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Written April, 2010


There is much going on within the realms of changes upon earth at this crucial time. From the work going on behind the veil those still operating within 3D consciousness can now begin to comprehend from a higher perspective than previously.

The earth changes in space (new sun Jupiter), the earthquakes happening globally, and the rise of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and just plain coping with everyday life are signs of a massive change that has taken a sharp turn in the earth’s evolution.

Many are suffering emotionally and mentally. From all the changes occurring the energies of the four lower chakras are most intensified. In these chakras is where most of humanity has been operating from. These chakras contain the energies of emotions, beliefs, memories of past pains and suffering and the fear of lack and victimhood.

Although this sounds like all heavy energy stuff, all that is happening on an energetic level can be used to assist in ascending and becoming God/Christ Consciousness.

Lightworkers are here to master these challenges because by mastering them you change their dynamics for yourself and all you come into contact with. You must remember that everything is energy manifested and un-manifested. Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, are projections of energy coming from the foundation of fear or love.

Many Lightworker (or whatever you call yourself as a servant of light and ascension) are still in the place of vacillation. What I mean by this is that many are still straddling the fence so to speak. And this is due mostly to expending energy in the wrong direction.

There are many who are performing duties via a job, or other endeavors for the sole purpose of obtaining money because they have not healed the fear of lack. All healing necessary for freedom to be authentic beings must be committed in order for one to rise up in pure consciousness. The challenges and chaos that are currently playing out is one of the greatest opportunities to harness the reins and ride the wave of Ascension. Below are some keys to help you heal the four lower chakras which lead to the upper chakras opening. The upper chakras must be opened in order for ascension to take place but remember that the lower chakras opening precede the upper chakras opening and this is why it is essential for the unhealed healer to first be committed to self-healing.

1. Dealing with others
This gives one ample opportunity to heal self. Whenever you relate with another you are relating from a place of fear or love. If you find yourself irritated or angry over what someone did or said, stop and question the Higher Self. Why do I feel this way? What is it within me that I need to recognize and accept? From this point of review you are able to see what is hidden within that you have not taken the opportunity to bring forth into the light.

2. Going down the rabbit h***
This is what I call when you are depressed and your energy is low. It is as if a dark cloud has descended upon you. And when this happens you open the door for all kinds of low energy to enter into your sacred space. Those who are in the rabbit h*** usually feel helpless, hopeless and tired mentally and physically. Their thought process vacillates making it difficult to make the simplest decisions. The rabbit h*** syndrome also makes one separate from family and friends and the world in general. They become accustomed to being alone.

You must find every ounce of strength, calling upon God/Goddess, Ascended Masters, Christ Jesus or angels to assist you in rising up from the darkness that is holding you in captivity. Call upon whomever you feel a connection with but call! When you ask for help you get it but you must be aware that help is needed and aware that you cannot do it alone with just human abilities. You must also be aware when the help has arrived because many times you will not see it if you are not consciously aware. In other words, ask and you will receive and be looking for it. You will never ask for help and not receive help but most miss the obvious because they are expecting it to look or feel a certain way.

3. Fear of lack
This one has all kinds of misconceptions attached to it. First of all, Lightworkers must come to accept that money is a means to an end in the world. Many Lightworkers speak of spiritual ideas and do a lot of reading and or attending workshops and seminars but do not fully understand what it means to be a human evolving until they have certain experiences.

The energies that are raising the vibration of the planet and humanity are a wonderful opportunity to allow experience to come without resistance. Many are in the war of resistance within, trying to keep things the way they are or how they perceive they should be. One of the first things Lightworkers must come to understand is that everything is changing rapidly and one must accept that they do not know. This allows you to become open-minded allowing knowledge to come to you through experience, acceptance and recognition. When the fear of lack is healed you will flow in the energy of love and all of love’s attributes will bring you into the state of grace where all of your needs are met with ease.
You fear lack because you have detached yourself from creation. It is natural to be connected to Mother Earth, The Animal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom and each other. In most cases these connections have been replaced with attachment to materialism. And so you experience a sense of lack because you have cut yourself off from your true nature. You have come to value the valueless while not giving value to all that will heal and release you from self-sabotage.

In order for you to rise above the chaos and limitation found in the world of fear you must choose to surrender to the Higher Self or God or Christ Self, whichever you choose to call sovereignty. When one surrenders she/he is trusting in a higher divine order. You are trusting that your circumstances or situations are presenting you with lessons of divinity for the soul. This recognition allows the soul to open to the healing energies of love and light.

Chakras are energy points within the body. No one can change those energies but you by allowing the healing to take place and be replace with the energy of love/light. And remember these energy points are connected to your feelings, emotions, beliefs and expectations. The most important of these is your belief about yourself. The belief of unworthiness is the belief that keeps one stuck in mediocre and unfulfilling situations be it a dissatisfying job, unhealthy friendships or ego-based relationships. Allow your circumstances and your situations to empower you to be more aware of yourself. Get to know yourself through them. Surrender to the process of healing within and without. You are worthy to be happy, prosperous, loving, and lovable and to live in peace and joy. Allow yourself to heal so you may be the light of the world that you were sent to be. Self-healing is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the rest of the world.


I AM Nazeelah

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:) much love and light to you dear friend!



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