Bill Ryan of Project Avalon has just released this FASCINATING interview:


THE RULERS OF THE WORLD: a new Project Avalon video interview

Dear Friends,

It's my pleasure to announce a new video interview, published today - on 1.1.11, most auspiciously - which covers a very great deal ofextremely important new ground.


'Charles' has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy ofnon-interference.



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  • CLS,

    I won't be surprised at all that most beings 'think' that everything is 'normal' (like...please define normal)....and on the contrary to what others believe...when we decided to journey on Planet Earth during any lifetimes...the 'battle ground' is approximately 70% dark forces to 30% light.


    Why do you think that all the ascended masters and other light beings always say that we are 'courageous', brave and resilient?...moreover with a veil...forgetting where we came from and what is our original essence.


    I'm so very tired these few eyes hurt...I feel sleepy half the time....when is 'help' arriving???? 

  • As men thinkes - so it is.......Who is creating our thinking now ? - The 33 Freaks or our God consciousness that speaks to us- ??????- In my case I stay in gods contact and wish the 33 guys a good pampers when the frequency climbs up- than dark turn to there anybody who really believes that these guys can stop mother earth ascension ????? -
    I am really amused.......
    • Of course they can't stop Gaia's ascension - nor ours, Lothar. Now - 'Is the point of no return' (to 3D) and very soon those souls/beings are going to have to answer to God and to all of mankind...what they've done...they will get their own 'movie reviews' of their own doings - their own journey ...of what they did during this lfietime. If it's time for those people to move to another dimension/planet to continue their will be of their own doing.


      Gaia is no longer on 3D...those who are stubborn to stay on 3D...they will be sent to another dimension/planet to continue thier their own 'comfortable pace'.


      It's a matter of 'awareness' of what these people have been doing to mankind...and most of those affected are still seems such a have come this stay 'stubborn'  in not seeing the truth.

  • Mikal,

    I understand the 'free will evolution' thingy but where is the 'justice' - it isn't 'free will evolution' when big corpns like Monsanto - putting small farmers out of business and creating more 'mutants' with their 'forced GMOs' contracts (corrupt banking system) putting farmers out of business if they stop using GMOs.....and more lusts for greed.


    and FDA implementing rules and regulations on natural sweetener like stevia and putting aspartame chemicals and what nots (approving chemicals to be used ad food additives) - approving the processing of more 'mutations'


    Big pharmas are putting out 'patenting vitamins and minerals' which they claimed that they've 'found' and those are all natural vitamins and minerals found in plants etc. All these are being 'forced' upon is the 'meaning/essence' of free will.


    When are these 'sucking vampires' - sucking humans dry of natural resources' going to be put on a 'stand and be found guility?'. Did the Urantia Book mention that God allow us, we humans to put up a fight AND to destroy all Monsantos factories and labs to prevent that we can keep our free be free..AND to preserve our own kind? We have the right - to be free! Free from being 'guinea pigs'.


    Are mutations (started by drug companies and chemically induced food additives approved by FDA) supposedly to be in the 'category' of BLOSSOMING? This is totally INSANE!


    WE manifest tranquility, love and pristine state of being - not mutations.


    I'm not 'angry' with anybody here...or 'attacking' anyone here...just appalled by the different govt bodies who are 'sleep walkers' feeding themselves and their children, families, loved ones - mankind with chemicals.


    I'm appalled that some of the peoples are still 'sleep walking' and 'think' that everything is 'hunkydory' on Planet Earth...and are just 'mere sheeps' following the rest of the clones....


    Perhaps...most of them are clones...those working in FDA...those working in monsanto's lab etc.

  • Hi adara and everyone :o)

    ok.. I watched about 25 minuits of this Project Avalon video and I had to stop because I had mundane 3d grocery shopping to do... I will continue where I left off later tonight and make a further comment when I have absorbed the entire thing.. so far it looks bizzar.. but I am willing to give it a listen..

    meantime, I found this video on our beautiful sister Kahlila's page...  (hope she dosent mind me sharing it with you here) ..

    hope you enjoy it :o)
  • ..i totally agree with what was posted above by Peekay, and Einstein....
    ...i was planning to listen to the interview.. but as it was loading, i closed it, cause i thought that its not important,,, and after i read the comments here.. i read exactly what i was thinking...
    ... i dont have time to spend listening whats the elites plans.... they are already known anyway... what else is new???
    ... if the elite want some more attention, they need to think something BIGGER than "ruling the world"....
  • Whose evolutionary free will are you talking about? Each individuals free will or the free will of these so-called controllers? The way I see it is these "controllers" have been using their free will to try to control everything in our lives, from the education we receive right up to the food & water we drink which mother earth provides for her inhabitants. They are pompous, heartless tyrants who try to impose their free will on us!

