< <3 > Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year - a 'Black Water Dragon' year. <3>
< <3 > The year of the Water Dragon brings strength, power and enhances our connection to source energy, the inner spiritual planes and to expanded consciousness. < <3>
I AM doing many group meditations today, connecting with dearest Highest Hearts all over Our Beautiful Terra in a sparkling Christ Consciousness Grid of Planetary Healing < <3 >
Children of the Sun's charity to Earth is in ensuring We form global Group Avatar, empty of self and one with coherently connected, ascended and free Divine Consciousness. We serve for the fulfillment of the highest potential of all Humanity and the new I AM Race on Ascended Earth. Curious and want to meet US??? Please DO!!!

And how ARE YOUs celebrating, beLOVEd Hearts??? Tell Me everything, I AM curious ;) :)))
Hugs of SUNshine,
Your SeRAphima IllyoRA rOMaNOVA

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  • Happy New Year to you as well. All the best throughout the Year of the Water Dragon.

  •  You do realize my dear Cousin (I kid you not)  that you have posted the 3D Rainbow Bridge which has been for the last

     100,000 years plus. The New one is Fuschia, Lime and Aqua. This has come about in the following manner. The format

     came to me over a series of deep spiritual intuitive sessions. Firstly we have Pisces which is Feminine 12 pointed having

     2 Ruling Planets then not it's Zodiac Compliment but that of Aquarius the Water Pourer or in this case giver of Higher Conscioiusness which is Masculine and has 11 Points and 2 Ruling Planets  as well. We now see 4 Elements  and so where is the 5th Element all have been seeking? Again the answer is in the Stars Leo the Lion as announced by Walt Disney 1st in his Cartoon called "Lambert the Sheepish Lion" more recently followed up by "The Lion King". Leo represents the Sacred Family Unity being restored the child being male or female it matters not, not only here but through out the Cosmos. It is represented in the Names you highlight  RA + Ra + OM = OVA or NOVA. This mirrors the work that I have done in the Southern Hemisphere and You are in the Northern Hemisphere. Se(A)RA = Feminine, IllyoRA = Masculine who come together creating the AUM/OM the carrier wave for the 5th Element fertilizing the OVA the Egg.

    This pattern showed me symbolically the Stargate Numbers of 11,12,13.  2011, 2012, and 2013.

    It was not until the Andromedans arrived to do their work did I realize that they gave me the answer. They come from the 7th 8th an 9th Dimensions. This enabled me to do the Number Sequence that has been put in place around man creating duality. 7+8+9 gives us 64. The number of Squares on a Chess Board. The number of Cards in the I Ching, The Number of Notes in the Musical Scale. There are 8 Octaves. Then there is The Indian Sitar and the Chinese Charillion.

    Now dearest One is the next piece of the Puzzle. For the last 2-300 years we have seen the "Lord of the Rings" by Tolstoy and in turn the film out of New Zealand but what is wrong? You should already now know but I will tell you.

     We have a Ring around Gaia. We have the Feminine Egg. hang on we also have the Sun radiating ripples of Spherical/Egg/Nova wave energy. Yes the Sun is Androgynous has to be to give and receive feminine wave energy

     the same as the Ocean and the same as the Air. Blessings to you RA RA NOVA Heart Light Love peace Balance and Harmony Kingjeff

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