Doctors and medical staff, most staff in hospitals, most staff in health food stores and chemists, most staff in healing shows and festivals ....MOST ARE CROOKS ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY NOT TO CURE YOU ..NOT AT ALL...they can make your condition worse. Over 75% are fakes pretending to know all.

The vibes, energy and frequency of a healer is transferred to you's an exchange.

Have you seen doctors and staff, staff of health food stores, staff of hospitals, staff of healing shows ...SMOKING OUTSIDE, DRINKING ALCOHOL AND EATING BUTCHERED ANIMALS MEAT WHICH CARRIES VERY LOW VIBES ...all this goes inside these people and then they advice you on healing when they need healing themselves.

Anybody selling pharmaceutical drugs or prescribing them is a fraud fake healer there only to make the dollers.

There are a few genuine healers who live in the mode of goodness and stick to alternative medicines and healing practices like AYURVEDA...these are the type of healers you want to go to fake healers 

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  • When the wrong corrupt staff are removed from hospitals, health food stores, health shows, doctors surgeries patients following the advice of real healers will start getting healed...note they must follow the advice of true healers like diet, connecting with nature, doing no harm to any living entities, living a life in goodness, a more spiritual life healing will come to them.

    Those guilty of crime against humanity must be punished and put in the lowest class jobs under surveillance..they have actually murdered humans instead of healing them.

  • Hospitals throughout the world need massive clearing as most staff are corrupt and in the mode of passion and ignorance ...they are there to make as much money they can without really caring about the patients 

  • Fake healers need to be removed from hospitals, doctors surgeries, health food stores and health shows ...then people will get the right healing from the right true healers 

  • You get a daily dose of energy, vibes and frequency transference from person to person

  • You get a daily dose of energy, vibes and frequency transference from person to person

  • Call it energy, frequency and vibes transference from person to person ...genuine healers can see light quotient, see your aura also can find out about your past lives and karmas you need to ease out and you can do this by shifting/changing your life to the mode of goodness.

    The path of ascension is intimately connected with the path of initiation. Essentially, an initiation is an expansion of consciousness. The higher our level of initiation, the more evolved and expanded our consciousness will be.

    Our level of initiation is measured in light or light quotient. Building light quotient means to anchor greater and greater frequencies of living light into each of our cells. Light is a key attribute of Spirit. An enlightened being is someone who has anchored a certain measure of light into his consciousness and four-body-system.

    To become an Integrated Ascended Master means to raise our overall frequency to a sufficient degree that allows us to break free from the wheel of rebirth and continue our Spiritual path and journey on a dimension higher than this that resonates with our new heightened vibration.

    We raise our frequency by brining more and more light into our cells. This is why light quotient building is so essential on the path of ascension and initiation.

    The Integrated Ascended Master realizes that we ascend by becoming lighter and lighter – literally. To ascend means to realize that we indeed are the Light of the World – in the most literal sense of the word!

  • Smoking kills so smokers are to be avoided at all cost as they don't care about their own health are they going to cure you 

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