were enjoying the show , typical grey alien craft , would probably contain some upstanding reptilian , come to watch the relatives play .

  • Whoever says that ufo is a blimp is a person who 'wants' it to be a blimp and wouldn't believe the solid fact.
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