Nobody Nobody has the right to force their religion / religious beliefs onto others ...each one is on their path of evolution. Not a single spiritual master forced followers to do this or do that but suggested, hinted, set examples.



Be It : 
Sikh Religious Fanatics 

Hindu Religious Fanatics 

Muslim Religious Fanatics 

Other Religious Fanatics 


Put them in cages in jungles and let them sort out their differences..thus end of religious fanatics on Planet Earth and may all live in peace.

Religious fanatics do not bring in peace but aggravate disharmony , fights and wars 

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    • They are not even solutions at all. They are disproportionate retaliations that are no less unjust!
  • What is 'religion' for the purposes of 'not forcing it onto others'. Does it betray that there are some things we have a right to force it onto others?

    Compare forcing people to get vaccinated vs forcing them to go to church. I will choose to be forced to go to church! At least there is no possibility of being injected with poison!😆
  • Your definition of "mode of goodness" is the problem with this suggestion...You define "good" and then stick to some religious instruction that others do not adhere to...So they become "bad" in your fanatic mind..

    It is all very well to condemn religious fanatics, but have you looked in the mirror, recently...?? Your hatred of meat-eaters, for example...Telling us what we can eat and can't eat...For example, you suppose garlic is bad, when many eat it and enjoy the health benefts...

    In recent years, we have suffered vegan militant fanaticism, as well as the secular left groups, "Extinction Rebellion," "Insulate Britain" and "Greenpeace." Noted for piracy at sea and of course, the famous protests in London, in which these clowns disrupted road traffic, gluing hands and faces to road surfaces, or doorways, walls, statues, etc...Or they simply sit in the road and annoy everyone...

    Interesting how they believe in the myth called "climate emergency," which is based upon fake science, promulgated by the globalist elites...
    Their childish notion of "forcing" government to insulate all homes...This is madness, that does not take into account contrary views...They are fanatics with demands.....This is not rational....

    Motorists, the general public, have suffered at the hands of these green meanies, much more than from religious groups...
    And the "animal rights" activists, who target farms and shops, selling meat....
    The public have had their fill with these idiots, also....
    The crazies who go into shops and vandalise the produce, that they don't approve of...

    I would suggest to you, that you include ALL fanatics on your list...
  • You will find usually gangs of like Muslims shouting their heads of in busses and tubes targeting vulnerable people for no reason and here they should be rounded up and put in cages in jungles
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