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Greetings Lightworkers,


As I've just officially become a member of this illustrious website I thought I should introduce myself to you...although, this is a return of sorts, as my name and work have already appeared here, thanks to fellow Lightworkers who are already members of this site....

So, you may have heard of me....I'm Drekx Omega of the GFL Ground Crew and some of you know me very well, others less so and some do not know me yet.

So this is both a personal intro, a return announcement, as well as a discussion, covering spiritual cosmic data.

I'm honoured to be here in these historic times of planetary transition and hope to serve alongside you, raising consciousness across the globe, preparing the way for mass ascension and a new golden age. I come in peace and with a loving heart, to work with you here on Ashtar I hope we can be good friends and co-operative colleagues in service to our common Lighted cause...

I would also like to take an opportunity, in this initial blog, to clarify much about the appearance and qualities of the Sirians, who possess physical bodies as and when required..Just as Earth's Ascended Masters do, when visiting 3rd density lower planes. I would also like to aid in the understanding of the origins of Earth races, with a timely reminder that in spite of massive diversity throughout this galaxy, all forms of expression issue from the ONE PRIME CREATOR....

I'm a Sirian starseed of the Atar (spirit warrior) Clan. I'm also a Theosophist and an ashramic White Lodge disciple of Master Rákóczi, known affectionately as "the Count." also known by his illustrious title of "Mahachohan," or the Lord of Civilization, who tirelessly serves as head of the 3rd department of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy. As I'm both a disciple of Master R and a telepathic contactee Sirian starseed, I look upon my roles as linked with both planet Samanet, as well as planet Earth...I'm not permitted to suggest to you my initiate point in evolution, or light quotient, suffice to say that I have not ascended yet and occupy a human body. One of my incarnational purposes is to end my own turning on the wheel of planetary karma, in this lifetime and to ascend to the 5th degree, into 5th density and thence return to my original planet... And so regain my unlimited cosmic status, as before I became karmically trapped here, through past misdeeds on Earth in ancient times...some 13,000 years ago. I will then become a dual national of both star nations....Solaris and Sirius, free to travel anywhere within this galaxy and beyond, as I did before my fall from grace and subsequent grounding, here on Earth.

I'm already known on multiple websites. If you Google search for me under my "second baptism" name (and pen name) of "Drekx Omega," you will currently hit some 18,600 results, some of which pertain to this particular website, thanks to my dear friend, Kelly S, known to you as "1HappyKelly," and now as "Kelly Lightchalice," who has to date, created several Ashtar blogs/discussions, containing my material as follows:

"What happened to the birds; an explanation from the GFL" (Posted by 1HappyKelly on January 8, 2011 at 7:29pm in Alternative Media & News)


"Where do you get your information? Let's share LINKS!" (Posted by 1HappyKelly on March 16, 2011 at 10:45pm in Alternative Media & News) (in which I appeared among her sources listed)


"Please meet Commander Drekx Omega, a ground crew member of the GFL" (Posted by 1HappyKelly on March 31, 2011 at 6:06pm in Alternative Media & News)


"Of Spirals, Goddesses and the New Tomorrow" (Posted by 1HappyKelly on April 4, 2011 at 7:02pm)

(In which Kelly includes references to my material in her well documented summary.)


"The State of Affairs- Update from Commander Drekx Omega" (Posted by 1HappyKelly on May 27, 2011 at 6:39pm in Alternative Media & News)


"Important Message for Lightworkers from the GFL and Commander Drekx Omega" (Posted by 1HappyKelly on June 13, 2011 at 4:01pm)


"Drekx Omega-June 14th" (Posted by andrew wood on June 15, 2010 at 8:19am in Spirituality in General) (Andrew posted my article on the environmental disaster resulting from the Mexican gulf oil spill.)


As some of you may be aware, Kelly S is also a Sirian Atar and a prized and beloved member of my own ashram, being 3rd ray....You might also have gathered that we are very, very close and have multiple energy links, across several dimensions.....Thus, a prime reason for my joining this website was to continue to keep in www contact with Kelly...whom I have the deepest love and respect for. This has been brought to a head, as I cannot now post on the IITM website, where we once blogged together, as I was recently blocked (29th June) from doing so by it's owner, for mysterious reasons, best known to himself. However I bear no resentment towards that person, for his surprising deed of limitation. I will always seek to turn the other cheek in such matters as these.. and have rendered him a positive legacy of some 25 of my articles, if anyone would like to visit IITM and read them, I include this link.


