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This Artist Creates Stunning Glass Sculptures Using Fibonacci Ratios

Art is made in many shapes and forms using many different choices of materials. One Los Angeles man, Jack Storms, creates glass sculptures that are stunning thanks to a rare style of glass art using a cold glass process that combines dichroic glass and lead crystal. He is one among very few artists who undertake this method of producing fine art.

Grinding is the Key to the Stunning Crystal Work of Storms

Storms said to create pieces of art, "What I do is I don’t use any heat at all, I grind and grind and grind and then I polish, that’s what separates me from everybody else. It’s much more difficult, and it takes a lot more time. But for me, the effects are just brilliant."

Schegge Di Vetro Artistiche Glass Art Sculpture
Creating the stunning pieces of glass sculpture can take Storms anything from 8 to 18 weeks to complete due to work involved and the fact that he is a perfectionist. When drawing up designs for his sculptures Storms relies on inspiration from his mind and heart. The Fibonacci mathematical theory is behind all pieces, Fibonacci was a mathematician who used natural math seen in nature.

Glass Sculpture Jack Storms
He believed that natural beauty is something that is created, it cannot be manufactured. Natural beauty is seen in everything from the repetition of florets on flowers to scales on the skin of a pineapple. The numbers are found in a growth of pattern on just about everything that lives in nature. Storms follow this pattern, applying it to his stunning art crystal sculptures.

Jack Storms Glass Art Sculpture
Storms is known as the Glass Sculptor and always having a passion for art from a very young age. He has always had a fascination with optic sculpture. His artwork is unique because there are not many people undertaking the cold way of sculpting with glass. Instead, they use heat. Storms only uses grinding and polishing to make his art, leading to some stunningly beautiful effects.

Esculturas Em Vidro Sculpture Glass
The process beings with a single large block of glass lead crystal, which is then cut down into different pieces before being ground down to make them flat. Dichroic is then inserted into the glass to give the glass the wonderful colorings inside. Storms repeats the process of cutting and adding in Dichroic, which can take around two weeks to complete.

During this time the piece is recut, glued, colored and ground many times. All of the pieces rely on refraction, light passing through the crystal, with the color almost looking as though it is suspended. The video goes on to explain more about the process was undertaken to reach the final stage, a piece that blows the mind.

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