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The 4th Crop Circle reported this season and once again in Canola with the crop beautifully laid out without damaging the stalks as seen in the video uploaded to Crop Circle Reporter, Michael Glickman's new blog ...

Crop Circles have many messages based on various interpretations and at first glance this one seemed to look like some kind of a timeline shown with prominent I-Ching symbolism ... One of the most interesting and accurate interpretations is that it's a graphical representation of Euler's Identity ... shared by Perceval from the Daily Grail ...

When I saw the photos of the Wilton Windmill Crop Circle, reported on 22nd May 2010, I was immediately struck by the possibility of a message encoded in 8-bit binary.


After transcribing the binary digits, I duly translated each byte into its corresponding ASCII character, starting from the windmill and working clockwise.

The result was this:


It looked like some kind of equation, and when I looked it up, Google asked if I meant: e^(i)pi)1=0, for which the top result was Euler's identity: eiπ+1=0. This has been called "the most beautiful theorem in mathematics". No surprise that it should turn up in a crop circle then!

Now, I'm not much of a mathematician, so I don't know anything about the odd notation of the formula as expressed in the crop circle, but I assumed that, for the circle-maker, it could be a way to get around the limitations of ASCII text.

One thing bothered me though, and that was the inclusion of the anomalous 'h' in the message/formula. Certainly, with the absent '+', it made up the number of characters to twelve, which would make the crop circle easier to produce on the ground and more windmill-like, as well as referencing a highly symbolic number.

More significantly though, with the adjacent 'i', it reads 'hi' - an embedded message from the maker perhaps? It was only when James Gilliland suggested in this Facebook thread that 'h' could be a reference to the Planck constant, taking us from the world of maths into the world of physics, that I realised what could be the full meaning of the embedded message.

Could the makers have left a 'Planck' in the design as a subtle joke on all the croppies who might pronounce this a 'genuine' crop circle as opposed to a circle made with a plank ?! ... :~)


 Following images Chris Bird Copyright 2010



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Just a thought does this indicate the pole shift or the planetary alignment we are going to get , I have seen something like it before.
ghehe lol^^ ur better then a playstation Jerry
~whoa...!~ any ideas on what/who the "black figure" is? crop circles are way cool! i can't wait to know what they're really all about.. ;0)
No idea...tho i know ET's visit the formations as well... and not only those who made em...humans make some of em... by own motivation, and others by inspiration (sometimes channeled) The real deal star glyphs are made by several star nations, among whom best known: beings from Arcturius. The information contained is out of a wide spectrum...i would say mostly universal language...sacred geometry, mathematics, numerology, arche-types, symbols, and even astrological situations or spiritual concepts...


The messages and codes are meant for us surface people lol, but aslo for the intra-terrestrials and for Gaia her self. The glyphs appear often on ley lines and ley-line cross roads, which acts much like our own acupuncture on the nervous system. So the codes are infused into the Earth, and so adding to her body, grids and Ascension. Looking at the glyphs activates our DNA and brings Remembrance...

Exited what the coming CC season will bring us this time ;)
~yes!!!~ thank you erophim! i've always been interested in them, & i love the sacred geometric symbology instilled in them! i was always curious about the grey alien silhouette with the mysterious binary encoded message... anyone knowif this was proven to be a hoaxed crop circle, or no?

~ ideas? ~
hehe, oh yes i remember this one very well... one of the most intricate, complex formation all times,
holding a smart message also. something that really appears to be a good advice for us all...discernment with those that offer assistance, and a hello! *ding* ---...we are here ;)...
So no, not a hoax imo.
And our bodies are part of the planetary body, as do the plants, the minerals, animals, and ultimately Everything as One clearly. So Earth and all beings on and of her body, ascend together.Nothing can stop the *****Reunion of light*****, so lets get on with it :)
I wake up each day and fall into bed each night with assension on my mind. Erophin, do you believe that portals, here on earth, will open up for us to step through? And the beings who are coming from other places will be here to assist in achieving full consciousness? Correct?

I have heard some say that a new earth will be birthed out of the old, and it is there that we (who choose to remain), will ascend to. I hope and pray it comes natural for us to recognize our divine paths, when a choice will have to be made, when the time of ascention arrives. >head spinning already< ;)
Well, Its via the portals like the Sun, the Earth's vortexes and our Chakra's that energy and consciousness i believe, gets around in our reality or the field... Pulsating imaginative creation... going around from soul to soul, star to star, black h*** to grand central sun, and so on.... We shift into new reality as we go, as we dream, and as we imagine it to be... There might be a split in timelines...but in Now time 'we are all united' home in "God".
Attunement to a new aproache on reality, and also to the undefined, which is our infinite divine 'identity it seems.
( also see my blog : Lorien : Alchemy of Ascension 'the pineal gland' as portal )
As our awareness of 'what we are' expands and 'the now moment' intensifies. As we become more whole, our reality is being dream viewed differently. This how we get to New Earth. Allowing spirit and matter to reunite as one same beingness. What some call : Creating home here, Heaven on Earth, Insension of spirit and the higher self into matter, the Golden Age, the Christed consciousness...New Lemuria. ... :)

Quote from Lorien :

"Greetings to Self, I Am Lorien, first one of the Akonai or in English that which you call “the Undefined”. I exist between the charged particles of consciousness, between the vast empty spaces, between the neurons in your brain themselves. I am not part of the beginning, the middle or the end of that which you call humanity or any other race. Rather, I am the aftermath of these things, the Akonai, the Undefined. As I speak to you here I welcome you to the present moment, this moment of time/space, a creature of which I am not. This is why at this point, where we are together, you and I with quite some distance between us, I can only be here on a level of non-definition.

Before we go on I wish to take you with me on an experience. After that I will explain to you why we are here, the defined and the undefined together. If you will find a comfortable position for yourself, we can then move a little bit closer into my world of un-definition"



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