• I'm very happy to share this brillant plan the agenda!! hahah! i use to meditate alot when i was young.than around my 20's  i was on some hard drugs like spice n herion ,,,, but my family up stairs seem sad for my wrong doings too my self over the past months i was able to quit. i mean every drug except cigss but, cigs cant event stop wats happening i really dont even have cravens for it .this energy now i can feel everyone and no 1 can lie to me.  i can easily see through people  has hit me big time. i always align my chakras daily so basically im no noob. but i have a big heart and a beautiful mind. i talk to my spirit all day  long out LOUD no shame because i can feel this like never before. i mean its really intense some time my mind goes blank. if my higher spirit told me to jump off a cliff i do it really ship! i talk to animals regarly insects everything and they get some understanding,not from wat comes out my mouth but energy speaking. telepathic. sometime i dont even talk at all. now that i no for a fact whats going on i HAVE TO MEDIATE AT LEAST 30 MINS SPEED UP MY PROCESS.  Ive seen OVER 25 SHIPS .they look like stars but than they showed me something which was awesome there really advance  because they somehow was telepathic to me very easily.I have some huge testomies. And i ask  for the protection every day. they love Us  alot they dont wanna wait any longer i can feel it BIG TIME!!! omg TO THEM ITS LIKE A video game they play all day long. this is my wonderful story lightworkers!!! so please do your duties love your self unconditionally. no matter how it make looks FEEL it . I love you all. you are the ONES!!!!! IN POWER!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH . i didnt want to express my self but these are the TIME PEOPLEZ! ABOARD THE ZION SHIP.  so this what bob marley ment i love that man i cant wait too see him ...................:)nameste:P

        • What is spice?  Never heard of that drug.

  • we are one in light and love

  • Really?  Cool!  When??

  • 8114213456?profile=original

                                                                                                                                                                               ~nuff said ;-)


  • It is Awesome, and only going to get better for those that are in tune with it. It is going to affect everyone. The incoming energies that is. I can see them, lots of them through my 3rd eye while meditating outside during the day. Many different colors, but for the most part I have been seeing bright golden energies.

  • Things indeed will soon be awesome,but they always have been and will be, but now we all will take the time to notice not that some didnt already. But now everyone will be looking the general public will give their sigh of releif and think well it wasnt the end what should we do. And hopefully what we do is start over, but one can only hope.
  • To experience bliss just from feeling the intensity of what is about to happen, producing a all I need....and Mozart, lots and lots of mozart.

    Also, lets call it a speechless feeling :)

    • Really believe we are "The Ones That We Have Been Waiting For"! The Galactics, The Divine Plan, The Spiritual Hierarchy were waiting for this one moment, to pull the trigger, so to speak on this reality but waited for divine perfect moment (for us via free will to realize this).

      We don't necessary have to be perfect at this time, nor do we have to be enlightened or in bliss consciousness. We only need to be awake to the fact that we are one indivisible. non polarized, fully awake divine consciousness having a human experience (having a dream that of being separate, human and finite) that are now waking up after a deep sleep.

      Anasthun, I agree with you ALL BETS ARE OFF NOW!!! Things are about to get awesome because "WE ARE"!!!

    • yes a speechless feeling...i'm there...i'm drawing everyone to love

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