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This document comes at a great time for us all, a time in which we end our lessons and begin to take action. Here you will find in great detail the story of the Universe, its involvement with the Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors and just about every other Being that has come our way. It discloses the identity of Our Universal Mother, and the paramount role she plays constantly in our lives.


Most importantly it shows us that our history and present is not just a one time occurrence that can be read in a book such as the Bible and thought to be complete. This would be like reading an old issue of a magazine that has several new additions imagining you are up to date when in fact you would be in stasis. Existence is ever evolving and changing based on the decisions we have made and the ones we are making now. We learn that even the most powerful Beings by our description are more than capable of making mistakes just like us because we are truly them. We learn that our Ascension is the greatest challenge due to our desire to see everything in opposites.


One can also use this as a guideline for the upcoming weeks to what we will be clearing up in regards to the vast misinterpretation of symbols and occurrences. It is a great fulfillment to bring this to you and to work with such courageous people that have approached nothing as Truth until it became self evident. This has come about through the fractal knowledge of our reality that truly shows us that what we are internally has now become external, exposed, and in need of the nourishment that comes about when being brought back within.


Lastly I would like to encourage everyone that when they come to a point that they feel they need read no more to summon the might to continue and chase off the spirit of division, your very existence will depend upon it and in many ways you will think to assume what will come next but in many cases you will see that you did not expect the twist.


We promise the Truth, nothing more as it is all you need. We will no longer sympathize with individuals who chose not to live by it. This is the end of being partial. Wholeness to you All. James


Post Script: I'm also asking those that finish this document and need further instructions to feel free in contacting me as it will be obvious that we have a great mission before us and will need the real support of as many as possible to be the total catalyst that we are but first one must be fully updated.



Etymology of the word (Lesson)


ON is the God of Heliopolis which represented the night time Sun. The entire western world has taken to worshiping death as life. Sol was indicated as the morning Sun while Om the midday Sun and On the nighttime Sun often connect with malicious intent. So the word "Lesson" means to have less of the malevolent force inside through instruction.


It has been deemed by the Higher Forces that man and woman should learn these things not from being treated gentle and kind but by being exposed to the insensitive forces of EL and SS (LESS) and their fears. These forces are ancient and still very primitive in their growth yet they work perfect in teaching such Lessons. To graduate beyond what they have erected now for humanity you only need to know when foolishness must end. When one is ready to go beyond the double twined serpents and the Moon god Sin a.k.a El and its dual nature then they have graduated this sector. We can assist you with this.


The Audio has been made available by clicking here

You will find a direct download for the pdf. below hosted by Ning.


The Universal Mother  

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     Still reading this article as it is quite lengthy.  Good article though, we are due at the end of the sixth night start of the seventh day.  WHAT WHAT!!!


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