I mentioned to you all earlier that I was originally from the planet Samanet, also known by it's poetic name of "Muktarin" and astronomical designation of Sirius B-4. Of course I refer to the originator location; "Akanowai" (place of the Great Blue Lodge,) of my Soul energy ("JaTa Khan-a") on atmic, buddhic & manasic levels of densities...But also in lower aetheric genetic terms... In both ways I'm related to the Sirians, who are either white or blue-skinned humanoids. Contrary to popular New Age misconceptions, often mischief-made by dark cabalist disinfo agents; Sirian ETs are not green-scaled reptoids, nor fierce draconians, nor emotionless greys, nor consumers of human flesh...nor do they work for the dark cabal, shadow government, or black lodge...They are STRICTLY the contrary, indeed, may I constructively suggest to you that they are our family from space....

The Sirian Star Nation ("akanowai dajoie") comprises highly advanced, very compassionate and spiritually evolved races. Also they are leading members of the Galactic Federation of Light. Their mission here is to midwife the planetary ascension process, in service to the Creator's Divine Plan, and at the behest of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, in Agartha; the White Lodge of Ascended Masters.

There are two basic racial types that make up the appearance of Sirians, from the planets that orbit the sun, Sirius B and they are either of a "Nordic" appearance, or of a Vegan racial type, that is darker featured, with pale blue skin... yet both types are completely humanoid in appearance, albeit proportionately taller than Earth humans, on average and with lifespans increased many times, in comparison. Note that due to harmful solar excess, races on Earth that possess a brown skin, would normally be blue-skinned, as on most Sirian planets. Whether under protective firmament while upon the outer surface, or within the interior, as the majority of fully conscious residents prefer. Because Earth human genetics is considered, by the GFL, to be an aberration to the cosmic norm, the age of puberty, for Sirians, is reached in their 70s, at a time when Earth humans are considered mature, yet rapidly reaching physical shut-down, due to genetic tampering completed during Atlantean era experiments into limited consciousness. The genetic fix to this problem is being made, which will resore human DNA to it's correct interdimensional vectoring function within the 12-strand format. If the average surface-dwelling Earth Human lifespan is, say, 75-years....... As a comparison, the average Sirian lifespan is nigh on 2000 years, which can be extended even further, using special technologies. Earth humans will, however, share in these benefits of health and true longivity, after ascension. A Sirian might possess a youthful appearance and vitality, yet actually be older than anyone living on outer Earth human in modern times has attained an age of 500 years, for example. Such a 500-year old Sirian would appear to you as no more than 25-years of age, with no signs of bodily degeneration, sensory limitation, organ failure, nor skeletal wear and tear...Indeed perfect health and vitality.

Sirian eyes do NOT have slit-pupils....They range in colours (blues, greens, greys and browns) just as those of earth humans of European descent.

Predominantly humanoid forms on Earth are largely the result of ET genetics from Lyra, Vega, Sirius, Centaurus, the Plejares star cluster and Andomeda (constellation not galaxy.) All people of the Sino-Japanese yellow-skinned race, now living on Earth, originate from ET genetics provided by the Lyrans from planet Kudra, within the Njsan system..who arrived on this planet in a mass wave to escape the galactic wars, around 26,000 years ago. A full precessional cycle ago, indeed and a previous Aquarian age.

As a Sirian spirit I didn't originally arrive on Earth with the Lyrans, as with the majority of Earth people....I came here as a sort of "private contractor" from Samanet, in service to the Kings of Atlantis and their technology projects.. My advisory skills related to genetics, beam weapons and space propulsion systems. So, by definition I'm starseed, rather than ancient Earth soul....although even the ancient souls who arrived here during a much earlier epoch, 900,000 years ago, with the first wave of Lyrans, eventually became the same limited conscious descendents of ET colonists, as are all surface-dwelling Earth humans, now. So, this means that all Earth humans are actually of cosmic origins...with ET ancestors arriving during differing periods. Some as individuals, or with small or larger groups. Others in mass migrations, as with those from the Njsan star system.

