007.jpg?w=300&width=300Written by Wes Annac

UPDATE: Seems that efforts have already paid off! 



Do know dear friends, that we should be working on manifesting these decloakings without feeling too attached to their manifestation or without feeling like we 'must' manifest them. This project could be seen as a hobby leading up to the 4th and even beyond. 


Many are speaking of the 'Pleiadian' message from Micah and I want to say that I personally don't resonate with the messages given from Micah or the blatant predictions that decloakings are absolutely going to happen, because the Pleiadians don't know if this is absolutely going to happen yet. They will be awaiting the Divine Decree from the Ascended Masters and the High Councils of this world.


So I personally do not believe that this is absolutely going to happen, but I think we should at least make a bit of effort to try. It doesn't have to be all-absorbing or all-consuming but really friends, there is no harm in at least making the effort. :) 

It is time, dear friends, for us to use our collective manifestation efforts to aide our Galactic brethren in their latest rumored endeavor in making themselves known [possibly during the Olympics] after the

August 4th deadline passes. We’ve been told that the final deadline will be passed with the coming and going of this date, and that our Galactic brethren have been holding meetings with their incarnate Representatives on what to do now.

I don’t carry any conscious memories of being a part of these meetings but it is likely that every Earth Representative of every Council of the Galactic Federation has been taking place in them, though I cannot say for sure.

We’ve passed a plethora of dates and deadlines that have come and gone with little to no significant occurrences; usually because we as a collective of Lightworkers took to becoming divisive on such dates, arguing among each other whether such dates were ‘genuine’ or not – and we completely missed the point.

We’ve usually been told of these dates whenever they are come to pass and while the Galactics are very careful about not making predictions as of late, it is becoming clear that some type of direct action must be taken very soon.

A long time ago, I wrote a piece entitled ‘Disclosure begins with Government’ which was a result of a revelation I had received at the time about how much more comfortable the sleepy public would be with hearing these truths from their leaders and perceived representatives, rather than directly from the Galactic sources themselves.

I stand by this former mindset as being correct at the time as this truly was the plan of action for so very long. However, it has become increasingly clear for months and years that the cabals are going to stall every agreement they make in relation to disclosure. The cabals are not our leaders or representatives nor are the puppets that they install, and they never have been.

It is simply that they have convinced us this is so and convinced us as well to feed a society and collective mindset and heart set that would only feed and benefit them. They have, over generations, brainwashed us to believe in a system of ‘kings and peasants’, with the kings always ruling over and finding much more wealth than the peasants.

The plan for disclosure has now changed as it is clear that the cabals are not going to disclose. They’ve been given the opportunity time and time again and they are simply too stubborn. I guess I should say now that disclosure once began with government, but they missed the chance for the leniency they could have obtained by stepping aside and letting their installed figureheads (and Obama, who is not in line with the elites) disclose on one of the many planned dates and deadlines.

Some may still find leniency by stepping aside during the Olympics or during another time shortly after the August 4th date and allowing what naturally needs to come about. It will not be as comfortable for the sleepy public witnessing the ships of our Galactic brethren directly in the skies but from what we have been told, the ships could be appearing in a manner that is not in any way threatening, as they naturally would not be as our Galactics are benevolent by nature and this shows with their ships.

Now, much of this overall talk is being based on predictions given within crop circles and testimony given from direct, walk-in or incarnate Galactic Representatives on our world as well as the knowledge of this deadline of August 4th. A discerning yet defensive part of me will always and forever tell you dear readers not to hang yourselves on this deadline date and not to experience the resulting disappointment if events do not play out the way that they possibly could during the Olympics.

The Olympics would certainly be the perfect time for a grand display from our Loving, Galactic brethren, as nearly the entire world will be watching.

While it is important not to hang ourselves on these possibilities and Create unneeded anticipation, apprehension and possible resulting disappointment, we should not dismiss the possibility of this finally coming about and we should as well work to do everything we can to manifest and bring this scenario forth.

As mentioned above, whenever possibilities for disclosure render, we have taken to being quite divisive and argumentative rather than working together, as a collective, to bring about the future that we have been waiting for and working toward. Do you not realize the amazing opportunity we have here?

We’ve been told time and time again of our strong collective Creative powers, yet we have utilized these powers very little to bring forth such a beneficial outcome and future. Complacency has held many of us back from working actively to manifest as we know and can feel we naturally possess the ability to do, but not anymore.

I’m talking here to the perceived ‘little guy’ who Loves reading and absorbing material from Galactics, Angelics and Earthly truthseekers but who does not feel that you are playing as active of a role as such truthseekers, ascended entities and their channelers. You are!

Every one of us who have found ourselves awakened is here from higher and purer realms and we were not permitted to come to Earth only because of our abilities to analyze and absorb. All of us are here to play an active, leading role in this ascension and in the wonderful and perception-shattering events which are to precede it.

I would like, if permissible, for every one of you who is reading this to plan out active meditations for yourselves on the date of August 4th and on the days leading up to it. Your intent is what is most important, so even if you find yourselves only able to meditate on one day leading up to the 4th, as long as your will and intent is there are you are able to find a clear connection to your beautiful inner-self, your energy will be added to the collective’s.

