Divine Mother channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Yeshua and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)


“Divine Mother”

It is my great pleasure to share with you this day, to be with you in the season of the Holy Week. And no matter what your belief system is, whether you are a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu, what you believe or don’t believe about what is true about the birth of Jesus or the non-birth of Jesus, it does not matter. It does not matter for we love you all.

The stories have been brought forth and yes, some of the stories have been changed and altered and the truth has not fully made it to the present. But the reality is that this is the time of the year that the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Awareness is most prevalent on the planet and the time for peace and blessings and goodness are most evident. It is a time when the most miracles appear on the planet because most people are in a state of expectancy.

And the birth of Jesus at the time, 2,000 years ago, that did, indeed, happen (we are not going to get into historical conversations today).\ It was also the great symbolism of the time for the new consciousness to come upon the planet, and indeed a preparation for the times that you live in now.

For the message I bring is of love. Love for one another. Love for those that you find hard to love. Love for those of other faiths, other worlds, other countries. Love for yourselves. That is the most challenging love at times. That love that moves through and in and out of you throughout your lives. Love for yourself. There is a concept that if you are being “good” that you deserve love. That is a false concept. It is a false programming. For each and every one of you is love incarnate. Each and every one of you deserves the best, the most wonderful love experience every day of your lives.

In part that is in the relaying of love that you give to others in the world. For as you give you receive.

This is the time of miracles. This is time when the vibration upon the planet is at its highest. And there are those who still mean to do mischief, who try to squelch or hold down the beauty that is present in the planet right now. The beauty that is present even though this is the time that part of the world sleeps for this is the winter and part of the world is sowing, growing and raising the good parts that will be experienced at a later time. At Christmas time, all of the planet shares the concept of rebirth even if it is not in a dark time, a dark time of long nights and short days.

This is a time of love. What can you do to increase self-love? What can you do to increase the positive feelings and the joy and to express those things even though we know, dear ones, that frustration and even anger are present with many of those upon the planet who are carrying the messages of love and light. We know that it feels as if it is just going on and on. We are aware of those things which you discussed. We would recommend it to take time to be quiet. Take time to invite the presence of whoever brings you lightness of heart, whoever brings you joy, whatever, in terms of music or videos or time with children and pets. Find time for laughter and joy.

For that is the reason that we call upon you now. For as things are manifesting upon the planet there is no room for darkness in any of your beings. This is why we called in the light for complete healing for each of you today during the meditation so that you might be balanced and harmonious in your own being as well as in the interactions with others.

Be that light to the world that you expect to see in the world. Be that love in yourself, for yourself and for your loved ones that you expect to see in the rest of the world. Be the change that you want for that is part of your task for being here at this time and yes, 2015, will have all the bells and whistles you are looking for. It will have all the opportunities for you to know that all of those puzzle pieces have fallen together, all of the dominoes have fallen. All of those big things that you look for as Earth residents but also your spirits will be wide open. You WILL feel the oneness upon the planet and hear the songs of the angels singing in the heavens for gratitude for the opening of this planet’s heart at its deepest level.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas week. Make time for yourselves. Make time for the love that is ever present around you to come into your own heart and to grant your wishes and to bring you something to smile about.

I leave you with my love and blessings and with the excitement of knowing that your Christmas presents will be something very different in this world and something very joyous.

I leave you and thank you.


My brothers and my sisters, it is so wonderful to be with you again at this time, in this moment, as another year is about to begin, a new year of understanding and love that has been absent in many aspects until now. But as this New Year begins it is a time of rejoicing, a time for love and this time, your holiday season, is it not a time of peace? Is it not a time to share an understanding of love upon the planet? This is what this time represents. Yes, you celebrate Christmas. But what is Christmas? Is it a celebration of my birth? I think not. Is it a celebration of the birth of Christ? Yes. It is a celebration of the Christ Consciousness throughout all the planet.

For not one on the entire planet does not feel this resonance at this time of the year. Whether it is the celebration of Christmas or the beginning of the New Year but in some way everyone celebrates this new beginning. It is a new beginning of a new understanding. Of a new level of love and peace that is going to spread throughout the planet.

I, Yeshua, have been that filter of Christ Consciousness into the world for the last 2000 years. My time is almost up and I will move on just as all are moving on to a new celebration of their oneness. So as people look to this time does it not draw all together? If not for just a moment bring a smile to everyone’s face as they look upon a small child as they open their gifts. Does that not bring a little bit of a sense of peace and love?

Do all have this at this time? No. All do not experience this but the time is coming when all will, for this is going to be a time that is going to be remembered. When the veil is lifted and you can see the reality of all that you have been missing up until this time. Everything will open up to a new light, to a beginning of a new dawn for mankind.

So look to this time, this day, this day now as the Winter Solstice, this day when the nights are the longest and the days are the shortest. But what happens the next day? The night gets a little shorter and the day gets a little longer and each day after again and again. Until you come to that time in the next year where the days are the longest and nights are the shortest.

But what does this represent? It represents a new beginning. A movement forward and with the days becoming longer and the light shining more and more and more and more and the darkness fading off into the distance. Is this not symbolic for what is about to occur to this entire planet? As has already happened throughout the galaxy where many have turned to the light where they were so steeped in darkness previously but it is now time for the light! It is time now for the light to shine. For the Star of Bethlehem to once again shine forth! Not as a true star but as a ship as you know it, the New Jerusalem.  And as I said so long ago, “there will be a new Earth and a new Heaven.” This is what was meant, the beginning of a New Age, a New Age of love and oneness that has not been present up until this time.