    NOT nice, Not fair & definitely NOT exciting!!

  • To create further awareness on GMOs - here's the link to 'The Australian' - The canola GMO threat


    Fighting with Monsanto



  • Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot reviews Bill Ryan's interview:



    a review by Kerry Lynn Cassidy from Project Camelot of The Rulers of the World interview by Bill Ryan


    May the best 'man' win? Is that where this is at? With the recent interview released by Bill Ryan the questions that arise are many.


    According to a Source, 'Charles" is not telling the truth when he says the nuclear option is off the table. They substantiate this by referencing recent nuclear tests by France and clandestine nuclear tests that are likely going on underground in India and elsewhere. It is of course highly desirable that be the case. The shutdown of the minutemen missiles documented by Robert Salas and other recent disclosure witnesses at the National Press Club would seem to support this idea. The trouble is, the data is conflicting.

    So what else about what is talked about in the interview with Charles, is questionable, in either the lack of clear information or the obfuscation of the material? The clearest statement seems to be in relation to the threat from GMO foods. The garnering of control over the seeds. But this is old news and well known in the alternative community. Monsanto and other companies have been working hard to push that agenda. The names of these companies are out there. Why the huge resistance and warning against stating the obvious? Of course who controls the seeds and the lack of heritage seeds in circulation obviously narrows the controls over those who produce the crops... And the dumbing down and weakening of immune systems and possibly a multitude of other detrimental effects all point to a very damning conclusion so much so that various European countries have simply banned the use of GMO seeds. Again this is known.

    So what is going on here? This man appears to have had an interaction with some kind of AI or possibly mind control to where his original 'program' was modified so that he becomes more an agent provocateur than an outright assassin. Maybe this is just a natural trajectory. It stands to reason that bumping people off and making their lives miserable if they don't toe the line can be a very disheartening way to exist. It might even give one cancer or some incurable disease. Working for the dark side is not good for ones health it would appear.

    But from what I know, this person, though it is not revealed on the screen, has gone through a kind of Jason Bourne type of experience... Where his insubordination was punished...yet he survived. From the interview we know that somehow he has managed to convince his handlers that turning him--using him to start a dialog with the 'alternative community' as we are called, is apparently considered a worthwhile exercise or experiment.

    And so, he steps forward and does the interview with my partner in Camelot, Bill Ryan. To quote from my recent article called "Wikileaks: The Magus in Deep Black" ..."But those behind the scenes in this surveillance society, the ones who call themselves Magus, who manipulate the effects of the truly courageous actions of the bright stars, diamonds in the rough, under their Control, cannot be ignored. It is necessary that we go deeper into the black, what some would call, above black, to discover the real war being fought."

    Indeed this is the real question. Unfortunately this recent interview does little to reveal anything more about the Controllers. The info about UFO's being shot down is also old news. No one, at least no one I know, believed they crossed solar systems to crash from mechanical failures! We know they have been shot down. Particle beam weapons, scaler technology, some early radar based, laser technology from Wilhelm Reich... this is all out there. Indeed the truth is out there. Even this witness agrees.

    So what about the "laughter surrounding the 2012" issue? How can this remain a joke when in the next breath he talks about the uncontrollable Sun and the sensibleness of establishing an out of the way 'farm' to prepare for what the future may bring. Starvation is clearly part of the agenda... So storing food in underground bases, out of the way of the dreaded solar CMEs doesn't sound funny any longer. And of course this is what governments are also doing. Why is he contradicting himself one wonders. Unless of course one realizes that is the modus operandi for agents. There is obviously a recognition of the need to throw some truth into the mix, such as the binary system (yes we know this) and modular space craft (yes) in with misdirection and flattery.

    So what is the flattery involved and what does it mean? Unfortunately, like any good love affair the implication is that Bill 'turned his head' and made him rethink his priorities. Of course as charming as Bill is, this is still too much to believe. And this is one of the glaring problems within the body of the piece. Acknowledged that it is lonely at the top or close to it, especially when one is a lone gunman.. Finding a fine rapport with an individual of good intellect is albeit encouraging and even gratifying. But does it change the agenda?

    Bill states "'Charles has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference." This is patently untrue. Evidence to the contrary is everywhere. It does not square with Bob Dean's assertion that the Anunnaki are walking the halls of the Pentagon. Presumably doing more than just 'strolling'. Or Wendell Stevens, the laudable researcher who recently passed on, and who, just before he died, said to his good friend, Bob Dean, that there is no doubt that the Anunnaki are ruling this Earth.

    And so, we have what Charles is calling the "Fair contest". Sorry there is no fairness involved here. On the contrary. This game is rigged. Very much so. Since the beginning. Rule by secrecy is what they call it.

