Tribal Drumming Experience

Hi loved ones,

A couple of weeks ago, I had this experience on the weekend, where I was laying on my bed for a little nap, I had no intention on having an OBE. As I drifted off to sleep, I fell into paralysis. I was unaware of my sleep paralysis at the time, until I started to realize and was aware of what was going on. I couldn't move at one point and then suddenly, as I knew what had happened, I started to calm myself and just relaxed; knowing that there weren't anything to worry about and that I was just on my final stages of Astral Projection. Usually my AP starts off without any sleep paralysis experiences, I would just balance my chakra's and with one roll off my bed; I'm out. This was different.

When I was deep into trance, through that experience, these drums were playing in a repetitive, but rhythmic sequence. They sounded familiar to me, it was native drumming but the sound kept on breaking because I suddenly drifted out of my awareness.

Dark clouds would form, almost like storm clouds but time-lapsed, moving in one direction, the sounds of heavy wind, which made it seem like hours had gone by. After that I was out of my body and unexpectedly flew up into the sky, fell back down, then woke up.

I was wondering if anybody also have had native drumming experiences; what does this represent?

Love and blessings.

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  • Thank you for the informative reply, Moanna! I haven't actually looked up on the aboriginals spiritual history before, though I will soon. I searched up info through other forums, but they mainly talked about Native American Indians. I have the feeling that it wasn't of that indigenous tribe. Thanks again, it has broaden my ideas.
  • Hi Chuck, that's wild. I haven't heard drums but I know people in Australia who have heard ancient corroborrees, with singing and clap sticks and didgeridoos, happening in the bush when camping in the outback, yet nobody is around. The Aborigines don't talk about time but about what happened in each place. Maybe you are tapping into something like that?

    Love and light! = soul :)

    Love Moanna



  • ...Sounds Good...:)....x....

    • Thanks, Sky! xxx

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