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I am leaving this website, and I intend to stay gone. The reason is rather simple. I am tired. I am tired of you people. You all talk about high vibrations and new energies and blah blah blah, but all you do is whine about how hard your lives are and how you want the aliens to come save you. I've had enough. You have it pretty good, you have the internet, people die of hunger and disease by the thousands everyday. You chose to come here, so stop bitching about it.

And those of you who aren't complaining are off in lala land. I'm not even going to bother with you.

There is no learning, you just replace one kind of crazy for another. Literally nothing that as been said on this site has come true. You all got hyped up for 2012, which was a bust, like I said, and already you are all starting with a new crazy.

Part of my mission on this planet was to report on the seeding, and I closed that report a long time ago. None of you were trained for this, and it shows. The way you carry on and how you behave sometimes I wonder if you are capable of any kind of logical thought.

Those are some of the reasons.

Goodbye Ashtar, I would say its been good, but I would only be being polite, because it wasn't.

So please, don't write.

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  • Yea yea, good luck....don't fall in lol

  • Oh yea....ha ha ha...funny xD lol

    Goodnight Amanda :)

  • Bestie...are you talking to me? lol

    You honestly think that....that the dark forces routed the good ETs, and took over the entire scenario. You honestly think that. Well....I say you're wrong...I guess we'll see in the end what the real deal is.

    Have a goodnight - bows - :)

  • Well no, I think most people here get it...they understand there will be a disclosure....and ETs will come here...and they'll help us out with different things, like cleaning up the pollution...things like that. They'll mentor us..perhaps...and Alex Collier talks about that, and he's not a channeler...he actually has face to face physical meetings with these guys, and they say that's an option if we want it. But as for just handing us ascension, or coming here to fix everything for us....some people might think that....but...again, I think most people get it...that that's not what's gonna happen.

    And look, from your perspective, I understand why it seems off...aliens coming to save us, oh yeaa lol Hand us ascension, oh yeaa lol That scenario...yea it's off...but that's not the scenario lol I don't know where people get this idea, that's not even what they say lol I mean at least listen to what they're saying before you critique them. But..listening seems to be a problem for you, you just have your own ideas..and that's it.

    Anyways I can tell you're losing patience lol So I'll spare you any further have yourself a goodnight...meh heh heh lol kisses

  • Well dont bite the face off of me xD lol See, you're getting you need a sticking lol

    But you believe in just have a problem with the odd channel that puts out false information...and with people who believe in it...well you should get over that. I think most people here understand that no ones coming to save us...they don't even say they're coming to save us anyways, there's like one or two channels who say anything like that, with the lift off scenario and all that...and I think most people see through it.

    Again, just because there's a few channels out there, that may be false...doesn't mean they all are...and doesn't mean they actually represent the GF or Ashtar Command. You nitpick...and you shouldn't do that, it's not smart.

  • Oh really...well you know, I can say the same thing lol I been researching this stuff, been into this stuff....for going on 9 years now. That's just new age things, and channelings, and all that.....actually studying paranormal and ET things, well that's been all my life. I've had own experiences too, I won't go into it. I don't know exactly what you're trying to say, what because a channel gets a prediction wrong, that makes it false....or because one channel might be false, that means they all are...I don't understand that logic.

    In fact, most of what you said I can pick apart, with basic common sense lol But I won't go into it now...I just wanna let you know...don't get sticky with me unless you like getting sticked lol kisses

  • No, I didn' fact I thought your logic was kind of flawed...but that's ok lol It was more the...John, end of story...I'm right...don't even bother commenting at me...that's what did it. You really were being stuck up.....and I kind of enjoy sticking it up stuck ups hard lol Oh please don't get upset at that, it's called humor xD

    But I did go a bit too far, and I'm sorry for that. I put out my hand to you now, in friendship....just try not to be stuck up with me please lol

  • Well look, you weren't exactly a princess either lol Basically saying, I'm right, you're wrong, end of story, I don't even have to read what you have to say....that's not very good either. That's what prompted me to say those things, you were stuck up...and sometimes stuck up girls need a good sticking lolol But I wasn't really being serious, it was all in I offended you, forgive me. But don't sit there and act like you're untouchable and unblemished.

  • Oh I'm a sweetheart....people who know me in real life know that. I just kind of shoot from the hip...I just say what I think, directly and bluntly...I like to joke around too...but I'm not a bad guy, I hope you didn't get the wrong idea from the other blog lol

    I don't dislike you, or is another day...a fresh day...I don't necessarily agree with you on some things, we may have gotten into it a little the other day....but is another day. It's not good to hold grudges, and I hope you don't hold any on me.

  • Oh....well don't I feel like a dope lol But why would they say those things to you, you always seemed like a nice guy to me....I probably warranted it more than you lol But oh well. Sorry folks...I apologize...pretend like I didn't say anything.

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