There are also numerous animal and plant forms on earth that were introduced from off-world sources, especialy following major natural disasters, such as the two world-wide floods...the first flood during the age of *Leo, the other, 4,000 years later, known as the Great Flood..

*Circa 11,000 to 9,160 BCE

Later still, during the post-flood age of Taurus.."official" history began with Sumer, 4000 BCE, and Egypt 3000 BCE..and the commencement of the dark reign of the Anunnaki (Pleiadian renegades) over surface peoples..Many myths were created to fool limited conscious humanity into believing that their "godly saviours" rescued them from floodwaters and helped create civilisation for them...Indeed, there are numerous flood myths around the globe, telling such stories and they all relate to Annunaki propaganda, as it was then. Note that the Anunnaki are our esteemed allies now, having renounced their dark ways back in 1994. Their former Illuminoid minions of the Anglo-American cabal, have yet to reciprocate this act of renunciation.

Under current GFL laws, the only living forms from off-world that can be imported to Earth are crystals (the 1st kingdom of minerals.) No animals or plants are permitted official entry to earth's biosphere, as Earth is currently designated a "closed planet." After First Contact, this ban will lift and many other creatures will be permitted to settle here, as we will settle elsewhere, if we choose to. So the quarantine will be lifted, as in ancient times, during the Lemurian and Atlantean settlements.

Genetically, the antedilluvian Atlantean Root Race possessed seven sub-races that defined it's holistic spiritual evolution (including the fall.) That spiritual growth focussed primarily upon the evolving human astral body and these stages of development are known by esotericists as:

1) Rumoahl
2) Tlavatli
3) Toltec
4) Turanian
5) Original Semite
6) Akkadian
7) Mongolian


The "Rumoahl" were dark-blue skinned, much like the preceeding Lemurian Root Race. The "Toltec" racial Atlantean types were red-skinned, much as modern day natives of America and the "Turanians" were yellow-skinned and introduced from planet Kudra, as described. The Mongolians evolved in Asia, outside of the continent from which their ancestors resided.

Like Rome, Atlantis had a capitol and it was called Posidea, a city-state surrounded by 10 sectors, or kingdoms. There were ten Kings that ruled over the Atlantean Empire, originally...One of them was an overlord known as King Atlas, who gave his name to both the later sunken continent itself, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and gave his name to the Greek legendary Titan, who carried the weight of the entire globe on his figurative shoulders, thus the modern name for world maps, "atlas." But that was many millennia ago and so I shall speak of the state of play as it stands NOW...

I am here now on this higher turn of the spiral in service to the Light and in support of the great changes to modern humanity, as we evolve into H*** Galacticus, or "Novamen." And something to strive for with joy, as with any return to return to what we were before, but with added wisdom. Full consciousness will blow our minds away with the sheer joy of it….TO KNOW ALL THAT IS..and to be whatever we wish to be. We choose everything, without lack, without a controlling state, without limit……
No more disease…a vastly expanded lifespan, increased by a factor of ten and more..full knowledge of our role and mode of service….full contact with cosmos and our countless friends in this galaxy, as well as others and even parallel universes, such as the DAL….
We will be able to travel this planet in an instant and communicate with anyone, anywhere instantly, as if they were standing next to us. We will not require to grow crops or work in underpaid and labourious jobs. We will lack for nothing. We will not need a passport to travel on this planet, as the nation state will be gone. We will live inside the Earth, in a paradise named Agartha (translates as "inner Earth," or "ag artha")…whose sun never sets….and remains in the sky above…glowing a red/orange gentleness upon the planetary seventh continent.

Unlike with the present dark era, we will not need to be rich or a "professional" in order to travel into space….We will be able to visit other planets and meet our relatives at will….Most of us have not done this for millennia.

As well as meeting multiple ET beings who will visit Earth in great numbers, we will also visit the brilliant Sirians upon their home worlds of "Samanet" and "Atarmunck." We will also visit the beautiful Plejaren on their home planets of "Erra," "Askal" and "Luseta," within their star system of "Tayget."

And countless others await us, some looking similar, some looking different….Yet all sharing sentient consciousness and light….
What wisdoms and experiences will we enjoy….? and I do mean ENJOY…..!! :-)

Have I wetted your appetites with a vision of our future lives...?? It seems too good to be true, doesn't it...? yet it is incredibly true...and about to spite of all attempts by Earth's limited conscious elites to prevent it.

