The vision begins with me standing in formation, waiting for my name to be called to go down to help Mother Earth and it's inhabitants. The commander is walking back and forth in front of the formation. He begins to call names. He's not calling mine. I'm a little concerned. He's halfway thru the list. Now I'm beginning to worry and start quivering a little. I can't break attention. It's against the rules but how can I voice my desire to help the earth and the people if I am not called? He's still calling names. None are mine. He's 3rds down the list. Now I'm my body's starting to shake, fighting the temptation to sound out! Can't! It is forbidden in formation! But if I don't, I can't argue the point and miss my chance! He's almost at the end, time is running out, I have to do something! He says "AND..." TOO LATE!! It's the last one! He calls my name!! My body relaxes and I grasps my hands together and say "thank you!" The vision ends and I wake up. I don't remember the name the commander said, I just know that it was mine (not my earth name, of course). So here I am, longing to be back home, but I know there is more work to do.  I will be in the 5D earth, helping her and the people to adjust to the new changes of working with the Galactic Federation.  Once everything is in place, and space travel and our other space familes are here on earth are a common place, then I can say I fulfilled my mission and head back to Sirius.  I am not leaving the earth, by no means.  No now!  There is still more work ahead.  Don't worry, I hope to see you all very soon.  See you in the ships!!!



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"I stick to traditions..Also I use the terms; white and black, in the same strain of meaning, as did the ancient Egyptians....

Black = life and material existence.
White = death (freedom) and spiritual existence (beyond illusion.)

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"Great to hear this, Pet Rock and I'll be looking out for your next short story, about Atlantis...
Speaking of psychic attacks, we Light workers and White Magicians, need to be proficient at protecting ourselves...Did I mention that my daughter was…"
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"But the sun's rotation is the truely puzzling one. The equator rotates faster than the poles! Now ask: how can this be? Can't the friction equalize the rotations throughout the sun? There must a constant energy/ force that is spinning the equator…"
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"Yes, Marker Dragon, Moon is now liberated, and Denmark, Sweden, and Norway declared, 'No more' 'Mask's or Jab's', and everything is to return back to normal."
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Yes, Marker Dragon, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have declared 'No more 'masks' or 'jabs', everything is to return back to normal.
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"And it's called Moon Base- operated by Americans and our Allies! I call it Moon Base Alpha after one of the 60s Supermarination programs like Thunderbirds Are Go"
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"Drex -I've had several memory dreams about tubes on the moon for traveling-no doubt in a different time line as thisand more than likely different from the one I go to after work and overnight. Everything looks the same-roads buildings, etc. for…"
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