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7 20 2015 ~We are living in perhaps the most exciting and challenging time in history. The acceleration of information from every side continues to pour in while the spiritual awakening bursts upon us. This collision of worlds is ongoing and the culmination at many levels is surely inevitable and no doubt already upon us.

That humanity faces a psychopathic otherworldly driven agenda is evident, and has been for a long time. The advancement of technology at this rapidly rising peak of this crescendo brings new dimensions to our planet and existence. The ultimate power tools are now available to darkly driven forces and we are increasingly forced to deal with them on a daily basis as they steer towards their totalitarian nightmare.

This massive program is not a briskly brushed aside issue by any stretch of the imagination. Too much has been at work and covertly engineered for far too long to stop their progression – entirely.

But it is destined to fail. The question is: will it be now? It’s up to us.


The Struggle Is Real

Everything natural, growing and spontaneous in our marvelous Universe attests to the eventual downfall of any and all controlling mechanisms. These living proofs are markers dear to our awakened hearts, regardless of power crazed entities’ devastating designs of oppression and genocide. Life survives, just as plant life always comes back again despite forest fires, volcanic eruptions or massive earth changes.

That’s the inherent nature of our wondrous creative existence.

Battles within life’s cycles clearly rage, as they do with the varying levels of the higher conscious-being community around us. This struggle is apparently part of how things work. No matter how much some may attempt to over-spiritualize this reality, the growth cycle clearly involves living amidst adversity and learning to not just survive, but cooperate in love and harmony together despite oppositional forces.


The missing factor has been doing what we can to dismantle their destructive mechanisms. This is the stage we now find ourselves after far too much time blindly trusting authority and abdicating our power and capabilities to overlords, many disguised as so-called elected representatives, while others are outright oligarchs who’ve been in place for eons without disruption.

How It Will Play Out

It’s clear things will get worse before they get better. While this current world we’re confronting is simply a snapshot in eternity, it cannot be minimized or ignored any longer. Too many forces are in the hands of madness to not be used to some degree. We see this in the roll out of the AI agenda as well as the monetary, biotech and geo-engineering programs, to name just a few. For these despotic forces to not attempt to utilize these insane programs, most of which are already in process after decades of preparation, is counter-intuitive, however nightmarish the current as well as coming effects may be.

It’s a form of momentum and very difficult to stop altogether. We can expose what’s going on and help people prepare as well as speak up and fight this as much as possible. However, their meglamaniacal designs have been going on full throttle while humanity was lulled to sleep and distracted from seeing its intended control and obvious violence and death fixation to satisfy their parasitic cravings.

A fundamental truth many are uncomfortable with as true as it is, but seeing the enemy for who they are is intrinsic to knowing how to expose, resist and defeat them.

                          *crucial data on the Arcontic agenda from John Lash

The Lynch Pin of Activation – Downing the Archon Agenda

On the bright side we’re taking their ill-conceived and wickedly intentioned construct of death and control down. One step, one article, one video, one conversation, one awakening, one empowerment, one loving deed, one concerned action at a time. This is our heart cry and the calling we’re learning to step into…

But it won’t happen unless we do our part.

Humanity has been bamboozled. Ironically, these archontic entities trying to control and manipulate us are able to transgress in the name of “freedom” with impunity – something these same entities loathe. Deceit is their number one tool, as perfectly evidenced by the archon possessed Zionist agenda, an outcropping that is so obviously wicked the entire world structure has to deny it even exists.

Similar to the bully in the playground, these oppressive entropic influences seek complete dominance at the expense of everything in their path. They create and promote anger, violence, greed and self-satisfaction to justify their own ends like a mind worm working its way into the human psyche. This is how they work, softening and even neutralizing opposition of any sort.

When confronted with the full light of truth, however, they cannot operate.

These parasites thrive on the principles of the generous life giving nature of our creative Universe, yet want to limit that access for others. In fact they’re insanely jealous of us. There’s a lot to be said about this in the Gnostic texts and other perceptive teachings everyone should be familiar with.

These archonic cryptoterrestrials in whatever form are real and are behind the scenes engineering our world either directly or using willing, psychopathic idiots amongst us to manage their tasks. It’s an infestation and just as our white blood cells rush to meet destructive micro organisms to preserve our health and well being, so must we behave as conscious warriors of light and true love.


