The symbolism of the star

We are star seeds.

We shouldn't be afraid of any Star.

When we see an inverted Star we should apply consciousnes in behavior and concept.

It's all about perception.

Inverted Star is commonly associated with Satanism and black witchcraft and those "negative things".

BUT since we are STAR seeds and our light is too much, we have the consciousness and light to handle that. and we can perceive the Inverted Star, which means:

The elements over the spirit = MATERIALISM

and we can transmute the concept to:

Our Galactic elements (Star elements) diversified as Earth, fire, wind and water being anchored in the ground, or in earth. WE AS STARSEEDS CAN DO THIS.

Also, because we are enlightened and in balance, we can see the inverted star as two diagonal stars pointing oposite sides to balance our environment.

Now, the colective consciousness is still with the old concepts of satanisms associations, buT we can transmute and spread our galactic consciousness among those who are still sleep and "trapped" in these old "negative" associations of concepts. Brave Starseeds.


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  • its  a STAR :p

  • You are correct about this....Nobody should fear star symbolism....whether the pentacle, pentagram, hexagram, or any other varient....

    The magical Great Seal is incorporated within this PAO insignia...These are universally known geometric symbols..

    Note that the Sirians never display this symbol in 2D, as the PAO does......

    Instead, they always holographically project this animated and vibrant symbol in 3D, above places of conference, debate and diplomatic discourse, etc..An animated version revolves upon it's axis...flashing gold, silver and purple lights...


  • Look at my profile picture it's an Wicca/Celtic Pentagram:-D

  • yay!!!


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