The Ultimate Question

     This may or may not have been a topic of discussion in past on this Forum.  It is a question that has haunted me in the past and still does.  If anyone has a any genuine insight or comments, please "have at it".  The Ultimate Question goes like this:  "How did anything come into existence at all?  Why is there something rather than nothing?"  Call It what one wishes:  the universe, God, Spirit, Consciousness, Being, matter, energy, light, love, joy, whatever.  How did it come to exist?  Perhaps we can't grasp the answer with our finite mind.  Even if we call it all "Maya" (Illusion) it still has a reality as a construct in our consciousness. How did Consciousness arise then?  Why is there not just a neverending void of nothingness with no participants and no observers?  Yes, your response?   

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  • Haha cool point you got there :D

    Considering this, I get the feeling that questioning what "blue" is irrelevant because we first have to "be" the "color" to fully comprehend it. So asking what is the beginning of existence is also irrelevant because we have to "be" the "existence" first, not a "manifestation" or even a "product" of manifestation as we consider it right now. Someday we as humans will become one entitiy and from that moment on, be able to become the manifestation itself, and then we may have a total, complete, absolute alien (as in, literally) definition of existence. Crazy, but it's possible, and if it's possible, it's true at some point. Of course the same goes for the word "beginning". So it's irrelevant to question the beginning of anything that is, in our perspective, not fully comprehended yet, let alone our concrete perceptions.

    Oh I notice that I've used the word "someday". Umm... *headexplode* 

    • Would a blue be any bluer by any other color?

  • Please don't take things I say personally for I'm not talking from a personal perspective. Of course you haven't said such thing, it's just a process I like to take when thinking about anything.

    So, what if the color blue isn't actualy blue? But before this, we don't know what a "color" or a "vision that interprets it" is. Or even what a "vision" is, if we proceed. 

    The thing people don't do is actually question what a " QUESTION" actually is. It's a stupid thing to "question."

    Stupid? Don't hate me but then, wouldn't questioning something that includes all questions be the most stupidest thing ever? I don't think so, and I don't think anything is stupid at all. For we are one. 

    Communicating with the higher self is important because of this reason. Asking questions won't make us comprehend what a question is. So something else must be done to comprehend it. Asking what existence is or isn't or anything relevant to it won't make our minds expand, comprehend and find the answer.

    Do I make sense? Probably not, but nothing is written in stone. Not even the color blue.

  •    If there is nothing, Uber, then what is that Puppetji video above?  Looks like a real puppet to me.

  •    Helen, you may be right that there is "no-thing".  If one goes beyond the finite mind's focusing on point to point, "thing to thing" awareness and enters into the "no-thing", then one enters, perhaps into the "All".  Which projects the hologram of multiverse thru Consciousness.  As Amanda-Love points out, both energy and consciousness exist (or at least consciousness, as energy may be primarily a projection of awareness), so then how did they originate "out of the Void"?  

  • What is a question? ...<- that is.

    Then what is existence? ...<- this is.

    That's the point I'm trying to make, beloved one. If there's no reason to question what a question is, then there absolutely no reason to question something that includes all questions. 
    But I believe there is a reason for questioning, and I can actually go on and on about what a question is. Still, I would define it with the concepts I don't grasp fully, so it would be a chicken and egg situation.

    In this case, I'd like to ask what a "beginning" is, because there may even not be an idea relevant to that concept in "reality" which we don't comprehend yet. So I feel that we're being a bit hot tempered about taking things for granted, as I said before.

  • We're taking too many things for granted, while the cosmic joker operates that skillfully, me thinks :/ We're just setting more borders around our minds while trying to break free. No? 
    When we use concepts trying to make a point, we take them for granted. Ergo, I think we're doing it wrong :D

  • then, what is a question?

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