On the Fulcrum – A Golden Opportunity for Drastic Charge

As the dystopian skynet-type AI program rolls out and geo-engineers, psychoperverts and social engineers continue seeming to implode our planet and race, we stand at an apex of change never before seen in the history of our planet – at least as far as we know. Perhaps we’re replaying the Atlantis vs Lemuria scenario or the ancient Vedic wars. I don’t know, and it doesn’t really matter, although the passing of the Kali Yuga is extremely significant as we make this transition…

The question immediately arises: Is this our ultimate opportunity to leave this repeating cycle, by standing up and defeating the self ordained masters of our race who have sentenced us to this prison-like repeating cycle of abuse? A profound thought.

I think so…

Sorry Boys, We Woke Up and Won’t Have It

This is the fulcrum on which we are perched. Will humanity roll over and let these psychopathic parasites’ designs materialize? No is the answer.

But don’t just observe, participate. The extent of the damage these spiritually driven psychopaths create is up to us – here and now. We can minimize the damage and encourage and strengthen our progeny and brothers and sisters enormously. We must face up to it, in any and every way possible. The ongoing struggle is not to be dismissed in fatalism and reticence, but active participation in full on empowered conscious awareness.

Let’s stand together, courageously and with dogged determination. It is clearly our calling at this crucial time in the history of mankind and our planet. Never fear or stand in awe of their temporal power, it only feeds their program.

Live in light and broadcast it with abandon!

Much love always,


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      • Oh wow seriously it has nothing to do with smoking pot.... Wow actually I'm drug free holy shit... You know hmm maybe you need to chill.  Listen to the words.  It's of love and peace you want to talk like that... Really you need to chill the hell out.... Now I how friends and family in this debate on both sides I don't believe aliens are archons I believe the real enemy are ourselves.  Just like you showed us now... We are our own worse enemy... I don't believe in fear tactics matter of fact nothing to fear in an illusionary world right.... So go stuff your own pipe and smoke it I'm about peace and love....

        • Stick, thats one hell of a track, Led Zeppelin's In the Light. not only the depth of the lyrics and the song itself but the 1.40 second mystical intro .. such a hauntingly beautiful melody, that's either Jimmy Page on Hurdy Gurdy or Guitar, or its John Paul Jones's finest moment on keyboards .. thank you for sharing, not just the video but for ALL of your insights, stay as blessed as you are my friend .. 

          • &, as always, brother Luke... thank you for b e i n g You.
            Your excellent contributions to this thread are greatly appreciated.

          • It's ok, but it sounds like a cross between Angel and the Moody Blues, I think they were just trying to fill up album space and they did. Zeppelin was created for the sheep.

            Yes, Blessed are the Ori, you remember them from Stargate . . . They are a group of "ascended" beings who use their advanced technology and knowledge of the universe to attempt to trick non-ascended humans into worshipping them as gods.

            Sound familiar? Speaking of familiar who is Luke Skywalker it sounds eerily familiar but I can't quite place it? Of course loosely translated Annunaki could be defined as a sky walker, your not a minion of the evil Cabal ar

      • 'in love with you own ego'?... 'mental masturbation'?...  'living in ignorance feels so good'? 

        ~Really? & what would you call this petty, egoic rant of yours, somethgblue? The truth? The only thing 'bordering on insipid' is your belief that you've added anything of depth & weight to this post... unless, of course, you want credit for stroking your own sense of self importance. Make no mistake about it, the Spiritual one-upmanship game is also a form of masturbation... & while it can be fun... it rarely includes the culprit answering the very questions he or she is so comfortable accusing others of avoiding. Too funny... your hypocrisy speaks for itself. No worries though... if it's getting you off.... enjoy! Just remember, when you point the finger, there are four pointing back at yourself. ~TemetNosce247

        • Unless of course your pointing the whole hand, I would call my petty egoic rant a chance to flex my verbal dexterity and have some fun at the authors expense. Did stroking my own over inflated ego give me a sense of superiority . . . not really, I already feel that simply by existing.

          Of course, on this pathetic mud ball being intellectually superior isn't that difficult, I mean get real, I've eaten things smarter than half the population.

          However in the immortal words of Michael Jackson "I'm going to make a change, starting with the man in the mirror!" but first I'm going to have a little fun. So do I want credit for anything, NO, neither the author or you are important and if your vessel ceases to function tomorrow my sleeping patterns will not change.

          After all owning and recognizing ones character defects is the first step in changing them however pointing another's out keeps Stick from looking in the mirror, perhaps you are an expert in hypocrisy?