Prepare to be astonished…..!! As Jean Cocteau said to the young artist; "astonish me..!!"


In Love and Light,

your friend at the end, Drekx Omega Ω


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Oh how my heart sings to see your words again, Drekx and thank you for this timely information, with so much going on in the media it sure helps to have your perspective of what to expect.  What are your feelings about the new sightings that have been taking place around the world.  London, for example... and the new spiral seen in Mongolia?  I know you cannot answer definatively but I've heard rumours that we are in a good window this month for disclosure. 

OOoooh I just cannot believe you are here, "in person" lol.  I feel much better and as though I've grown an inch in Light terms, ha ha.  I hope you are feeling well, wishing you all the best this lovely day.  Much Love, always :)

Hi sweety,

It's great to be here and it gives me such a buzz to give you such joy....    :-)

And with regards to the London sighting, for example, I did post an explanation on my blog on IITM, on 25th June....a day after that occurance, which I wanted to explain. Especially in view of the excellent video shot taken by the public in London...

I'll reproduce the wording here....:

See attached vid of Arcturian ships over London, recently…Friday 24th June….Note that the mothership is lenticular-shaped and vast, operating above cloud level…The majority of GFL Star Nations utilise rod-shaped, or similar motherships…The Arcturian mothership design is unique, and more akin to a saucer-shaped scout, such as a Plejaren beamship, albeit many times the size…smaller Arcturian scouts were also present and often accompany motherships during atmospheric operations..


Note that one of the Youtube vid comments stated; “obviously fake, it can’t be that sunny in england.” LOL    :-)

Just goes to show the world that it can be that sunny in England and ETs are really here….

Notice that the remarkable shots of the Arcturian mothership display her massive vectoring ability, despite her vast size. This noticeable oval shape is obviously bigger when compared to the smaller scouts, flying across from left to right…Also note that her vast hull is silvery and highly reflective of the background…almost a mirror of the blues and whites of the sky itself…

This Arcturian medical team had been active over central London over that week…


Love & Light, Drekx Ω 

I'm sure they are real, but also want it to appear in the door of the sky more cities.My spirit from Sirius.

Welcome, it is great to meet you here, you chose a nice time. :)

I have read a lot from you, thank you for providing that knowledge. Thanks Kelly for forwarding it. ;)

Maybe we know eachother already, but I fail to remember at this time.

If I am right I descended in the same period as you here on this beautiful Globe. :)

I look forward to learn you even more better.


With Love and regards,


Cheers Sergio....very kind of you to say so...  :-)

Thanks's an honour to make your acquaintance...I'm familiar with your application of my suggested June Solstice meditation.....with trees....!!   There are many applications, indeed..

And pleased you enjoy reading my must be starseed....


Blessings of Light, Drekx


I'll tell you one thing my brother.. I'm glad you're here :)


Thankyou so much, Master Skywalker....    :-)   I know something of your past incarnation as "Pan" on the GRT site...although I didn't post there myself...

Your page describes you as resident in Vietnam....but I think it's Berlin, Germany, really....I like your sense of humour...

You are not German though....How long have you lived there..??

And It's great to see that you have been working on Triangles service...which does require focus.


Blessings of Light, Brother...



Hey Drekx, yes indeed it was/is me as ''Pan' in GRT - I've had a few incarnations in that website although I no longer visit that site after I was unceremoniously and very bluntly booted out by the woman who runs it, she got her enormous cheap knickers in a twist with me (not literally, thank God.. that might have been awkward) because I posted a discussion entitled ''S**, Age and Death'' - she wrote me a private email whereby she said how dare I post terrible porn and talk about dying ! .. so I went into exile and arrived here :)

I'm delighted Kelly did aswell, that website was a smelly one, we were buddies in GRT and I dont know where we'd be without her..she's been the key gem stone in forwarding your postings in here as you know, shine on Kelly my beautiful sister - I Love you dearly.

Yeah, the Vietnam thing.. I dunno.. that was a spur of the moment typing error haha.. I'm Irish living in Berlin in Germany and have been for nearly 5 years having left my home town of Dublin in Ireland, I began speaking German although I'm still not fluent yet.

