The Time

Q1: What is TIME?A-It is the moment that through it we consign all the experiences we have gained in life….Q2: Why have you described time as a moment despite its long duration?A-Because in life, you only own a moment. For the past has gone and the future has not occurred yet…Q3: Why do people usually run away from their past and look towards their future?That is a bad habit and it is caused by misunderstanding the law of time, for time is composed of three moments: A moment that has passed, and it is usually accompanied by feelings of pain or regret, because we all believe that we could have done something more productive in that momentThe second moment is the future moment which is always accompanied by feelings of fear; that is because we approach a moment that we don’t know what fate has in store for us in it.From here we always try to forget the past because of its events that have perhaps damaged us , and we try to look towards the future with ambition despite our fear of it. The biggest mistake among all of these is that we separate the past from the future,as previously said, by leaving the past and looking forward to that future moment. These moment are twins which we should not attempt to separate in order to get the full benefit “of the now” moment…For denying what has happened in the past moment, even though we are the prime doers in the events which have occurred during it, detaches us from the benefits we reap from future moments because we have not acknowledged what we have done in the past.Q4: Do you mean that in order to have a bright future we should love the past moment and the future moment together?Yes, for it is wrong to separate this moment from that because the “past” moment has once been a “future” moment for you , and the ”now” moment will eventually become a “past” moment and the cycle continues…Therefore it is only logical to combine these three moments into one..Q5: What do you mean by “combine”?We must not look at the past through only our emotions so as not to fall apart by pain, but we must view it through the experiences we have acquired through it. Do not be afraid of what the future might have in store for you but look at it through confident eyes filled with ambition and hope in order for it to come at you with full force, filled with potential.Denying what has happened to you in the past makes the future afraid that you’d deny what would come at you when the future becomes past.Therefore, we must balance the future moment and the past moment just like the hands of a scale, where they’re equal in importance, only then a moment is created which all yours: the “NOW” moment.Q6: How do we control the “NOW” moment?Many of our feelings and decisions and judgments regarding people or different situations are based on a “past” moment with no connection to these people, so how can you ask the future to give you a new chance at what you want to do when you’re making judgments in the “now” moment based on what has occurred in the past without giving them any chance?By doing this you inhibit yourself from future opportunities that could have held new things which may have changed your life for the better.Q7: Is it possible to change the past?Yes, but what is meant by “changing the past” is the fact that we do not want to change bright moments from the past because we have enjoyed them and they have done us some good, but we always desire to change the moments of pain that we’ve suffered from in the past.In order to do so we must do the following: When those events pass through our minds, we must not remember them in detail and precipitate all the feelings associated with them.We must remember the headlines of the event only, and let everything else pass like a cloud; loving what it contains, because the pain associated with it was one of our largest reservoir of experience. From that logic comes automatically the next step, which is offering new karma to the future by our desire to go face that situation again through new events but with the same people so that we could accomplish what we want from that event. By doing this we channel this desire to the future, where it is accepted by it in respect to our love for that past moment. By doing this we are able to change a past moment by a new one from a bright future…

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  • Thank you very much for posting this. :)
    • your welcome my friend,and I wish you love and peace wherever you go
      • Light speed - Thank you for your wonderful understanding of the subject.
        It is correct assumption that it is difficult to exist in the past and in the future realistically, for me must travel there physically. But this is a subject beyond physical travel.
        A human’s power is not restricted to his physical powers. What about the soul’s powers? This is usually a difficult subject to grasp, especially for materialistic people.

        I will give you an example:

        Picture yourself sitting on top of a high tree and your brother standing on the ground near its stem. If a man were to come from afar you’d be able to see him before your brother because you’re higher than he is. Your brother would not know about this man until he comes closer to tree. Even if this man were to turn back and move far away you’d still be within your eyesight for a long period of time because you’re on top of that tree. Whereas, he’d disappear from your brother’s eyesight after a very short time since he’s at ground level.
        The rule states that the higher your soul and your level of awareness are, the clearer you see into the past and the future. This vision of the past and the future advances from mere vision to a science; which in turn advances into the ability to exist there spiritually, not physically. This is a possibility if you learn the secrets of these sciences, you could only imagine how you’d be if you do.
        There is always a zero point. For that which is hanging at the edge of a pendulum which swings right, must ultimately swing left. If that object were to be placed at the highest point where the pendulum is fixed, it’ll not swing; neither to left nor to the right no matter how much the pendulum swings.
        In other words it had become outside the realm of time, viewing the past and the future at the same instant.
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