The Real Bill Gates 

 The real Bill Gates 


This is the imposter pushing the deadly vaccine down our throats , the real Bill Gates was killed off years ago along w the real Melinda Gates … It was done to get him out of the way … enables ’ them’ to push thru the agenda 

This is the imposter pushing the deadly vaccine down our throats , the real Bill Gates was killed off years ago along w the real Melinda Gates … It was done to get him out of the way … enables ’ them’ to push thru the agenda .

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  • I have long Time ago read something about Timetravel woud be possibal and you need a Computer for it, to set the Start Point and then go to a other Point in Time. You can swich Timeline by this but nothing change when you go back to your Start Point. If you lose Start Point you stuck in the Time you are. This woud be danger if it is to far away in the Past, before you be born, then musst be careful no change anything, so you born. I heard about the Cern Project is doing Timetravel Tests, too with the Hadron Collider.
  • He said we got to many Humans on Erth, rigth? Why he gives Money for Coronavirus Vaccine? He is a Computer Expert? Maybe he helps to create Nanobots.
  • The real Bill Gates looks and sounds real ...a good man
    The other Bill Gates looks and says evil things
    • There something to think about we have AI in all computers and it controls this solar systems. Some of the scientist now believe that AI controls this solar system using holographic image creating virtual reality. Humanity must go beyond Duality and this sometimes called ''The Matrix''. There is two sides of Bill Gates good and evil.
    • He is a very wealthy man I once read a book on this man and he went though some difficult times like almost very one else but over the years as he got older he is not the same person he once was in his youth. Bill Gates could be a clone or had his mind programmed years ago or has implants put at certain locations on his physical body especially the lower navel area and the forehead. Basically he a controlled subject and so is very one else on earth. This is a matrix hologram and a prison system with all kinds of beings who live this holographic prison system . Many light beings live this prison created by the dark forces millions of years ago. The light forces have cleared some of their weapons and continue to work on behalf for humanity and other beings who are here on earth. Just recently I am aware how much the light forces give us a lot of information on many subjects and how humanity can participate in their quest to liberate this planet. They work so hard on behalf humanity that sometimes it saddens me to know how much they lost.
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