In my country alone, Canada, this happens on a daily basis.

I am asking you to form a meditation circle. Block all timelines where this virus and everything to do with it could pass through the veil to Earth. It is time we take back our planet, our universe, our soul rights depend on it.

Say no to abuse. Say no to imprisonment. Say no to censorship. Say yes to our freedom!

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  • I knew we were divided. I didn't think we were this broken. :(
    Hold on to feeling and spirit. Let the shadow pass over you and not harm you. Fear not, I know that the system forces us into these things.
    • I feel these could be good lessons to make us stronger and stand up in our truth...Following the Heart for me is important...In reality I speak of these things I feel in my heart and that from that place I am aware of, some feel threatened by my truth...but to me this means to stay strong and keep my journey of Love..I do not give the dark ones any power on the lessons I am learning...I certainly stay strong when I see someone trying to deter me from my path....Blessings to you Sirian Starlight...
  • What they don't tell is that they have weaponized space with satellites and direct energy weapons they can shoot on the streets from any location and weather modification can disrupt the plans of protesters.
  • Whats in the vaccines? I was listening to Celeste Solum she explains what happens to people who take the vaccine and what happens to their bodies after wards and this could be months or years. She very well informed and has decades of experience working with FMA and worked within different levels of government departments . I would never take the vaccine after I spoke with my spirit guide she / he showed me in a vision where this virus came from it part biological and nano tech and this virus has a certain smell it and doesn't smell bad at all but its difficult to explain.The affects after taking the vaccine will take months or years and for some it can a matter of days or even minutes. The DNA will eventually change after taking the vaccine.
    • Hellen's posts in this thread are dangerously false.
  • Yes, always wear a mask because virus is real. The original corona virus is lethal for some people especially for the elderly and those who have poor health . There is no need for violence just because some people decide not to wear masks .Its about fear and people always resort to violence when this happens. Filing for law suit will take years.
    • If people refuse to wear masks while there is an active pandemic, they should not be surprised or offended when nobody wants them to spread disease in public - personal freedom < the greater good. Americans are not the rugged individualists they like to believe they are; there is value in incorporating new information into old schemas and beliefs, and it is our job to help others understand that once we accept it amongst ourselves. Taking the coronavirus vaccine and accepting that science and health are intricately linked with our work as Lightworkers and the spiritual realm is what will move us forward.
      • There is not a danger...The danger is being neutralized...Do not spread your fears on others...It seems to me at this point that you are really being misled on many things...for if you were aware of Truth you would have seen it by now...All you are bringing here is discord...You have so far said what is opposite of truth...
  • Please wear a mask and get a vaccination when the opportunity arises. Telling people to ignore an active virus is not activism, it is terrorism.
    • Your answer if not correct...Get the facts straight...BLESSINGS AND MUCH LIGHT AND LOVE GOING YOUR WAY...
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