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  1. Our Sun- the Sun at the center of our Solar System.      
  2. The Sun Behind The Sun.
  3. The Central Sun.
  4. The Sun at the center of Mother Earth
  5. The Sun within us.
  6. The Sun at the center of every atom or molecule.
  7. Alcyone the Central Sun of the Pleiades.

According to the Inka, Maya, Aztec and North American Native Americans we are all Children of the Sun. Our Father the Sun gives the energy that is necessary to maintain life on this planet. Sun light along with water, air, earth and spirit are all needed to sustain life on Planet Earth. All of these elements must be balanced in an alchemical process called Indigenous Alchemy.

The sacred geometry of all the suns is similar. They have a central core of energy surrounded by satellites spinning around them in constant motion. All are connected with vibrating webs or strings of energy and communication.



It sits at the Center of the entire Universe with billions of galaxies spinning around it. This is the home of the Great Mystery, Creator who has two aspects the energy (masculine) and the creator (feminine) who creates and gives birth to everything that is including the entire universe, the galaxies solar systems and molecules and subatomic particles. This dual aspect of Creator is called Ometeotl by the Aztecs, Toltecs, Nahuas and many other speakers of Aztecan Languages. Ome (Two) and Teo (Divine, Divine Energy source.)

Grandmother Star Spider sits at the Center of the Universe. The Portal to the Central Sun lies beyond the Great Nebula of Orion M42. Grandmother Star Spider is the Avatar of First Mother, the creative part of the Divine. She spins webs that connect everything that is with pulsating webs of energy that sustain and maintain everything that is. New webs are continually being created and old ones destroyed. The webs also transmit information between everything that is. This is Indigenous String Theory. This cosmology shows that we are all connected and are a part of creator. This reflects the Yucatec Maya greeting, In Lak’ ech / Ala Ki’n. You are another me and I am another you.





This is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy/ the Galactic Center. This is the energy source and control center for the billions of stars (suns) and planets in our galaxy. Our Galactic Center is in constant communication with the Central Sun and our Sun. This is where the Realm of Souls is located. This is the area that will be aligned with our Sun on December 21, 2012 winter solstice. This alignment is, important in Maya. Aztec, Toltec. Hopi and Inca cosmology since it represents the start of a new sun or age.








The fiery molten iron core of Earth is also considered a Sun. It is in constant communication with our Sun, the Galactic Center, the Center of the Universe and the Sun within each of us. Our Sacred Geometry is similar to that of all the other Suns. This is why we are children of the Sun and why we are all one. All living things on Earth are small Suns.






The Sun within us is located behind the navel or umbilicus. This is where we were connected to our mothers. The Inka call this area the Cosco ( Center) in their Quechua language. They use this area as the primary area for energy healing. Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings of human sacred geometry confirm this. Mystics from many other traditions confirm that this is our energy center. This energy center is not the 3rd chakra.







The seven principle stars of the Pleiades ( the Seven Sisters) and the smaller stars all rotate around the central star Alcyone. Many Native Americans in North, Central and South America believe that they came from the stars specifically the Pleiades. Our solar system rotates around the Pleiades every 52 years (the short cycle). The Maya have a specific calendar based on this cycle. The Cherokee and many other native groups consider the Pleiades to be very important in their calendar systems. The Pleiades take 26,000 years to rotate around the Galactic Center (the long cycle). The Maya consider our Sun to be one of the suns of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are located nearly perpendicular to the axis Earth/Sun/ Galactic Center making it the portal to intergalactic space.





Every molecule and atom has a small sun at its center with electrons and other subatomic particles spinning around them in constant motion. The Sacred Geometry of everything is a fractal like reflection of everything larger and smaller in the entire Universe.

 An Inka Mystic, Puma Quispe Singona explained it to me this way: Everything we do, say or think affects in a small way everything in the universe since everything is energy and everything is connected. Our belief that we are somehow separate from everything else is an illusion. Not only that, he stated, original sin came from the belief by our ancestors that we are separate and superior to other parts of creation. WE ARE ALL ONE WITH EVERYTHING !!!








Native Americans from North, Central and South America all teach that it is an important spiritual practice to pray to the Sun. This is most often done at daybreak. One stands outside with their feet on the ground if possible. One faces the Sun looking directly at the Sun or to the sides of the Sun alternating sides. One then recognizes the Sun by sending love to the Sun and asking for guidance. Native Americans believe that the Sun is energy but also believe that it is like a giant computer holding information and memories of all that is. By meditating on the Sun one may access this information. The Inka hold their hands in the form of a triangle, thumbs touching at the bottom and the index fingers pointing upwards at the top over the forehead (Third Eye). North and Central Americans generally hold their arms stretched outwards and upwards toward the Sun. During this meditation the Sun may vibrate, move in circles or dance. Colored lights and/or rainbows often surround the Sun. Angels, Animal Spirit Guides and Heavenly Beings may appear and communicate with you. One may see or sense energy and information coming from the Sun. This will not harm the eyes if done correctly and prayerfully for short periods of time. The Sun will protect one in the same way that fire walkers can walk on hot coals (energy stored in wood) from the Sun.


I would like to thank my teachers for sharing these teachings with me:

Puma Quispe Singona, Quechua from Peru

Jose Luis Delgado, Aymara from Peru

El Abuelo Humbatz Men, Yucatek Maya from Mexico

El Abuelo Mazatzin Aztekayollokalli, Azteka Cosmologist

Chief Golden Light Eagle, Dakota Tribe, South Dakota

Grandmother Silver Star, Cherokee Day Keeper

Plus many others.



Dr. Arthur Cushman

Arturo Luminoso- Ketzal Tlaneztia

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I heard a teaching similar to this years ago thank you for the reminder this was very good....




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