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Alrighty guys, somebody has gotta break the ice. Each of our individual experiences and pathways of thought have inexorably led at least a few of us to the understanding that we are an incarnation of Jesus, a Creator Son, or whatever you wanna call it.This is a WONDERFUL thing!! Study up, read Urantia, practice your craft, and lets be the effective spiritual beings that we clearly have been before and shall need to be in part again to finish catalyzing this process and let it go nuclear!If this is off the wall, then my bad, I guess I'm going solo except for those contemporaries who join me for study....but I really think there's a ton of us, especially on this site haha.I'd argue that we're geographically distributed for a reason and therefore will be most effective by affecting our roles locally, branching out as our bases build. Once people are curious they can start running down the path to freedom via discovery and application of personal truth while pursuing understanding. Now is the time. We just have to connect the dots, all the research and everything is there to actually show the people the physical proof!It's time we put it to the forefront and really engaged our role as we support each other in the process! Lets do it! Much love friends :)-Justin "Skywalker" Hitt

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  • He also said you are not of this world but in it. 

    Please understand first who you are.  Spirit  -  spirit in you is not of this world, so nothing in this world can define it. Its not a thing or concept of the minds of men.  Its what gives the avatar we are in life in the world but not of it.

    Twin anything is a concept of man, and all references to it are earth bound physical animations tied to physical feelings of this world -- spirit is not of this world. Twin flame or a mate is purely man made.

    The matrix we birthed into has many hole’s and traps to fall into, all bases are covered on this earth to keep the mind and you beliefs away from the fact that you are not of this world but in it for a short time.  And there is no need for anything of this world that can add or take away from you completeness as spirit that is for ever with out end. Everything on earth has an end Spirit is not of this world and has no end or beginning.

    You are complete and need nothing to complete you spiritually.  Only the avatar is tricked into beliefs of lack or having to do something in order to feel complete. it’s a earthly thing not a spiritual one, you would not have been allowed to enter this world were you not complete  then at birth or now in this moment or when you move on and leave this avatar for another is you so choose.

    Eternity with out end how do you spend for ever with out getting board?  Amnesia in as many life forms as you want, a tree, a bird, and insect, a whale, or a planet, spirit is the creation of life in all things. Not the other way around, do not be fooled by things of this world -- your in it and aware --- not of it………..

  • The UB book does not hold all the answers.

    only one man has all the answers ..and that is Jesus.

    only one man can be Jesus..yet all can be christ.

    we are the incarnation of that spark of God (Universal Father). Jesus did not incarnate. Christ Michael did. Jesus was the name given to the flesh.

    • Couldn't have said it any better my brotha, PREACHHHH!!!!!
  • I completely agree John, very much the allegory of the cave in terms of searching for either the object, the shadow, or the source, and also from the perspective of us being any one of those 3. Obviously much more to say than that but you get it haha, thank you for the vid!!
    • Ya, .  

      Its this hole planet education thingy into civilization rather than learning to live like nature.    We are the only animal with questions, instead of accepting all life as it is. We domesticate animals to dominate or turn them into a pet or a slave or food. 

      When we live on a planet that everything has to kill something else to live -- no exception -- the germ of life (spirit) is the only thingy take is not affected in any way by this physical realm we live in. it’s the only one constant that’s not studied or past on anymore. 

      The indigence people’s have always held this truth and have been summarily exterminated for it stands in the way of the matrix, educated, domestication of the human animal, into a civilized slave. 

      So destroying all evidence of  spiritual origin and existence threw book burnings, and written brain washing. Many religions have risen to help elevate the pain of the lie’s we are made to listen and live under.

      I knew before I was 5 that I was not the body, then came toys, schools, and holidays to celebrate all the lies told to us at a very young age.  Its not an awakening but a remembering who I am, not what everyone around me wants me to become.    If I already am -- I don’t need to be or do anything.   Like a eagle was made to be a eagle, and so on in nature its all in tune with itself.  We are the Frankenstein’s  bread and raised to ……. Ha ha we all know the rest.    Great thread,  I’m tired of this world and all its goose chasing going on, they have all the bases covered.   This matrix is unbelievably big in its scope, and the only thing it dose not cover is exactly what I am seeking or looking at, or am trying to point at with words that only apply to the matrix. 

      Not of this world but in it.  Is deep.

      • Yup, just makes me wonder how prearranged this all was, it's so organized and the result is so wondrous.. I guess there's no guarantee it was going to be that way but then again, there's plenty who posit that it was always guaranteed.
  • This topic will never be answered ever.. the reason is what we are is not of this world,  so nothing in this world can or ever will explain it buy using anything of this world to try.    so war's and difference of opinions will abound as long as this world exists and what we are is in it.

    • Nothing is everything and everything is nothing. Therefore, both nothing of this world AND everything of this world can be used to explain it. This implies with such beautiful subtleness from the universe that explanation is the next step. Bring the light of this method of perceiving to those who do not possess it within their repertoire of mental abilities but seek some form of assistance. If they are powerless, give them this power. Be the instrument through which spiritual evolution is facilitated in the lives of men that they may manifest those evolved intentions outward. Heaven can only be built on Earth if each carpenter has their tools - supply those tools to those who wish to partake in construction. Happy travels! :)
      • This is about the best explanation on this invisible us i have heard yet see if you agree.?

  • Precisely correct, people must take the portal through themselves to their I AM. It's just time to engage that facet of experience now, the old paradigm has run it's course
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