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This Robot Was Designed To Rescue Your Indoor Plants

This Robot Was Designed To Rescue Your Indoor Plants

Technology company Vincross has created a planter that is robotic and designed to search for sunlight in order to keep plants alive.

This new creation is known as the HEXA Plant. It can move throughout your house in search of the best spot in terms of sunlight exposure:

HEXA also can detect when a plant has received too much sun. In this case, HEXA will search for the best spot in the house in terms of the most shade:

When the time comes for the plant to be watered, HEXA will stomp its legs up and down to let it be known that the plant needs water:

Sun Tianqi, the founder of Vincross, explained that the origin of the idea for HEXA came when he went to a sunflower exhibit and noticed a dead flower. Tianqi said he had no idea how the dead flower ended up where it was or why it died. Tianqi then thought that if the flower could have moved just a few feet out of the shade and into the sunlight where the other flowers were, it would have survived. Hence, the idea of HEXA was born.

HEXA has other interesting features, such as rotation to ensure the entire plant is evenly exposed to sunlight. Additionally, the HEXA is very nimble and has the ability to dance.

The downside to HEXA for most consumers is the price, coming in at roughly $950. The hope is that in the future, cheaper alternatives will be developed.

Many people would dislike a device like HEXA because they enjoy maintaining gardens and house plants themselves. People who enjoy house plants and gardens, but who lack the time to maintain them properly, are the ones that would benefit from HEXA and other similar devices.

Also, some people would purchase the HEXA or other similar devices simply to have a cool robot in their house. Whatever the motivation, the plants the HEXA is carrying will benefit greatly.

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Cool but the cost is hot so some would be better waiting for cheaper editions 


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