I no longer have a job here but work freelance as a graphic designer (when the mood takes me) but I would rather just paint for the Joy of it, I'm looking at 5d in the face every day - in my imagination at least.

I have a lot of free time and so I do just that, paint and draw, its what I adore, I should get a website up and running as an outlet fo my Artwork but I'm crap with tech stuff, computers are not my thing but I Love to create Art, mainly on my balcony under the stars during summer nights where, by the way, I had a close encounter of the first kind last year.. I was engrossed in a painting, if you can imagine fireliies and candle lights under a canopy of stars when I saw two warm orange coloured lights appears in the distance, they came nearer and moved right over my house in complete silence and shinned like stars in the process before fading out like embers in the fireplace, it was a truely beautiful expierence.. did I have my camera handy? of course not ! :)

I came to Berlin and to me, Berlin is a giant Machine.. I live in an industrial cyber neon furturistic sprawling metropolis, if you like cyberpunk, then Berlin is the scenery for it.

The Triangles Meditation group is one of the best in this site and I applaud Kelly for laying the foundation stone for that one alongside Obi Wan, Minch Yoda and Katt aswell as all the other members in there, their tireless contributions and studies are providing valuable insights that are of great benifit to all that is and although I haven't been as active as I would like to be in that group, it remains in my heart and thoughts every day - the last month was brutal on all energetic levels for me at least, you could say I am in a process of deep healing - then again, we all are I guess...

As for the negitive vibers in here, oh they're in here alright.. like flies in the ointment.. so I offer them this Violet Flame of transmutation if they can wrap their heads around it .. so they can study it deeply :)

My brother, I have to say, I have been going through hell for the last .. while.. I think many of us have been, exausted is a word that could loosly describe the way most of us have been feeling and how brilliant it is aswell.. I have to continuously thank Prime Creator for throwing me in the deep end every day and I dont even have a rubber ring ! lol..

Drekx, your posting is a blessing and has provided me with a much needed breath of fresh air - think of a weary horse having wandered through the dessert for weeks finally reaching an oasis and gathering its strenght again..

I re-read your post with avid interest and when you mention ''Prepare to be astonished'' it reminded me of something I posted a while ago here in AC - I'll leave it here if you wish to read it, it seems slighter simelar in tone :)

The force is with us all.
Love and Light, Joy and harmony to you always, forever,
Luke :)

by the way, I haven't a bogs notion what kind of UFOs these are.

Luke, my friend....You're a star and thankyou for your kindness...


And those UFOs are fakes.... Hollywood always gets it wrong, apart from that 1951 movie with Michael Rennie..Which the GFL honoured, the year following, with a "Washington Merry-go-round" summer...over DC..   :-)


Cheers bro, Drekx


Thank you Drekx..

well I just checked and that link didn't appear above, so here it is again.. just if you're interested.. its fairly old by now..

Love onwards forever :)


Hi Luke,

Thanks my brother.....

Yes a good discussion, in which you describe motherships of vast size coming closer to truth though, scout-ships are designed to travel close to the ground surface and make landings without earthing their electro-magnetic charges. But not motherships, So coming in low is not a flight method needed, nor executed by motherships, in general.

Plejaren and Sirian ships are miles in length..and tripod support legs would break upon landing...if they possessed them, which they don't.


The ionisation plasma field that surrounds a ship can only cut in when the ship is a few feet above the ground...that is why tripods are used on many scouts, such as beamships, to prevent unwanted electro-static earthing, and the charge being wasted, which would otherwise prevent the implosion motor from instantly powering up...

Motherships would counterproductively earth their charges and are too vast to land anyway, or vector at lower altitude...motherships are intended to remain in orbit, or higher atmospheric...But mostly outside the atmosphere..

The mass landing process is one that utilises waves of scout-ships, probes, scouts and also teleported personnel...

I don't think Hollywood gives this process much credit really, because a vast mothership that blots out the sun as it approaches ground, would scare people to hysteria...


Anyway, I thought I should just mention this and I hope I don't come across as a lecturer in aetheric energy propulsion systems...  LOL    :-)

But if you want to know more about beamship systems, just drop a line...


Much Love & Light, friend Luke,


Drekx Omega




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