          • Pointing the whole hand’. Why does that sound familiar?… Oh yeah


            Now there’s some sheeple, for ya ;-) But seriously, somethgblue... while I can also relish ’playing’ the ‘role’ of master debater & cunning linguist, that’s not what’s really going on here. You’re not 'flexing verbal dexterity'… you’re talking shite! Pure & simple. So call it what it is, brother. Own it. Sarcasm is a form of violence… & when you pepper your responses with it, & then cap it all off with ‘I already feel superior by simply existing’ … well... you reap what you sew. & hey, don’t get me wrong, playing sticks & stones can be fun… but depending on the arena, just don’t mistake Spiritual conceit with Enlightenment. From what I can tell, only the latter path reveals a crucial ingredient to figuring out the Multidimensional Rubik’s Cube… Humility. I think you’ll ultimately find your self appointed pedestal to be an illusory, lonely place. As above, so below. But, no worries… if it makes you feel taller, enjoy. Just keep in mind, it’s ALL a matter of perspective. Perhaps Zen Gardner, by virtue of writing an article that has you comfortably referring to him as ‘a pathetic mud ball’, is actually doing you a service?… You know… providing a means for you to purge aspects of your psyche that actually believe you’re speaking from a place of authority, rather than deep insecurity. You never know. The roles of Teacher & Student are always interchangeable. On that note… feels like a good place to invoke the King of Pop, again...


            • "a pathetic mud ball" would be in reference to this planet, try to stay with me here. I'm not going to insult the readers intelligence by describing every little reference like I'm teaching six year olds, I have to assume there is a little intellectual reasoning on this (pathetic mud ball) get it, the Earth is mostly ocean but has some continents as well hence soil and water equals mud, the planet is essentially a sphere which is what . . . wait for it, it will come to you . . . yes, that's it a ball.

              Have you thought that perhaps I'm just getting tired of folks sugar coating their lives with flowery poppycock that never materializes. Let's review shall we, how long will Earth be on the 'cusp' of the New Golden Age? How long before a new revaluation of currency actually takes place? How long has The Company of Heaven been 'talking, squawking and spewing' about the defeat of the Cabal/Archons/Illuminati . . . oh its just around the corner, going to happen any day now, you just wait . . . yeah OK we're waiting.

              You're right it's just a matter of perspective and if I was part of the Cabal, you know what I'd do . . . I'd infiltrate these websites and and start spreading the news that a big change is coming and its just around the corner and get all these wannabe enlightened clowns to pat each other on the back for being such good sheep and holding the fort, while behind their backs I sucked their souls dry.

              I have been hearing this same tired rhetoric since 1995, that TWENTY YEARS of the same old thing and yet nothing ever happens. I've gotten a lot smarter and recognize that all the answers lie within me, once I found the courage to seek them but now I get the feeling from that voice inside, the eerie sense that we are being played, something should have changed physically by now as far as this planet and yet things are getting worse not better, so I'm a little skeptical . . . perhaps I've been awake too long, it's easy to be excited when you first wake up!

              •  . . and this is my way of getting all those negative doubts out in the open, so they no longer have any power over me but I got to tell you, you don't need to be a Rocket Surgeon to recognize Full Disclosure, obviously Powers greater than our Government are manipulating events.

                Secret Space Programs (SSP) make sense to me but the bottom line is we are still enslaved to the dollar and disinformation still rules, the truth is the illusion. So if the Archons are defeated how come their human cronies are still in power running rough shod on this planet?

                If the Company of Heaven waits for everyone on this planet to awaken it could be a thousand years before anything happens of significance, in cosmic terms that's just around the corner but from our perspective that would suck.

                If three frogs are sitting on a log and one decides to jump, how many are left, yeah three because deciding your going to change and finding the courage to change are two different things.

                Nothing has changed and all the flowery talk in the world and revealing of the 'truth' isn't going to change it, so someone needs to speak up say enough is enough, let';s see some action not talk!

                • 'Nothing has changed'... Nothing has changed? What utter nonsense!... by it's very nature, Life Is Change! 247... 365! & it has nothing to do with whether 'one' roots their 'experience' in fear or Love. It's a choice... nothing more, nothing less. As biophysical extensions of the Gaian-Mind, Humanity is enmeshed with radical changes that ultimately transcend our beliefs, which, for what it's worth, will be instantly rightsized by the emerging paradigm. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly! 


                  ( ( ( BeTheChangeYouWantToSee ) ) ) 

This reply was deleted.

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