To Galactic Federation---2010-1-3

Dear members,We are grateful for all your great help in removing dark ones who want to enslave us , depriveour rights, hurt and insult us. You release us from the old regime , create a new mentality towards each other , fulfill the promise of the Golden Age on 4D Earth where all is in absolute harmony , peace and immortal which will prevent earthlings from being too weak to be bullied.We are sure this time that we truly want a 4D Earth as planned as before. It doesn’t matter whether it is fulfilled ,but we did what we should do and we are willing to do what we should do. So I speak here.You persistently endeavor to bring Peace ,harmony and love to Earth moves and influences us a lot. You are pure Light and pure Love high Beings .And so it is! We can feel your infinite love , unconditional love…..overflowing love. We know it maybe a little disappointment that we can’t respond in your way because of our inability, our implicative culture, our lose of the ancient memories . But we believe we will meet with you face to face with wholly open heart some day finally!Especially, we are appreciated for protections from day to night , prevent those who want to be close to us to feel our thoughts without your authority and those who want to pick our luck without good intention. We are glad to be protected in such a separated environment which will give us peace.It is true without your great help and protection , we are already enveloped with so many attacks ,insult ,satirizing so often without our hurt to anyone . It is so unpleasant ,unfriendly and disgusting, and we never have met in our current happy and loving environment . Such as….we are not able to ,so we are waste products. It is true that Earth can hold waste products and Rubbish. And we are glad to help complete the pure Light in the Universe totally if we are asked to. It is our great service to live with ……it, to help it return to prefect pure Light which is the sign of gods!As for the waste product, it is our promise that you can get as long as you still want by the end of this cycle. No change for this promise.BlessingsAshley2010-1-3

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  • I would also like to extend thanks for all the protection, and personally for my sightings. I would also like to express my desire for more.

    However, the Galactic Federation of Light, if it does exist under that name or intent, does little to quell my fears on whether or not they themselves are a tool of the dark regime.

    If I may, I ask for a little more clarification in my heart and mind concerning this idea that perhaps the GFL's agenda is just a nice way of beginning the New World Order. I understand that the term "New World Order," is just a term, and a term is a term is a term. I understand that a "New World Order" isn't necessarily bad if it is and resembles true freedom. However, evidence suggests this is not the case, and I see very little evidence to suggest that the GFL is avoiding globalist agenda-- even language.

    Again, I have been blessed with sightings and synchronicities, and I am greatful. Like many others, I will have to wait and see what happens, but you are asking for more patience than I think is safe at this time. Please help us to help you! I would be more than willing to do actual work for the GFL if they are indeed real and their intentions are indeed pure. I just need to be hired!
  • The problem is that there are Muslims who are in contact with many benevolent Alien races. This creates friction in the "War on Terror" policy and politics getting in the way of truth.

    Are there people of Islam who are lightworkers and involved in Disclosure?

    Check out this website with free videos.
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