I’m likely not the only one who has planned a meditation for these dates, which is good because the importance of our doing so has never been stronger than it is now. The Pleiadians have encouraged our mass meditations on specific alignment dates, to align us ever-more to the increasingly pure energy we are being given from various echelons of Creation. We now have the added responsibility of giving our collective, positive intents to the 4th and every day leading up to it, in an effort to welcome our Galactic brethren and their clear presence on our world.

More than anything, this is what these meditations will be about. Issues of separation-based mindsets and resulting discrimination are issues that will keep our Galactic brethren away from us, which is why we must welcome them with open arms and hearts, and let them know that now more than ever, we are ready. The time has come, and the awakened Lightworker collective of Earth will now gladly accept the presence of the Galactics and all that they have to offer.

I never like to plan specifics when it comes to meditation, as I would want you all to be comfortable during this alignment and during your meditations. However, there are a few specific things that we can do whilst within these meditations, to make them more potent and clear in intent and will. No matter whether one performs these every day leading up to the 4th or only on the 4th, it is again, our intent that is being looked toward by the Galactics.

First off, get comfortable and smooth into your meditative energies. We all do this in our own different ways; some choose a specific pose, some adhere to a specific meditative practice, and some simply free their mind, let themselves relax and consciously ‘drift away’ into the sea of meditative energies and colors.

As you begin to relax and smooth into your meditation, make some strong, conscious and vocal statements which will affirm and empower your intent and will see such energies of intent added to the collective as they significantly shift the balance of comfort with the Galactics. Your vocal statements should encourage the presence of our benevolent Galactic brethren, as to ensure such comfort.

I’m not going to make every one of you say the same, specific phrase as there is no Creativity, no individuality in doing so. The specific phrase and how it is worded is not what is important when making affirmations, be them vocal or within. What is most important is the energies added to your statements and again, the intents behind them.

I will give some general affirmations that can be said but it is encouraged that you all make this meditation your own and add your personal, unique energies and intents to this affirmation.

A good general affirmation to make would be along the lines of-


I now proclaim my willingness and happiness to witness the presence of my Galactic brethren in the skies of my world.


My Galactic brethren are welcomed and Loved for their presence on this world, and I willingly invite them to make their presence known in my skies, before the entire planet.


I give Love and appreciation to my Galactic brethren for their efforts in making themselves known and I proclaim a pure willingness to witness their ships in my skies.

After you make these affirmations, allow yourselves to drift off into your meditations and feel the power and the energy behind your words. Feel this energy and intent as it drifts up and is received by our Galactic brethren. Feel and visualize them receiving this energy on board their expansive ships. Note their appreciation in your doing so.

One can feel impressions and visualize during meditation without bringing forth mind in a way that would disrupt such meditation, and it simply takes finding the correct balance of feeling and receiving impressions without letting mind get lost in them and lose consciousness.

Imagine and feel the Olympics on August 4th, and imagine and feel as well the decloaking of beautiful, marvelous ships of Light in a way that is undeniable, but not in any way threatening. Feel the impressions of the mere sight of these ships of multicolored Light in the sky and upon doing so, notice that your meditative energies increase within your perception, in a ‘spark’ of energies one will feel and see within their third eye whenever making visualizations.

Feel impressions of dear Barack Obama, explaining on national television that the visitors are Peaceful and wish to share advancements in technology and evolution with us. Feel the entire collective of Earth reacting positively to this disclosure, rather than in a fear based manner. Some would say that this is impossible with the mind control and indoctrination that has been forced onto the public in regards to other-worldly visitors. I would say that nothing is impossible, and we can manifest and put ourselves on whichever timeline and scenario we wish.

As you perform these individual meditations, feel the collective of Lightworkers performing them as well. We need as many as possible to perform these meditations, as our Galactic brethren are more than ready to make themselves known and would benefit greatly from this boost of positivity and willingness for them to make their presence known, which we have the complete collective and individual power to give.

The more of us who do this, the more positive of an effect we will have on the possible decloaking of ships, sometime soon after the date of August 4th.

If August 4th comes and goes, I would like us to continue in our meditations anyhow. It certainly couldn’t hurt! No plans are set in stone at present as to exactly when and how this will all play out, and it is always a possibility that concrete plans could be scrapped at the last minute because of ever-changing developments.

If this date comes and goes, we will know that plans changed a bit, which is why we should continue on in our meditations and visualization efforts, to continue to add to that strong, Lighted foundation of acceptance of the Galactics’ presence on our world.

We cannot blame the Galactics if plans change as blame is in itself a lower, redirected energy. We can only keep moving forward while working even more within ourselves to manifest these changes coming about. Our collective energies and intents have always decided the events to manifest, thus the planned meditations.

