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There is more to food than just it’s micro and macro nutrients...We take in the foods vibration...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Firstly, it goes without saying that eating corpses lowers ones vibration.

The one who consumes dead flesh will not ascend past the lower chakras.

- eating eggs, cheese and milk will lower your spiritual vibration. 
Secondly, there is more to food than just it’s micro and macro nutrients.
We take in the foods vibration.
As you are probably aware, many dairy animals are mistreated in the agriculture
industry, not only does this lead to dis-ease of the animal. The bad intention is passed on through the milk we consume that intention.
eating meat lowers body vibration first, then in time brings down also soul vibration it’s that simple, it’s only basic physics of Creation. I experienced this directly and lots of other advanced seekers.
Eating meat means first killing and then eating corpses of other animals as also humans bodies are actually. Since you are destroying and eating creatures that are at the same body level vibration as you are (mammals) that proves to Creation that even if you meditate and even lecture others about spirituality and preach Unity, at least concerning facts you do exactly the opposite, it’s that simple. Facts are much more powerful for Creation than words like “Human have higher consciousness than animals and is our right to kill and eat them!” Are you sure? Are you dead sure? Or you are sure just because religion told you so? :)
We must understand that a soul (who’s just awareness and no energy at all) needs to use an energy instrument (a body) on a planet (who’s body is also energy obviously) to be able to interact around with other energies (nature, other people, animals etc). As such that soul is able to gathers experiences and fulfills his life plan (destiny) as best as it can.
Along life the body that the soul uses gathers the energies he/she collects from around through life experiences by using his free will. After tenths of years of usage the body got imprinted with these energies and hence carries the average energies level as result of his demeanors. If this energy vibration he collected in his body is higher than the average for humanity than his soul vibration might also increase; if the collected energies are lower as vibration (as it generally happens on this planet :) ) then it pulls down also the soul vibration. It’s basic Physics of Creation, it’s a very simple automatic mechanism actually built into Creation.
If you want to eat something and didn’t become a breatharian (living just on prana with no food or water), the rule of thumb in Creation for this matter is to eat always food that is much lower in vibration than your body vibration; generally, organisms with less body organisation complexity have lower vibration. For instance, a fish is much less complex than a chicken (bird), and a chicken is less complex than a cow (mammal). Animal bodies including humans have 3D vibration, where eating read meat (e.g. beef, pork, sheep etc) has the most negative impact, while white meat (eg chicken, turkey) a lower negative impact, and eating seafood (eg fish, shells) even a lower negative impact ; so if you can’t give up meat at least try to eat only fish and shells and the like. Speaking of sea, beware not to eat dolphins or whales or other sea mammals meat, that would be disastrous.
Plants have 2D vibration, where the descending order of negative impact is vegetables, fruits and greens (eg salad).
Minerals are at 1D vibration and they also have in their range a hierarchy, but it’s not relevant for this subject.
Since eating stones is not that easy, eating greens, fruits and vegetables (2D) is the obvious choice that brings a minimal negative impact on your body energy fields.
However, these considerations have a big impact for medium and especially for advanced practitioners. For the spirituals at beginner level (3D to 4D vibration) what he/she eats doesn’t matter so much since other issues present to him/her bigger hurdles for spiritual growth… :)
As a fact it’s typical for beginners in spirituality and atheists for instance to deny the influence of food on soul vibration. Accepting it would put them under lots of mental discomfort, and as history shows many human beings killed other human beings only not to be pushed out of their mental comfort zone … :) .

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NOW MEAT EATERS WHO GO TO JUNK FOOD JOINTS LIKE McDonalds-Dominos-Burgers King and other meat joints are eating dead animal flesh with bad vides and so will effect you as your vides are lowered


Also one must remember the consciousness of the cook and the one who serves goes in the food so one must be careful on not only what one eats. KRISHNA states in the Bhagavad-Gita offer me a leaf with love and I will accept it ..meaning the vibes in the leaf are with love. Try to avoid food with bad vides as it’s similar to poison must always remember this. Food can either heal you given and cooked with good vibes or poison you given and cooked with bad vibes and most is as their real motive is to make money not about your wellbeing therefore to cook your own food is the best. Remember eating meat is the worse as you are guilty of murder and the vides in the dead animal flesh are low as hell 



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