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The intelligence of Water...water reacts to human thoughts, intentions and frequencys

This is some interesting info about water and how it can react differently to negative and positive thoughts and intention. Maybe if our thoughts and intent are pure enough the water reflects it back as pure clean water, kind of like blessing our food before we eat it, putting good intentions and love toward it. Kind of like how miserable negative people often have a miserable looking house and suroundings to match. And positive happy people often have a humble yet pleasent looking and inviting house and suroundings. There was a book about the intelligence of water in a herbal/holistic store where i used to live it mentioned about water having a memory as well. I wish i had bought that book now i have yet to come across another copy. Our water is a powerful and nuturing element that makes up the majority of our bodys and is a sign and reflection of the problems on earth right now....its something we have to make a conscious effort to change. Pure clean water is becoming scarce and we are being charged a premium for acidic water that has been stripped of all of its minerals and trace elements, the elite and cabal see it as the next oil. They know we can cut back or stop using oil, if we release more free energy technology, but As long as were 3rd density physical beings we still need clean water. This link is about Dr Emotos research.
Lots of love, light and peace

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I stumbled across his study a few years ago and bought some of his books, my favorite being "water crystal healing" as it comes with 2 CDs of classical music which really help to fix my mood sometimes..  His study actually saved my life, my ex was trying to kill me and I thought to use positive words and phrases to change his vibrational structure and make him stop... It worked like something out of a movie, my words were a weapon and he panicked and covered my mouth, but it made the evil that had overcome him disappear.. Which I now realize was brought out by my own fear and negative emotions.. I'm not sure if the words are as much responsible for the response I got, or if it was my own state of calmness and compassion, but either way, it was Masaru's study alone that made me think of it and for that I will always have much respect and gratitude for Masaru Emoto.

Anyway, there are some skeptics over his studies, but I know that it is real simply due to my own personal experience. I keep positive words written on my filtered water dispenser. :)

Hi, Hollie, thats cool you have his books. I am grateful you were able to use Masaru's wisdom to help you dissolve the conflict with your ex. I have used the same method with my ex, she would get physical sometimes, but it was mostly verbal abuse to a degree which i have never experienced anround anyone else. When she would blow up i would just say, I love you too..or i love you.. and smile, it would totally stop her or throw her off, i too realized what she did was just a reflection of my own fear and negativity as well, it seems like a more intense reflection of these things when its your partner in a relationship acting as the mirror though.

I have a lot of respect for Masaru Emoto's work as well. And the positive words on the despenser is an awesome idea. I am all about building and living self sufficiently and we need to work closer with gaia and the animals and plants, as well as our interdimensional selves right now. The world is always what we make it, life is but a dream, we just forgot it was meant to be a really lucid

Thanks for sharing
Lots of love, light and peace :)

Oh and also, a good way to obtain water is via the roof on your home, earthships have a great water collection method, and I think that all houses will be built similar to that in the near future.. Even a normal house you could collect a decent amount of water simply by putting barrels at the end of your gutters(especially where I live in washington). For those that don't get enough rain, we can control the weather with our thoughts and emotions and send rain to the dryer areas.. We just need to live more permaculturally and look for ways to work with the world rather than against it.. :)




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