V: There is an incredible emotional richness of sense data within the relationship between you and your planet.


From each individual perspective, you form your relationship with nature however you will;  while simultaneously, behind the scenes,  collective, or Mass Will is also taking on form, self-magnetizing You into a new planetary relationship as Your divine human nature. Much like a snowball rolling down a mountain of snow irresistibly gathers mass to itself, so will your individual wills naturally unite into a collective will.


I say this because, as we listen to the sounds of your collective, we continually hear questions regarding how, and what will I feel like, becoming One?


(smiles) You will feel yourself in a precious new way that will emerge from your own, personal body of knowing.


Your body of knowing holds everything you have experienced and every value you have distilled of the experience. You have actually, always been, and will continually become an expanded sensory tool through which higher-self-frequencies participate in your personal gestalt of the moment.


S: I’m hearing a really big flip here, of ideation. We have perceived our bodies as following 3d laws, and that makes us think them, somewhat weak. A body doesn’t last, the pyramids did. We explore the pyramids, for example, for meaningful wisdom, and give them a place in historical time, back thousands and thousands of years ago.


Yet, you’re saying our bodies are how we look into everywhere, aren’t you?


V: (smiling, more) The challenge here is to release your own ideas of density. I will say that when you do, the metaphorical perspective will become a significant source of meaning and creativity.


Basically, you are a living pattern that has personalized and makes ever more meaningful relationships.


I would say, there is more depth of eternity in artistic moments of human expression, than in the average conversation at let’s say, a grocery store, or even, the average exchange on many jobs where you are responding to the need to check in with a superior, let’s say, to re-explain something or reassure.


There are values in all of these moments. Yet, when a moment is predictable and, more closed than open to originality, there is little metaphor, correct?


S: Mmm… I never even wondered if there was. And those moments, seem to occupy less awareness, too, than hearing a moving piece of music or feeling open to a vivid piece of art.


V: Most certainly, and this is a good analogy for your conscious self-awareness to note as you move into larger fields of timefree space and spacefree time. That is how I would explain what you call fifth dimension to you.


So, to enter these larger fields, you will use your own body of memory, knowing and experience that has many rich details and intimately personal contexts, and you will join the collective through a metaphoric appreciation of symbols, processes, and events.


For example, you regard a beautiful flower. Were you to note, “oh, that’s a daylily, and it’s pink, no, orange-pink”, then move on-- you would have entered a small awareness with limited space, somewhat typical, when running awareness through only three dimensions.


Now, let’s suggest you are regarding the flower and the smooth curve of the petal draws you. Spontaneously, you become the curve of that petal and you follow it like a road. Tracing the beauty of the petal into a brother-petal that is connected, you enter the realm of metaphor and see how each of your brothers springs out of a common center, just like you. You enter the metaphoric knowing as deeply as you desire. Some may be content with the first moment of insight, and withdraw to crystallize it. Others may penetrate deeper and follow the flower into their own flower of life, integrating their awareness into multitudinous connections, all that express true relationship.


S: It is as if our metaphors expand our perception of our true relationship, inside and beyond time.


V: Yes, and your metaphors are a personalized language for each divine human to physically enter the life of the One invisible, eternal reality. Metaphors are harmonic. You know whenever you deeply contemplate nature that you enter divinity; but your senses up to now have portrayed that ‘this’ is ‘this’, and here it stops, and ‘that’ is ‘that’. I am sorry to be confusing, but “this” is “that”, becoming new.


S: You are indeed, breaking down my hard and fast sense of the reality I walk around in.


V: It is time. The solar realms are far more comfortable than yours, at this moment. And all of us pray, which is our projected will of desire, for you to regain the mighty sense of self connection to your divine body through personally engaging nature as living metaphor, rather than competitive growth. Mere survival is nothing compared to the value of intended beauty, forever free to unfold.


Each human has direct ties of love to Nature. Through reverent immersion in Nature, each of you may gently be made whole and sensitive to your metaphoric perfection. It does not matter where you start- the sky will mirror for you. Plants have generously adaptable personalities and may be found in the most unexpected places.

Think of your cities, as homes to many, just like a forest is a home to many layers of life.  Now, as metaphoric nature reveals your divine place in Nature, creative humans will invite Nature to thrive around them.


