The Middle East Problem

I've been reluctant in the last six months to openly speak my mind on this issue because everytime I do it's knocked down as being a "neo con" issue or that I'm some kind of propagandist (which I'm not).


No, I want see peace in the middle east the unfortunate problem is that taking out Israel isn't going to make things better, instead it will make life much worse for the rest of us. Why? well it's really simple you see the muslims will destroy anything that isn't related to there seventh century belief system. This also means that Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, New Age Theology, Spiritually and or Theosophy will also be destroyed as well because. Here again it's not compatible with islam and there ways of thinking.


Prager University: The Middle East Problem

Sam Harris: The Problem With Islamic Fundamentalism Are The Fundamentals Of Islam


Also with the Egyptian crisis raging on I fear that the pyramids of Giza maybe destroyed because it's not compatible islamic law and goes against there god allah. If those pyramids are destroyed then our spiritual connection to Orion and rest of galaxy will be lost forever. Making ascension and the peace process a whole helluva a lot harder to achieve without those energies and frequencies readily available.



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    Violet Flame Egypt.. Violet Flame the middle east...Violet Flame the entire world..



    .. and not forget to send our Love and healing energy to the animals caught up in the chaos



    .. to everyone in the city of Cario.. and in the whole world..




    • This is what I see happening......


      Egypt is FREE Now It is Our Turn.

      • Thanks Adara.. great video :o)
        • Yes, that is the kind of new world I want to see.  Everyone in unity.  That's our only way out of this....

          The Earth's destiny is to join the rest of the universe in peace and live in harmony with each other and their environment.


  • Screw the people who say "Screw you"...

    The way you word it, makes it sound like you're all anti Islam, but it seems you're just against loss of free will or speech and such.

    I think, that's what you're trying to say.

    Don't worry, it happens all the time.  Peer pressure, expectations, fear, these are what causes people to give away their free will, not totalitarianism.

    • True, I am a strong supporter of free will and free speech. I believe that all people are created equal, and I abhor supremacists. I also believe in the rights of women, homosexuals, religious freedoms, and the right to not be tortured maimed  killed or enslaved because of an ideology. Here's the point. I would have no problem using my free speech to call out nazi's or politicians that would do such things to others, But in the spirituality community, we dare not have a dialogue of such things.


      It's true that fear is what causes people to give away their free will. A person free from fear would not give up their free will upon fear of death, torture , or the same committed on loved ones. (I think I'd have a problem with the last part) I think that our failure to address oppression and destruction when it is committed by non western cultures is hurting people. By not shining a light, we are complicant.


      Even in Europe, many muslim's cannot get help from authorities. In many cases, for those that left more moderate countries in the middle east, their neighborhood in Sweden is more authoritarian than the one they left. Harassment and morality police are a reality in these places. The authorities are no help because they fear being labeled racist.  Even criticizing Islam can get you prosecuted in Europe. I think that this needs some thought and discussion. All people are created equal, but not ideas. There are good ideas and bad ideas. we can say everything is relative, but I think anything that takes away from human dignity is not a good idea cultures are made up of philosophies and ideas. But we've confused culture with race. All men are equal, ideas are not.

  • i didn't know muslims dislike the pyramids that much... I sure help they don't do that
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