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In the simplest terms, we as spiritual beings are a crystal that is completely empty while being completely full which holds no self-awareness held in total self-awareness. This is referred to as the higher self.  6th Density observes 5th Density in the moment then magnetically gravitated through golden mean spin by 4th Density duality plane (Single souls form through astral plane) into 3rd Density (Dimensions if you prefer).

5th Density - Observing any or all of Primary Information Source (Perfectly crystalline and motionless parallel Realities)

4th Density - Sun and Planet Blueprint Astrological Time Organization through Realities = (Electromagnetic pull / Gravity)

3rd Density - Observing one side of duality in Vortexes (Through Chakras and black h*** ports)

The Oversoul 7D and 5D Higher Mind (naturally free and loving universal connection) created the Ascension Shift with the opportunity for its extensions in the lower astral levels to gain back matrix command as the writers of the entities destinies. It is a true balance of agreements on agreements. The Higher Mind or often reffed to as "mental plane" is our Primary Information Source and our shared creation.

From 6th Density extended from an oversoul, our soul and all souls simultaneously observe reality experience from standing wave vibratory light and sound pattern.

4th Density is a Blueprint Astrological Time Organization throughout the universe intertwining realities responsible for all gravity and duality and space time experience. When in the 5th Density state it is recognized as an illusion but can still be experienced and useful for those who hold on to it. Basically it's just a conduit and reality connecting system.

As our soul spirits develop we will be magnetically free of memories held allowing us to fully experience the now. We'll gather new vibratory access to and merge with the 5D Higher Mind from the shared oversoul spirit and its Ascension movement.

All 4D dream astral and 5D Higher Mind experience is now our heart of all growth and self steering dreams simultaneously contained in one particle.

A new idea will be formed in our spiritually shared plane and grow into detail with the new light information source of the 5D Density. Certain vortexes in our planet or sacred geometry in highly fractal locations (golden mean) can work as ports to help us to a higher frequency and healing from our 3rd/4th Density positions.
We'll be Shooting Stars - Soul Star
Peace to All

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~Thanks for this insightful post, Human Stability; here's some additional

Multidimensional Food for Thought that seemed fitting...

Gambhira Lila

by Shunyamurti

To understand the play of surface events in the world — whether social and political upheavals, natural cataclysmic events and gradual shifts such as climate change, or unpredictable and uncanny events in one's personal life — it is necessary to understand the deep play of the Supreme Intelligence that underlies and pervades reality. 

The ancient yogic teachings refer to the deep play — gambhira lila in Sanskrit — as the deep dynamic structure of the Real. This concept must be deeply understood, the sages taught, if we are to play the game of life victoriously. In ancient China, it was called the Tao. To be in alignment with the Tao, we must ourselves be the embodiments of its power. This requires us to master the principle of wu wei, or effortless and egoless action. 

The deep, hidden play of what the Indian sages called the Atman, in its creative acts within the soul, including dreams and visions, is the true, decisive action of divine intelligence in the life of a human being. The play at the overt level of historical activity of beings in the world is only a speculative interpretation of effects — a dream within a dream, governed by projections from the Atman's deeper dream, which lies within an even deeper, unfathomable dream in the mind of Brahman, the Absolute Intelligence.

In other words, the cause of the curvature of the space of the waking experience template lies nested in another logic than the one that interprets each experience consciously, a superior logos panoptically centered not in the plane of existence, but as an emergent property of the realm of imperience — the soul plane on which are inscribed not only the ego's unconscious marching orders, in the form of memes, master signifiers, charged images, traces of infantile memories and phantasies, but also standing waves of psychic energy carrying dream templates derived from archetypal mythemes; out-of-body and transcendent function potentials; past and future bardo encounters; sanskaras, underlying seed tendencies, from past lives and future soul trajectories; portals to higher and lower lokas, dimensions that one may be thrust into as a result of the ingestion of hallucinogenic substances; specific gravities for entheogenetic enstases produced by such substances; interdimensional wormholes, and even the initial unfoldment levels of Samadhi, or nonduality apperception.

The conscious ego mind knows little or nothing about these inner realms — at least not until non-ordinary or uncanny events irrupt from the depths of the Great Shadow and create havoc, and/or/as heavenly interventions, or simply surreal weirdness, or even demonic dread, in the field of ordinary life experience. 

The force of this shock of numinous recognition can either dismay a weak soul into denial or induce a deterritorialization, a nomadic quest (a la Gilles Deleuze) that itself dreams into manifestation the rhizomatic reality of the entity's deepest yearning for its Source, a traversing of duration into the vertical lift of Dharma that undoes the futile becoming of an illusion, producing a self-erasure that liberates Emptiness as rebirth through the transversal intercourse of immanence with Self-transcendence.

Ironically, the more intellectual knowledge of the deeper realms that has been appropriated by the conscious level of the ego mind, often the more ignorance there tends to be about the actual state of imperient projective identifications that contaminate one's perceptual gestalt as an experient. Knowledge cashed in at the level of manas, or conventional academic intellectualism, is worse than useless. Knowledge established at the level of buddhi, the authentic intelligence of the Real Self, creates viveka, discernment, which initially raises the ante on one's anguish quotient, yet offers the possibility of deep renunciation, sannyasa, and the opening of the famed Buddha Mind.

But the ego's delusion of knowing, the manasic mirage, is doomed to turn ever more tamasic, putrid with impurity. This is the fate of all shamanic knowledge, until surrender of the master's discus of judgmental discourse has achieved the coup-de-grace of the not-to-be scorned Goddess — who is known, when she is friendly, in different localities as either Sophia or Saraswati, and when unfriendly, as Durga, Kali, or Tiamat. Only when She has accepted your swadarshan chakra, the surrender of your power of pure thought, and used it to gracefully slice off your head and has handed it back to you on a platter, can that egoic death's head begin to make sense — and at last to laugh authentically...

*read entire essay at:

"Standing waves of psychic energy carrying dream templates" I love that. Were moving in and out of the creation. :)




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