    When Bill told me about his interaction with Charles I asked him to read a rather old and forgotten book but one that made a great impression on me when I was around 12. Yes, I was young and rather adventurous when it came to reading material. The book is called THE MAGUS by John Fowles. I encourage everyone who hasn't to read it before finding out what happens at the end. Because it is in the journey that one experiences the real effect. But suffice to say, that this mode of operation is how 'they' think. It may be found to be highly instructive when applied to the current drama between Bill and his friendly adversary turned protector.

    So what then is the game? And who again, are the Controllers. One source has told me that discussing who they are is off-limits... So are they 33? Are they, as they are reported to consider themselves "pure human"? Or, much more likely, are they really pure reptilian-human hybrids from one branch of the Anunnaki?

    Are they of angelic human lineage as described by Ashyana Deane? Unlikely, given they are the self-proclaimed rulers of this planet. Because what is clearer than most anything else is that angelic humans, those who came from off planet are certainly not the Controllers. The takeover by the present group happened back around the time of the altering of the DNA of humanity back in the 'deep abzu' according to the Sumerian tablets. The initial dumbing down. So this group of very wealthy rulers are not pure human at least in this sense, by any means. So that must be a 'cover'.

    And where do they operate from? Certainly the City of London is one of their bases of operations. Another, I am told is the state of Israel. Recently, I was told that a major alternative media personality is working as an agent to redirect attention away from the Mossad and the state of Israel because this is an Anunnaki base of operations within the Middle East. Makes sense if you think about it. If they started as Sitchin says they did in Babylon then they aren't far from 'home' at least as far as an earthly sense of that word.

    And, they said, this has nothing to do with the Jewish culture. The state of Israel was established as a place for the bankers to operate from, to launder money and one would extrapolate, to establish a stronghold in the Middle East in the center of the oil cartel... This is an interesting line of investigation. Of course, anyone who veers in this direction is instantly accused of being anti-semitic. What a great cover for a deep black operation. This, I am told has nothing to do with the Hasidic or traditional Jews.

    Although, it does have to do with the Rothschilds. And the bankers. And ultimately, it is about bloodlines.. what kind of superman inhabits this planet and then, goes out and terraforms others.

    If Bill has his wish and manages to get another interview with Charles, it is likely they will begin to sketch out the bloodline issue. But whether this explanation will bring us any closer to the truth is another matter.

    Of course Mars has to be one of the more likely real home bases in this solar system at present. All the indicators point to this. The recent information we received regarding the Venture Star and the routine flights off planet from the underground base in Utah, near Dugway.. as the JPL website states... "the Utah Test & Training Range provides the largest overland contiguous block of restricted airspace in the continental United States authorized for supersonic flight, available for aircrew training and weapons testing." That's pretty clear. Room for 35 scientists on each flight, we were told. Very well.

    It is a misdirection to say this group of 33 that Charles is referring to is not the "illuminati". The fact is, the philosophy of the illuminati, goes deeply into this group... It must. Because it's the occult philosophy that they clearly use to operate out of. For more on this, read the RA Material.

    So what is behind the visit from the lone assassin who has supposedly turned the tables on his handlers and in return found he has tops 4 years to live as a result? Isn't it much more likely that any change of heart on his part (and I wouldn't rule this out, after all, Camelot was established for just such people, defectors, I call them... whistleblowers from the matrix who are coming over to our side. To the light.) But in vetting such a one, we must be careful. Because, as is clear here, this person, not unlike several we have dealt with, is working, even openly as a double-agent. He is reporting back to the 'other' side, while stating that Bill is safe, (and I assume myself) as long as he is alive. Although from the sound of things that would mean our days are 'numbered' as they say if this is true. But, as he says, let the best 'man' win, survival of the fittest... and so on. Let the games begin in other words. On this new round. At the start of 2011.

    Note: none of the above is meant to detract from the strong interview conducted by Bill Ryan or the possibility that this man Charles is exactly who he claims to be. Although that is still an open question.

    To continue, when Bill uses the opportunity to interview Charles as a platform to make a plea to the so-called 33 for the viability of a different approach to solving the problems on the planet and against their favorite eugenics program.. this is laudable, however quaint in its approach. The trouble is, one must know that they are well familiar with the arguments against. And as Charles says have considered all the options. Sure it doesn't hurt to use this unique opportunity to state the case again... however, I have to say, this ignores the fact that you are talking to the tiger itself, about its own tools in the toolbox, such as free energy and space travel capability probably 1000 years in advance of anything we know of in the public sector and asking if they will consider playing fair. After 1000s of years of doing the opposite, playing on their advantage (off-world advantage) using power in service to self for aeons one rather doubts that another momentary plea will stop them in their tracks or even alter the playing field in any way.

