Some new soul memories have come to light regarding the existence of Earth (as a shadow dimension, one of many) within our universe.

I take you through a journey regarding the nature and heart of the Orion war. What it means to the ascension process now. The status of the multiple veils protecting and surrounding Gaia. And the current mission for light workers and starseeds.

So what exactly is Gaia? People keep referring to this planet, mother Earth, Terra, Sol 3, and a whole host of other names for the being who quite honestly has been just as trapped as the rest of us who have been forced to incarnate here since Atlantis. Why forced, you ask? Because of the actual veil surrounding Earth right now. It exists as apart of the soul recycling matrix, something that was born from the remainder of the prematurely ended Orion war. Forced to play out the final conflict in this shadow dimension, one who many lost souls of our universe have called home for several thousand years.

Previously it was thought that Earth had only one veil, and that by removing it, we'd be literally achieving full manifestation capabilities. As opposed to just ones achieved through shadow and spirit alone. We have now discovered that the veil itself, is more of a frequency barrier than it is anything else. Yet it is alive, and it doesn't obey the source of our universe. But rather, one to an entirely alien dimension existing within an alien dimension in tandem with our own. Which gives light to a whole new way in which the 3d matrix has played itself out for a long time.

To understand how far the veil has literally kept us prisoner here, lets take a closer look at the function of how it actually appears to us as we pass through it. As you know, the veil can only allow shadow and spirit, to enter or exit this dimension successfully. So if you amassed your spirit as a host, you could pass through it once again, but that's all you'd be able to do with your current memories in tact of this life, normally. The veil can be seen in the shadow dimension that separates Earth as its own shadow dimension from the wider universe.

There is in fact a "tunnel" of light that you go through just after you die, many have speculated on during near death experiences. This exact construct is a direct link through the veil. It can be traced just outside of that tunnel and every living being has a personal connection with it.

Think parallel space. Only what you're looking for is not something that surrounds Earth, but compresses the density of Earth where souls congregate. In essence, it's attached as a secondary measure to keep souls here unless their body goes through traumatic incidents where the veil is forced to open. Even then the soul has to consciously step through it which is why the tunnel exists to redirect people into another body, thereby circling the soul to a direct chamber like a hijacked teleportation device.

The veil takes on the appearance (in its natural form) of a blood red curtain. Though you wouldn't know it at first. The more transparent it is, the less of an effect it has over the immediate area. When spirit passes through the veil, it's disguised to look white. In actual fact, the reason its natural colour is blood red is because it was summoned from another dimension that has the blood of its victims all over it.

It's original home is cloaked in shadow and isolation. Black magic, what we know of the art, gets its reputation by being able to pass in shadow through the veil to end up transformed into dark spirit. By hijacking the love frequency to be blinding in intensity. Grabbing you while you're distracted by its appearance. And so in essence it's actually more of a deformed shadow being forced into a parasite.

Many people who get frequent nightmares near it do so because it's partially made of antimatter so it looks for ways to inject fear into you. It feeds off of strong emotions and love together with fear equals feast. More specifically, it feeds on the most prominent emotions death causes or the strength of life causes. The stronger the emotion, the more likely hood of being reincarnated. The weaker the emotion, the more likely the spirit passes through the veil as it isn't perceived as a threat to its takeover.

The weaker spirits eventually find a way back here, but they are born into weaker generations. So it is a rank system. Bloodlines are a thing and they tie into the rank system itself.

One interesting comparison to note, is the relationship between creator and creation. Like the kind that breeds monsters who are innocent. The ones who created them are likewise innocent. The creator of the most twisted being however, was summoned ultimately from a dimension and that dimension breeds the guilty. Therefore justifying the comparison as innocent through objective vision, guilty by subjective association.

Such a dimension is classified as a last resort if creation somehow ran into a major failure and needed to be erased. There's only one dimension by that name. It is not hell. It is not spoken of much. Even Paladin is better known as a rehabilitated prison planet within Arcturus. the dimension I speak of is simply called Anexos. A name that translates to Anexes, or ultimate destroyer. It is not associated with a given planetary, star or galactic system for a reason.

Such a dimension has been controlling events here since Gaia first bore what would be seen as the reincarnation heist of several thousand years. Thanks to souls from across the universe being redirected to this planet, turned shadow dimension thanks to them. Even Gaia hates being trapped here due to the limited room for growth both as a planet and a celestial body supporting cosmic integration.

Who is most at fault however, is nobody in particular. In fact, where we put the blame is not on Draconians. Or Orions. It's ultimately on the dimension that twisted the Orions into what they represent today. Something resembling the statement "they're evil". For the classic example of a bully, is to pretend they are the victim in a crime they are too cowardly to publicly admit to having committed.

Name any popular form of evil and you'd likely think Anexos takes on the traits of such a form like a chimera. Even going so far as to make villains out of innocent expressions of life. Such as Demons, Clowns, Dragons, Monsters, Archons, and even Humans. Which is exactly how they operate to make space for themselves in a society that has rejected them otherwise.

Take solace in the fact that we haven't seen the worst of them. Nor would we want to. For prolonged exposure to their way of life can severely alter the way we see the world if our perception could be so easily influenced. Such an eventuality would only need to tweak the reality around us to convert its state of awareness and subsequently our own through the power of suggestion to make anything believable.

For it's to do with the fact that the worst evil has yet to arrive. And it is a common occurrence to the state of affairs here, that based on history, failed attempts to do so suggests we'll be waiting for a long time as such an arrival has yet to fully materialize. For good reason, no doubt.

You can thank Anexos for being responsible for complicating our lives here in relation to the ones we had before they came into being on a regular basis. Someone has to gather a list of all the active shadow dimensions they control and end their isolation. We can get rid of all the mirrored illusions this way and the confusion. Once that's done, we know what we're working with. To close the portal between here and Anexos.

In case you didn't know, that name refers to the dimension of uncreation. The things that possibility itself should automatically reject to materialize based on negative potential in any version of reality. The concept of shadow dimensions, not altered dimensions, but complete shadow dimensions comes from them. Once anexos is closed, we heal our own universe, restore the imperial confederation between saved worlds and move on.

To discover how we have forgotten even this much about our cosmic history, you need to recall the primary emotions you experience. Fear has got to go. You know how much it has destroyed things here? fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of being silenced. Fear of saying too much. Fear of losing yourself. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being too well known. Love is used in the same way. They're numbing agents. And they feed the soul hijacking veil that the Anexos dimension controls.

You've heard arguments for love many times as being greater than fear, and that it is the answer. But to what question? One isn't greater than the other, when both of them do the same job in tandem. They lead to isolation. One leads to comfortable isolation. The other leads to escape in isolation. Either way, the outcome remains the same.

Anger is one of the only emotions we have that doesn't lead to isolation. And the veil hates it. In fact the more we suppress our anger, the veil feeds off of the suppression and tries to tell us why we're happy accepting things the way they are no matter how distantly immoral. It's anger and yes I'll admit it, a need to be relevant that pushes me onward. Almost as if in desperation in a way and so full of longing but mostly when clarity comes, it's because I'm feeling connected and accepted to where I can think long enough to push my thoughts out somehow during times of great need or presence in spirit.

Relaxing in the presence of spirit is one of the greatest healing tools we have in 3d.

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