Have you ever watched a plant grow up between the cracks of a sidewalk? Let it be and it will upheave the cement and make itself a garden right in the middle of your path.


This is living metaphor for the truth that your nature will find soil in which to grow, from within.


The transformation that is descending upon the Earth is first and foremost, within.


Sometimes we see that you look for outer changes to assure yourselves that an ascension and not another deception is occurring.


Can you see, metaphorically, that this is akin to requiring power over something external to gift you with freedom? Can you see that this is looking only at the problem you have long believed in, and making it a source of your faith? Dare you believe that your faith is the only token you have to offer that moves the divine will?


Just like a plant pops up in the midst of a concrete jungle, so you are full of potentials and creative energies within.  Life is an art of ever extending harmonies and shared metaphors.  All energies translates to matter in fluid metaphors.  Be they flowers, spirals, pyramids, geometries, ants, crumbs or paperclips, nothing is excluded. Even colors and elements will begin to speak, and reveal to you their place and wisdom gained of being alive in the great, eternal, metaphoric landscapes of Being.


Your world is inspired by the quality of your dreams. It is not to be changed by merely solving the old problems. Beyond and within these suffering dreams is … the freedom to dream, anew.


It is recognized that the hardness, and seeming fastness of the reality of your experience, by many, called “density”, seems to carry certain requirements. Such as, to build a house, you need money, a lot on which to construct it, contracts to maintain the employment of builders, etc.


But the seed truth is that, your desire to build a beautiful home that welcomes nature and man to live co-creatively, without contracts nor fail, draws on the powerful metaphoric relationship in which such a home will naturally exist. All the means whereby it is physically accomplished will flow out of the origin, just as the petals of a flower arise as one out of its center. Such is the genesis of any manifest creation that it arises out of inner harmony, already present, waiting to be expressed.


The true ascension is one of the witness you call your inner awareness. A metaphoric perspective opens internal connections to your planet’s larger life, its vast realms of collaborative nature. Hence, you will be vastly more attuned.


Life, child, is an INSIDE job that makes itself outside you for your experience and delight.


S: You make me think of Victor Frankl, who found inner freedom and power while in the most desperate of physical circumstances.


V: He is indeed, an apt metaphor, for his writings illuminated many. He demonstrated becoming the Christed consciousness.  The living Christ  has appeared, time and again, within your selves, and if you look through metaphoric perspective you will see this clearly.


It is time to loosen and lighten all the boundaries, all the edges you used to perceive—for they metamorphose continually into one whole. All is living energy in dynamic motion. You will weave new platforms of reality, and great living fields will respond to your metaphoric presence as one within the One.


It is time to know that your unseen faith is potent, magical, and the actual reason for all miracles is through them, you fulfill the greater metaphors of life.


And to close, I wish to add, it is time to recognize and realize, your shift of creative awareness is the fuel that lifts this planet. Your ascended awareness awaits your investing your beautiful inner self with godly significance. Although you may think in any moment, when you feel less than happy, ‘I have failed’, that is misunderstanding, to be discarded.


‘I have failed’ is a metaphor for dying: a metaphor that may, at any time, be resurrected into a mighty I AM creating, and I AM full of rich emotional data that I once called a dead end of failure. Every moment is greater in data than the one before. Every moment can be expanded into powerful symbolism through seeking the metaphoric perspective.


Do you see, Starflower? There is no failure. There is only trial and data, effort and information. Life is forever linked within itself to itself, and there is no where you are that is not alive and growing.


By shifting your importance to the dreaming, inner ground, you will reconstruct in a moment, unimaginable change at eye-popping speed.


Rule your kingdom of inner life as metaphor, child, and our space faces will become visible; our ship homes will appear in your skies, for our dreams will TOUCH yours. This is what we long for, just as you. This is why, in myriad ways we speak to all of you on inner channels.


Yes, this is all, unstoppable; yet your participation is always what consciousness you offer, what mirror you present. Everything will unfold most creatively and harmoniously, as you join with us in living as the greater metaphors and offering your consciousness as the food of new dreams.


S: Goodness, thank you, Val!  As I sit here scribing this out of doors, I see two birds near a feeder… and one is actually feeding another, beak to beak. I have never seen that before.


V: (smiles) I trust you to enjoy and expand that metaphor.



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