About two million years ago us letacian indigo/starseeds and starseed/indigo's had a feud with our younger son/daugthers and daughter/sons who decided that it was okay to eat and drink the flesh and blood of sentient life something that is highly illegal under universal laws. So as a result we as the letacians then casted the monks and ancients that would be come to known as the fallen angels in the bible and what we know as the fallen indigo's. The troublesome leaders of the group is was known as aati/bati and his/her brother tiki/toki. Who never liked to listen to it's father/mother shaman achi/acki who tried to teach them over the past two million years through different social mediums that this sort of thing was illegal under his/her laws and the rest of the fallen indigo's with it where also taught this things too. The problem was that when shaman achi/acki tried to punish his/her children that some porition of society would try to punish him/her for doing that and that some porition of society would view as oppression and called shaman achi/acki an oppressor and a criminal. Which would impead on the process of teaching his/her troublesome children next to impossible and that the lower casts of society would make life difficult for him/her and the rest of her children under him/her that where never fallen from heaven at all to actually rehabilltate his/her troublesome children. This time around shaman achi/acki and her letacian indigo/starseeds and starseed/indigo's rounded up there children and had them rendered via a black hole all three hundred of them because of crimes they committed against humanity and him/her including his/her letacian indigo/starseed and starseed/indigos children with him/her on earth in the 20th and 21st century. Which means that there no more fallen indigos/starseeds and starseeds/indigos which would be otherwise known as the fallen angels of the bible. 


aati/bati was satan on earth 

tiki/toki was lucifer on earth

siki/diki was diana the moon goddess

saka/soti was anti christ 

liki/fiki was lilith 

yati/fati was yahweh 


Then the non fallen angel or non fallen indigo/starseed and starseed/indigo known as shaman achi/acki is known as St. James The Lord's Brother, St. Demacus and St. Letacus and living on earth currently as male/female and female/male bodied and soul transgendered person born naturally and supernaturally. 

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