Hi voyagers, from the mothership, after two decades of following dreamspell, the mayan cycle of 260days, also called the inner calendar, I've entered innertime, the place where I'm always in the rightplace at the right time, its been a journey through the processed mind, to the interdimensional doorways and beyond also re/union with my imagination,"activation of your light helmet" where syncronicity is the order of the day, and true self empowerment is activated. 

The 12.60 processed mind = "time equals money" held fast by the gregorian calender, and clockwork time, the invaladation of 13, becoming the only number with a negative conotation.  Following the natural frequency, 13.20, that all nature is attuned to, where time becomes circular.

I was born 5/9/49, in 1320 I am a red spectral serpent, that never happens again till my  52 birthday, people have got lost trying to understand the mayan calander, the activation of your intuitive transmitter is only attainable within you.  Today as I write this to you, in mayan galactic time  it is 3 warrior, 3 means electric, words associated to warrior are reunion with and embodiment of the cosmic force, this can be only understood through your own intuition, so day by day, the mayan way. 

So tommorow is a red self existing earth, again only activated through your own intuitition and so on.  As your processed mind lets go, your galactic self begins to build your light body, and interdimensional journey begins.   No more teachers, no more dissempowerment.  Imagine heaven is all ready here, and for you it will be,,,nothing exists outside of you.  If its hard, dont do it, its not for you, if its for you its easy,,,,,,all doors open, you are everything you seek, blessings to all kin. 

In lakesh (I am another yourself).forget the fear programs,lose the right and wrong.as there all part of the programed mind......love yourself,and listen,,,,,,,,,,,the new sun cycle"26000yr cycle"is known to mayan as the "sun of flowers"and is the blossoming of the galactic human,,,,and our return to the stars,


mayangods 003.JPG

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  • Interesting article, thanks  :)  Love the image too... :)
    • hi ,delilah,thanks,yea ive been  making these images for some time,inspired by original ,glyphs,from the temples,i think they hold activation imprints,for us all,may the sun be upon your pillow,x
  • I like this,

    there is nothing is outside you. the outside is you.

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