    This is actually already an open dialog between the alternative community and 'this lot'. And the answer coming back has sadly been anything but inspiring. But, this does not detract from the fact that this interview, and this kind of dialog is a step in the right direction. One might as well have out with it. The trouble is, that the Controllers are still in hiding. And those who appear to be in charge are being managed. That much is certain. The evidence is everywhere.

    So where does this leave us? On the trail of the Anunnaki... for one. No doubt about it. The trouble is, that in this layered game, there are many off-planet races involved. And each group seems to think they are the ones in charge.

    Another interesting bit of information from another source tells me that the newest arrivals from 'outer space' are working with the Chinese. And that China is, as a result, building up their war machine at an unprecedented rate. The 'new guys' on the block are not friendly to the rest of us. And they are supplying China with the means to even the playing field. So much for the 'China is our savior' PR campaign that has had some success among the 'alternative community'.

    On another note, from what I understand from still another source, Julian Assange may indeed be working for a certain side. And the question still remains when considering who one works for in this game, that what the agenda of the given player is, must be taken into consideration along with that of the group they play for. Because if one finds oneself in sympathy with the agenda of one side, say over another, and, in furthering the agenda of the group one works for one furthers one's own equally important agenda then where's the harm? I imagine this is what we have to consider when looking at the case of Julian Assange or anyone who has behind the scenes elected to work for any group.

    What is troubling is when one considers that ones allegiances are often practical as well as limited by the amount of depth and understanding one brings to the big picture... ie. the playing field... in all its dimensions and aspects. This is unavoidable. Where are the blinders? What are the limits of knowledge or prejudice any one individual brings to the table when considering where to cast ones vote or take ones stand? And then, a certain degree of tolerance even kindness has to be brought to bear in understanding why one individual cast their lot in with one group vs. another. The path of light is often shrouded in illusion.

    Therefore, the issue with respect to Charles and even Julian has to be: which group and what agenda?? This is where the labyrinth becomes daunting and intimidating in every respect. Because again as perhaps too often quoted and yet too often found to be true, as Hoagland says 'the lie is different at every level'. And what level are we talking about at any given time has to be taken into consideration. Especially when asking or answering a question.

    It is instructive to know that information given to humans at this stage is done so with this in mind. And when considering the Galactic playing field the game changes at least from our perspective. This is where false flags such as Project Blue Beam a faked alien invasion aimed at uniting us as Reagan so wistfully put it 'against a common enemy' comes to the fore. And the trouble is, that while they spin this fake alien invasion scenario to certain ends, the real invasion, interference and yes, war, has been going on all along. It's just that many never take the time to look behind the curtain long enough to see it. Layers upon layers.

    We are at the brink of a Brave New World indeed. As Corso said 'if you can take it'... and I would add, whether you can take it or not. Moving into this New Year, it is useful to survey the playing field and see where we stand.


    Ultimately, the question on this planet comes down to sovereignty and then the inheritors. Because all the bloodline secrecy and genetic manipulation has to ultimately result in a race of humanity 2.0 .... possibly even more than one resulting race. Those in control who wish to maintain their control are doing so using money (as energy) but their desired objective is clearly superman or as I have stated, robotic superman because it appears highly likely given their established penchant for technology ... that they will go the way of AI/robotics/biological androids rather than to simply let the human evolve into the highest order of beingness they are capable of.

    The potential in our DNA indicates that we have built in capability to be so much more than what we are at present. But allowing that angelic human to manifest is slow in contrast to the manipulated hybrid option. Control of the line is unlikely to yield the best out of this mix... because in the end, it is not perfection we are after but impeccability. This is a profound distinction and one which seems to have been lost at least to those who wish to manipulate our genome.



    • Thank you LAF, for posting this message.

      While it's true that there are many layers upon layers in different multi dimensional levels, I believe that the main/core effect is here..on our dimension. I believe that we are the 'main pillar' on manifesting everything that we need to hold mankind's free will - upright and true to our prime creator - God's will.


      I believe that whatever happened to the manipulation of our current DNA was allowed to happen and there aren't any right or wrong to this whole situation. God will not put us in a situation which we can't handle and know that WE can manifest and will conquer above all these egoistic deeds. His 'Pillars of the Golden Light' is our main tool. No egoistic energy can pass thru these Pillars.


      Working with these 'tools' from our prme creator will  help find and 'root out' the source of 'primary concern'. It is useful that all 'lightworkers' learn to use these powerful tools to 'anchor' all primary locations like the star gates and portals which the dark cabals are that only those working for the good of Gaia and mankind can use them. I'm still reseaching on that...

This reply was deleted.

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