The time is now and the dark has lost. The Galactics are ready to make themselves known and need our support and positive energies in doing so. Let’s give them these energies that they have been happily giving us for decades, so they can help us to heal and evolve.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC



[Note: Though Barack Obama is mentioned in this message, I would appreciate it if discussions didn't solely focus on and degenerate into whether Obama is of the Light or not. While I give my opinion (which may be different from yours and thats ok!) of Obama, this article is not mean to be focused on him. Thanks friends!]

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  • In my opinion there is a difference between The Disclosure and The Event!

    The (full) Disclosure can only begin when the cabal is completely stripped of their power, ie their banks and their control of the major media. The cabal has been given a more than fair chance to surrender peacefully and turn to Light, hence the delay. The final due date for surrender is almost here: Aug 4th.

    Only after this, the Event can take place, before the end of 2012.

    Just think about it, with your rational 3D minds! What would happen if the Event (mass landings etc), that we are all so anxiously waiting for, took place before the Disclosure?? Mass hysteria and chaos around the world, fueled by the cabal, with more fear based disinfo in the msm!

    It feels like everything is dragging on, postponed etc, causing lot of frustration amongst us, but this is only because of the mind blowing scale of the most sinister enslavement of humans by the cabal and their refusal to come clean, and face the fact that they are defeated and accept the real-ity: it's game over for them!

    The ETs could have easily freed the humanity a long time ago, but that would have been against the Galactic Codex,hence, against our freedom to choose and create our new reality. This changed about a month ago, our Galactic family is here to help us "hands-on" now. 

    We, the Light Warriors, have demonstrated our acceptance of Light and with our tireless work, the desire to be freed from the Matrix of slavery. Even though the Veil of darkness has been lifted and the Light grid restored, our work is not done by no means, but we are at the last stretch. Hang in there, keep holding the Light, spread the Gospel (ie the good news/truth). We are almost home :)


    ps Some good news for anyone still thinking "nothing is happening":


  • Nicely worded, Wes.  By the way, what does GLR, as in GLR Micah, stand for?  It is my first time seeing it, and I've been reading channeled messages for years.

  • I am still awaiting for this prediction to manifest with real GFL and not another "surprise" that may not like but I give this event couple of credits :

    1~that ufo hovering above opening ceremony

    2~mass charge for recycling non~perishables in commercials and signs around each event, which is incredible considering the mess the world leaves behind in their garbage waste~ very welcomed site considering

    3~we still need to make few changes along our path

    ..........................................................................................................................I welcome any disclosure yet still wait for many more, patiently

  • Your wisdom resonates with me very well :-) Thank you so much...

  • But are we not all creators? What do you want to create? I say it's a good idea and not a big ask to visualize and ask for this to happen, what's 15 mins out of your day?. As far as the channellings go, I am a fence sitter... But.... I know I am a creator, together we can create so much more, I believe if we can all come together, the strength of us all together would make a big difference. Our intentions and positive loving energies does make all the difference not in just our own lives but collectively on mankind and Gaia. 

    All this is up to us and we can make it happen if we wish, we are all one.

  • Seems that efforts have already paid off! 


    The above is the second most viewed post on this site. :) 

    Do know dear friends, that we should be working on manifesting these decloakings without feeling too attached to their manifestation or without feeling like we 'must' manifest them. This project could be seen as a hobby leading up to the 4th and even beyond. 

    Many are speaking of the 'Pleiadian' message from Micah and I want to say that I personally don't resonate with the messages given from Micah or the blatant predictions that decloakings are absolutely going to happen, because the Pleiadians don't know if this is absolutely going to happen yet. They will be awaiting the Divine Decree from the Ascended Masters and the High Councils of this world. 

    So I personally do not believe that this is absolutely going to happen, but I think we should at least make a bit of effort to try. It doesn't have to be all-absorbing or all-consuming but really friends, there is no harm in at least making the effort. :) 

    Much Love dear friends. :) 

  • Ah, what the hey. I'll be a good sport. :) 

    Much Love, 

    Wes :) 

  • Ouch! I gotta admit, that first paragraph hurt dear friend. Because of the generalizing, insults and general rudeness, I would not like to come onto your blog. With all due respect, it is clear that you don't and won't believe in the benevolent nature of the Galactics, and nothing I can do or say will change that. 

    We are just 'gfl people' who are out to deceive. I'm truly sorry that you feel that way friend, but I simply do not feel like trying to answer to a wall of criticism. It is one reason I don't post here often, as the way it makes me feel personally is, well, not good. 

    Reading your comments Kelly, I feel a knot in my stomach, a twisted up energy as I try to be kind to you and find insults, teardowns and a continual attempt to disprove me and what I represent. Criticize me for pointing it out, but I have felt it every time and can no longer dismiss it.

    So, you may criticize me if you like for not joining your blog for questioning, but based on your comments toward me I think that you can understand why. 

    Even still, I give you Love and respect along your journey. :) 

    Much Love, 

    Wes :) 

    • Please be careful Brother, I smell a setup. I hope I'm wrong. You know how words can get misconstrued around here.

      Love and Light

  • Great discussion, dear friends!! :) I must go for now, you all have my Love and the Love of the Creator (but you already knew that!!) :) :) 

    Much Love to all, 

    Wes :) 

This reply was deleted.

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