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The VMAT-2 God Gene Serum

Towers, Micro - cells, Power shipping generators are just a few of many different kinds of apparatus that is globally being distributed around all areas of the most highest of human density population as possible. Thus ensuring a full coverage of broad spectrum of radiation being spilt out to every where, in the hopes humanity becomes fried or gravely ill without us knowing why.

What is coming is a sure kill grid, ensuring that the secret joints of internationally and national governments and illuminati factions, and the deep state affilates around the world, reduces the population to a manageable 500.000. E.G. The georgia guide stones. Co-incidence. Most assuredly, that is the cause.
They are literally going to cook us with invisible radio frequency emission waves using things like cell towers and 5G networing stations everywhere, and this frequency broadband is openly available to the public and business in the hopes the illuminati agenda is adhered to.

The level at which wi-fi broadbands starts at, is at the precise reading of 2.4 ghz. This is to ensure that the water molecules starts to vibrate off its axis. Folks this is not a co-incident.
This was done with a knowledge of intent, against humanity. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water. So this is that ratio where the body undergoes internal shifts of change within the micro molecular levels of our bodies.
(Wi-Fi messes with the water).

The level at which 5G broadcasts at, is at the level of 60 ghz. This is at the broadband scale of the air molecule state. The oxygen molecule absorbtion spectrum. The technology of synchronising to this frequency band is called, the WI-GIG.

(WI-GIG messes with the air-oxygen).
At the moment, this is short range, it needs to be up on every light pole and cell tower stations as the range is short. But the frequency is very effectively harsh.
They want this in our houses, this is crap, this is a weapon, this is culling without blame, this is mass genocide on a mass voluntary scale. This is evil folks.

I always say this people, the more smarter we become, the dumber we are getting. I now say this with Good reason people, to educate you, to help you. Now do you see what i know.

The effect of what 5G does to you is this, the symptoms of Shuermanns disease, for example. The inability to absorb vitmin D.

The air is two oxygen molecules, and they share electrons, when a 5G wave band hits the air molecules, with 60ghz of millimeter wave emissions, it affects the orbital properties of the electrons, the orbital spin rate of the oxygen molecules.

It is important to note as the air molecules are a living life force created by God, thus this is how it works, Heamoblobins combines to the Iron, Iron is magnetic, so iron naturally attracts to the air/oxygen molecules, the iron/air molecules transform into the heamoblobins that transfers into the blood cells and blood cells turns into energy and fules the life sustaining God force properties into your body. You affect this, you effect how your body sustains itself to live in a body formation. This includes, the animal, minerals and sentient life forms not just only the human kingdom. This effects everything everywhere. It does not discriminates.

5G, effects the air, this affects the magnetisation of the water to attract to the iron in your lungs, this prevents the molecule called heamoglobins to formulate, and distributes air/energy into the blood stream and carry this energy into your body. This affects your skin cells, this prevents the production of vitamin E to accumulate efficiently. Creates fear, creates false symptoms, false sickness that could be prevented. Just don't have 5G or buy into it. 5G creates sleep paralysis, makes you tired, probably hear things that was never real or spiritual in any negative or positive way.

Magneto-biology is the term to describe the practice of; the interaction of electro-magentics fields of living tissue.

People should learn to study this field of biology as the illuminati, the secret governments, deep states, your medical field don't want us to know how this works to being healthy, happy and alive to live to longevity.

Because the WI-GIG 5G 60ghz system and the wi-fi 2.4 ghz system is a secret stealth weaponised system, created by DARPA as the internet was also created by them, so was 5G.

We must expose this secret in our economy and tell people to arm their minds about this secret and bring down there technology through exchange of commincation out to the public everywhere. You in affect bring down there stock market and crash there stronghold against us. They lose the ability to sell there gadgets, lose stocks and future investments and lose the ability for us to sign our own death certificates.

The investment companies are making tonnes of money from this and passed a law so that humanity can not say no to this crap. Apparently bill clinton passed that law in 1996, the telecom act, to allow companies to put the death note out onto humanity.

There is no regulations under a hundred and twenty feet, on american soil, that the telcomunications companies and their affiliates knows this and only has to be allowed permission from the city of interest, the free access to close proximity of the population and put up and install up close emmitting range of 5G towers multiple of short range towers everywhere, up and near places of interests such as your home, your school, your work, anywhere that there is close access to the public and broad range there frequencies at will and saturate the population with unspeakable amounts of radiation upon humanity.

And this is going to closely affect the oxygen and air molecules, as i was saying earlier on.

Then you will not be able to support the oxygen air molecules into your tissues,via the heamoglobin going into your body, if should and we know that this is to be the case, a biological fact. Your body then begins to deplete in living life force, then the ability to reproduce the very essence to regenerate new skin cells and tissues to stay alive for longer periods of time depletes your life span exponentially greatly.

This affects the body to not produce vitamin D. Shuermanns disease, is a bi product of this re-action, of which that i have got.......but there are so many other symptoms it produces. So when your skin is not in contact with the sun, it prevents the ability to produce vitaman E. The same thing when sunlight goes through your eyes. Thus affects your body to regenerate through eyes gazing at the sun.

This is going to create symptomsnot being nourished by the sun, so that in time you will have to take there vaccines, and the vaccines they are wanting you to take is the one that kills the ability to receive the God spark energy in your, body this vaccine is called the (VMAT-2 GOD) Gene serum.

The (VMAT-2) God Gene serum vaccine, is what the dark nefarious force wants to vaccinate us with.

This serum is to prevent the God Spark Gene to spontaneously evolve from with in us, that Jesus who performed amazing abilities and miracles, back then, did, in his time when Jesus was in Palestine all those 2000 years ago. The genes that is in Jesus, is also in us, in our blood system, in our DNA, in our RNA.

It is in all things sentient with an ability to obtain a higher mind frequency. It is in the air, in the water, God's consciousness is in everything.

Can you see why it is, for the most parts, to the Illuminati's point of view, they don't want us to evolve.

Thus for the Illuminati factions, the ensuring of a stable and a consistant form of a replenishing livestock of fresh souls, everytime we humans die, that we, re-incarnate and not have the knowing, remembering and or understanding without the ability to ever wake up and evolve and achieve enlightenment ever again. They going to take the perpetual God spark out of our bodies by the vaccine serum they made.

This is the break through that Jesus had to perform when he died and rose up again, after the fall of atlantis, he was showing us the way out of this recycling soul manufacturing center,\.

Jesus kept saying that the only way to the kingdom of God is through me, the tunnel of light needed to be reconnected and established again from two points,from the point of the heavenly side and the point of the earthly side, and this is what Jesus came to accomplish.

If we are unable to go to heaven by our own ability and means of travelling when we die, then we can come through by the way of Jesus's connecting light source, to our Father in heaven.

We are so powerful now knowing this now, that before we even can get a threshold of our own abilities and self of empowerment,online, the illuminati factions from all sides and from all angels are trying there best to put us down, before we can ever get off the ground.

They try to disempower us, however,God sent re-enforcements of the light in every which way we can to establish the light source more coherently on the earth. Some how and, in by some way, the ensured victory of the light is gaining in numbers by the day, and there is nothing now more for the dark to do.
They are out numbered, they are out witted and they are out sourced, losing by the day there ability to send black magic into the world. The light is winning, that light will win, and know that the light is assured to humanity, that it has won.

Feel free to distribute this anywhere. 5G and WiFi are bad for you.

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