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U.S. Air Force Releases Thousands of Pages Of Declassified UFO Files

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Huge news for UFOlogists: nearly 130,000 pages of fully searchable archives, dubbed the Project Blue Book Collection, are now available on truth-seeking website the Black Vault.

Military Times reports:

UFO enthusiast John Greenewald has spent nearly two decades filing Freedom of Information Act requests for the government's files on UFOs and other phenomena. On Jan. 12, Greenewald posted the Blue Book files — as well as files on Blue Book's 1940s-era predecessors, Project Sign and Project Grudge — on his online database, The Black Vault.

Project Blue Book was based at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Between 1947 and 1969, the Air Force recorded 12,618 sightings of strange phenomena — 701 of which remain "unidentified."

The National Archives has made these files available to public on microfilm in its Washington headquarters. Parts of the Project Blue Book files have previously been posted online in various locations, Greenewald said. But his webpage is the first time the complete files have been posted in PDF form in a searchable database.

The site has records available for browsing by year or keyword; as yet, there are none officially relating to the big daddy of UFO conspiracies: the alleged 1947 spacecraft crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Project Blue Book officially ended on Dec. 17, 1969, but the truth, as they say, may still be out there.

Update: We've been informed that these documents were previously available in a non-searchable format over at the Project Blue Book Archive and Fold3. This is just the first time they've been online in a searchable PDF format.

To Project Blue Book Collection:

To Project Blue Book Archive:   

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This may be the closest thing we get to Disclosure that we can get!  Without the government finally saying that they are ET's out there, that is.

What if the government are the ET's? They can say instead "we're already here"! No need to take us to your leader we're already that!

That's what the cabal will never do, Einstein.  They want to keep us dumb-down, thinking we're the only one in the universe for their enslavement.  Can't wait 'til they're out of power.  Thanks for responding!

Jan-feb 2014 , my Space family took me out of my body. When i was sleep, took me to underground base. I saw the govt working with the grey. They have children tie to chair , doing experiment on. I could not intervene, Horrified seeing this going on. I did not know why these Blonde human have shown me this. THere is a reason for this, to get my awareness, Govt lie and control us over the truth. They do this to get technology, 

I have read some information on project blue book. Disclosure will come in future,give it time. 

The take certain children , when they are born or child, carry a unique negative blood type DNA.

They dont tell us, caused they want control us, Et and alien been going on before after Christ time.

They take kids with psychic abilities to fight in their space wars, they take 'normal' kids for their genetic experiments and blood sacrifices. Truly a sick bunch!


Thanks for sharing, Charlotte!  That must have been something to go thur.  I know you wanted to help as well as us here.  And yes, they have been doing this for a long time.  Their end is soon coming.


this stuff needs to be aired on any media outlet it dont matter but of course they will try not to air news like this the media is a damn joke

quite the opposite in Chicago , every saturday at noon , WGN network already has a program with wide information about UFO phenomena for couple of yrs is already part of disclosure.

Michael is right, Justin22!  In fact, there are many radio shows that have guest speakers and talk about ufos and paranormal activity for years.  But because of the low audience, the cabal doesn't see them as a threat.  Also, thanks to the cabal, demonizing our information and giving us a bad reputation. 

you welcome, I always speak truth, i live ET and alien Daily spiritual or out of body experience when i sleep.

I seen it all, i don't let it bug me too much, Send my love to everyone and harsh life we live in. With too much lies in this world.......... I give u as much truth that is hidden, what i see from my experience.

I have no fear in govt, Govt have not bug me. I am safe so far. 


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