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Changes are manifesting fast, i am starting to feel unconfertable. A strange and unexpected thing happened. I can not stand to eat meat anymore and me being a coffee adict has to stop drinking it ...!!!???. It tastes like S..t. Talk about cleaning up!! Let's see how i will react on this one in a few days of no cafeine. I normaly get migranes when i stop drinking it for more than 2 days. :))

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~be safe brother!~ research different cleansing's that won't shock your system, so to make the nutritional transition less uncomfortable for your bod~pod. ;0) listen to your insides, ya?
It is called Breatharianism, i read the book a few years back and have been thinking about doing it. But one has to be mentally and spiritually ready for this,and i have a feeling i am not...yet ready." target="_blank">
good for you, to get to where we are hopefully going we will have to give up many things and should end up on a diet of pure light,
don't back down on what your body is telling you and the cleansing process will start. Good luck, Love and peace
very encouraging! I hope your caffeine headaches go away quickly!

I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey 5 months ago, and I quit drinking (I used to love it) 2 years go. I can't stand either of the two now. If I drink just 2-3 alcoholic beverages in a sitting, my body instantly reacts and I get sick and throw up. As for coffee, I am a caffeine addict and lately I think I am getting turned off to coffee too. All I want is my water bottle by my side. and water tastes sweeter to me lately...

We are evolving! yay!
Second week in my veggies and soup frenzie. Feel like a fish in clean water, must confes i would eat cabbage al day long,do not know why but loving it. Better sleep,better mood,have calmed down-less stress. More loving vibes.:))
A moth into my veggie eating habbit and i am feeling full of energy, no more coffee neither. Just a few days ago i had meat and afterwards could not sleep and had freaky dreams. I geuss i'll keep the veggies up. I am happy i do not need to stop drinking Geuss it is i my heritage or plan to keep drinking this great stuff. The strange thing is that i drink heavy red wine when i am verry deep into soul searching and i change to Rose wine when feeling free and
Cedric,I have given up loads of things since I have been on this path,meat,fish,orange juice,yoghurt,cream,can't stand the smell of perfume,had to drag myself to see Avata,never go out or eat out.

Still do Tescos never go into Aberdeen because I have a headache for days after never drink alcohol, the list grows all the time.
I had to give up coffee after many years of loving it. My body decided it no longer wanted it. Now when I drink it, it tastes terrible to me, I get awful heart palpitations and a rash flares up on my eyelids. I am fine with tea, even caffienated tea. I also don't tolerate cow products at all, including meat and dairy - not sure if it is all the BGH they inject or if its the "cow" itself. I tolerate goat's milk just fine. I'm still OK with chicken, although I am preferring veggies more and more. I can't do eggs or anything with yeast in it. This gets complicated when it comes to bread and carb products. I've been on a cilantro kick lately. I can't get enough of it. I've heard that it is a powerful detoxifier. It was used to pull heavy metals from the body. I trust my body to know it needs it. I haven't been able to drink alcohol for years. It knocks me to the ground for 3 or 4 days afterward. So not worth it to me. I still love my cigarettes, but I've had to switch to the natural, organic, native american tobacco variety. The chemically laden ones were making me sick.



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