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  • "SINCE YOU EAT ANIMALS YOU ARE ANIMALS...???" Well, as you claim the virtue of being a vegetarian, are you a plant...?? Or a pulse, maybe...?? And I know that you lot eat too many carbs, so are often suffering from diabetes, or pre-diabetes....The number of Indians with this condition is higher than many other nations..And if you actually believe that Ascended Masters don't include quality amino acids and fatty acids (essential) in their diets, you are hopelessly mistaken...

    They use replicators, which possess animal protein templates....So they do not need to slay for meat, because of their technological achievements....

    The Sirians, who are on the cosmic degrees, therefore beyond ascension, eat a type of gelatinous "soup," which I have sampled and noted it to be TASTLESS....It is also transparent...Imagine a jelly which you can see-through, minus any colours...Like ice...but wobbly and viscous...

    This "Lertiff" was mentioned in Greek mythology as "food of the Gods," or Ambrosia....It is perfect nutrition and contains just about every trace mineral and vitamin, the body needs for perfect health...No toxins at all, quality fats, essential amino acids and fatty acids, as well.....There are no essential carbohydrates, so these are excluded from Lertiff.....
    Of course, this complete meal is also supplemented with grown vegetables and fruits....The fruits having a much lower sugar content than many on Earth...They have hydroponic gardens on board the motherships..
  • Holland & Barrett a health food store in UK is giving a discount if you are Vegetarian/Vegan
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"My Body will remember it now 🤢, so I guess i am really done with 🍔🍟🍕🌭."
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"Guess i change my Ways now. I am work on me to do Sport, but i always got sick. 😒So nothing goes on and i still got my Pain in my Back each Day. 😑It is really a hard work.

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"OMG - that happened to me back in 2012 and I haven't had a McD burger since. Never could get the awful taste out of my mouth."
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"Actually, these McD burgers are so full of toxins, it's amazing that anyone is still eating them, without dissolving into a watery🍔😉"
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"Oh, guys. I got story for You. I was just eat a Burger at MC... D.. 🤫and 10 min. later i got Diarrhoea from it, really like Water. Some minutes later i sweat and feel really bad. Then all comes out 🤢🤮. So then i really got poisened from it.
My Body…"
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"These original humans are no longer apes, of course....Currently, Vega is the central star within the Galactic Federation...They are so spiritually perfected, they can exist on all planes, including the physical dense aethers......

Well, here is a…"
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