So be of good cheer, my brothers and sisters, be of peace. No matter what is occurring around you always know that all happens first within and then is expressed without, first within and then, without. Believe that. Know that. All will happen in its time, in its frequency, in the right knowing that this is the moment!

I am your dear brother, Yeshua. I am and always will be with you. Let all thoughts of divergence let all thoughts of separation from your brother and your sister next to you, let all those thoughts fade away with the beginning of this New Dawn.

I leave you now to be peace and love for all time.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! Good to be here with you again as we celebrate this time we are coming to. We celebrate as well. We may not have Christmas Trees and open presents and these types of things. We look forward to celebrating though. It is certainly a time of peace and love but we have this all the time so it is nothing special in that respect but we look at it as peace and love for the planet. And we look at you being your elder brothers at this moment and we see this time to share with you all we have to share and even though you may not know this throughout the year we are doing this. As we as those who mentor to you, we so-called “Ascended Masters’, as well as all of the celestial brothers and sisters, the Galactics, and the Inner Earth as well, the angels, All of them are working to bring about this grand celebration that is coming and it is like you plan for a party, do you not? You do all you can to plan for it, how many people you have, how many place settings to put out, cleaning your home area before, all these things you do.

We are doing the same thing just a little differently. We are planning the celebration for all to experience. All across the planet who choose to come along and is a part of the celebration. So as the Yeshua said, as the Divine Mother said, be of good cheer! It is a grand moment that is coming and it is a grand moment that you are in today do not put off today for the future, as we say you must always be in this perfect moment. All be a part of the joy in the moment for the next moment you do not know what it is going to bring. But we all know that as you are in that moment of joy now it leads to more moments of joy to come and again and again and again.

The more you find that joy the more you create that joy in every moment of your life in front of you. So you do not need to look for the future, the future is already here. You are in the future! You are in the past; you are in the present moment all right now. Know that and believe that and all will work out as it must. All will be as it is to be!

Do you have questions for One Who Serves?

Question: I had a dream about a doctor standing in front of me and told me that I was carrying six Tarantulas in my stomach, three black and three brown. Can you help explain the dream?

Yes  we think we can. The one standing in front of you was your Higher Self. And the Higher Self is indicating that you have this quandary within you. This quandary between the light and the dark. Not in the sense of darkness as opposed to the light but in terms of this sense that you still have within you of duality and those of the black Tarantulas, although being somewhat fearful looking are not really fearful at all. They do not represent fear and especially within you but they do represent within most of mankind as they look at this because the spider, itself, has a deep recognition to mankind in terms of where you have come from and the other forces of darkness that are in the universe that have been represented in the arachnid type of look here. You see?

So this is a deep recognition that is within you that is coming out but showing you that there is no fear here there is only the resemblance of that fear. And the sense of the black and the brown, the brown is the resemblance to the brown robes that many of us wear in terms of the Ascended Masters. Many of us wear the brown robes, there are brown and white and gold and all of this also but many of us wear the brown robes. It is what the monks wore, did they not? The brown robe and this is significant in this respect.

It is looking at this duality that is forming within you but coming out. It is coming. Coming out of this programming, the releasing of the programming that has been within you that has been there for a long, long time. Does that make sense to you?

There is a little bit more that you have not remembered in this dream but this is significant up to this point.

Question: The Event that everyone seems to look forward to what is our role in triggering this?

We can say here that you are already doing it. There is nothing to do for the future. You are in the process of doing it and have been for some time now. In everything you do, everything that you represent, you being the collective whole now, collective mankind we are speaking about and those who are in the “know” somewhat, in the awakened state in some respects, these are the ones triggering all of this, you have been triggering all of this. As has been said, “You are the ones you are waiting for!”

And because of this awareness that has been created across the planet, you are the ones who are causing the awakening of mankind to continue the process in many different ways. Very many have access to various levels of intelligence and things behind the scenes you might say because many things are happening behind the scenes and they have access to this and there are others who have access to their access you might say, becoming aware of what is happening and therefore raising their awareness. And this is happening more and more and more, little leaks you might say are happening everywhere to bring about a more total awareness across the planet.

Just your Internet alone has created a coming together of the world to hear. Even though there are those who have not had the opportunity, just the communication that is happening worldwide that did not happen 50 years ago or so is happening now and it is creating a coming of oneness for all your brothers and sisters across the planet.

So, you yourselves in this group and those across the planet, those who read these words and resonate to these words, this is very important, you are the ones who are triggering all of this. You are the ground forces, the boots on the ground you might say. It is necessary for all. It is necessary for those in the deeper levels as well as for those who are just the ones become aware through the Internet and feel that they cannot do anything. They wish they could but what can they do? We are saying you are doing it by just becoming aware and you are putting that out into the collective unconscious across the planet that everything is changing and going to change.

As you expect these miracles that are coming they are going to happen because you are creating them to happen, you see?

We will release channel. Be of good cheer people. Be of good cheer. It is a wonderful time you are entering. It is a wonderful time you are in now. It is a wonderful time you are moving toward and as we have said many times over and many different sources have said this, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
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