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Transmuting Negative Vibrations & Living From The Heart
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Yshatar Xzatara

Remove Fear And Release Ego

There are several ways to transform a negative state in to a positive one. We must start with releasing our ego, when we release our ego we begin to start letting go of how we want things to be and allow ourselves to surrender to what CAN be. We allow ourselves to move past trying to control the way our future is created and simply allow ourselves to be creation.

In moving past Ego, we can then see our mistakes not as mistakes but as lessons, we can take a deep breath and let everything just be. It is wise however to remove fear from our thought process, for the vibration of fear is what feeds the ego. We fear not having control of our lives and everything that happens around it, By removing fear from our minds, we can then release the ego, and by releasing the ego we are on our way to turning a positive in to a negative.

Change Your Perception

How do we remove fear in order to release ego? how do we do this when the world around us is littered with fear based energies? it is all a matter of perception! The world around you is created by your thoughts, what you think is literally what you create because it is how your world will be perceived by you. For example:

Everyone may see a cloudy stormy day as just that, a cloudy stormy day that ruins everyone's plans, however, by changing ones perception and seeing this storm as a healing and cleansing of mother Earth you have changed your perception thus removed your fear of not being in control and released ego and finally, have created your world with positive thoughts. But what happens when changing our perception is not enough? what happens when issues or people in our daily lives interrupt this flow of positive vibration?

Live From The Heart

The most important aspect of transmuting negative vibrations into positive vibrations is living from the heart, allowing the most important vibration in existence to channel through us, but most importantly to allow ourselves to be this vibration and allow this to be an example to others that living from the heart is the number 1 way to heal, transmute and transform the energies around us. We should remember that with love anything is transformed.

When we live from the heart we allow the kingdom of God to live through us, when it lives through us, we awaken the divine manifestations of the creator within us. This vibration awakens our pure heart and spirit and puts love front and center and we can never go wrong when living from the heart! and living from the heart will allow us to remain fearless after giving up the fear of loosing control, thus releasing ego and allowing us to remain in the vibration of love where we are constantly reminded of the joy of life and all it's benefits, this is a change in perception as mentioned above. What about when we forget the 3 steps to transmuting negative vibrations to positive ones?

Honor The Lessons

We in this moment are extensions of the God consciousness having a human experience, and this is precisely why sometimes we forget the simple things in life, and the smallest thing can send us back in to a lower negative vibration, what do we do when we loose sight of what's important such as living from the heart? this is when you realize, again, that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that you are bound to forget, make mistakes and even cause the negative vibrations, this is when you simply take a step back and honor the lessons, remember that all experiences on earth are there for your spiritual growth, they are there to learn from, sometimes people come in to our lives to allow these experiences to manifest and sometimes we come to peoples lives for that very same reason.

Sometimes it takes a while to learn and remember the steps above, but remembering that there are no mistakes is the first step in conquering the steps above. Be who you are, love who you are, and love and honor your experiences, for every single thing you encounter in this moment is a present, a gift from yourself to your human aspect. When you learn to look at the lessons as your own chance to grow, you can then realize you are the one who has the power to change them, change how you react to the situations and in this way you change the outcome.

When our spirit is healthy, our minds are healthy and when our minds are healthy, our bodies are healthy. Our system is a vast interconnected vehicle of energy and like with all things, energy must flow freely in order to truly have a positive impact on our spiritual and physical selves. In conclusion, the main thing to remember is that you are the creator of your life situations, this is proven in how you perceive the situations and finally how you react to them, change how you perceive and react to things and allow the divine energy of love to dictate your actions and don't be afraid to surrender to the moment!


© Copyright Ben-Arion - Awakening E-Zine.
This article is written for "Ben-Arion - Awakening E-Zine".
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This Article can be shared freely if Copyright info and links are displayed.
E-Zine Article Author: Yshatar Xzatara, http://www.Starseeds.Net

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