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In the name of truth I must expose this man for who he is. This man (weak) is not even on the same page as Jesus. For all those that find themselves following Ghandi you should take note that he was a flawed man ...and Jesus was PERFECT. Many of you follow his wise sayings yet know not what he nor Hinduism was truly about..

here is a look at some of this so called great man..

"This same gentleman has been accused of a great number of crimes and oddities, for which he is rarely held accountable: sleeping naked with young teenage girls to test his chastity, racism against the blacks of South Africa, a believer in the discriminative Caste system, a Hindu nationalist, referring to Adolf Hitler as a ‘friend’ and allowing his own wife to die from bronchial pneumonia."

"Gandhi was a misogynist, for instance – he believed that a woman who has been raped lost her value as a human being. He labelled women who used contraception as ‘whores’, justified the honour killing of daughters over sexual assault – to preserve a family’s honour. Rita Banjeri, author of S** and Power asserted that "he believed menstruation was a manifestation of the distortion of a woman's soul by her sexuality".

Gandhi had some rather warped and obsessed views regarding s**. He hated his own sexual desires, and preached that sexual intercourse was bad for the health and led to bodily complaints, such as constipation. He is quoted as saying that sexual freedom would be the downfall of India’s people. As mentioned before: it is widely known that he slept naked alongside the young girls of his entourage, some as young as seventeen"

"he Guardian (which also references some of the above accusations), he recalled this disturbing story from Gandhi’s South African days:

..."“During Gandhi's time as a dissident in South Africa, he discovered a male youth had been harassing two of his female followers. Gandhi responded by personally cutting the girls' hair off, to ensure the "sinner's eye" was "sterilised". and..."Gandhi boasted of the incident in his writings, pushing the message to all Indians that women should carry responsibility for sexual attacks upon them. Such a legacy still lingers."

"To continue on his South African days, one thing that the Gandhi historical account seems to have left out is his horrendous racism regarding the blacks of South Africa. But please, don’t take my word for it. Here’s an excerpt from one of his letters (in which he referred to the native South Africans as ‘Kaffirs’, an equivalent to the slur ‘nigger’:

..."“Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness.” (Sept. 26 1896 (CW II p. 74))

Now I can see why Kat "dont come back"..likes this man..he was racist!!

to continue with this "great man"...

"Did Gandhi also voice his support for the Apartheid regime? In which native South Africans were degraded to a form of ‘sub-citizen’? He most certainly did, here’s an excerpt from a letter written to one Dr. Porter, the medical officer of health in Johannesburg:

..Why, of all places in Johanesburg the Indian location should be chosen for dumping down all kaffirs, of the town passes my comprehension. Of course, under my suggestion, the Town Council must withdraw the Kaffirs' from the Location. About this mixing the Kaffirs' with the Indians I must confess I feel most strongly. I think it is very unfair to the Indian population, and it is an undue tax on even the proverbial patience of my countrymen." (9 April 1904)

When a person chooses to exalt a man above the creator then that man shall be humbled. Jesus is the creator of the universe..Ghandi??..well let his deeds speak and speak clearly ..ALL OF THEM.. just like all of Jesus' deeds speak for him.

May everyone come to the recognition that Jesus is the Greatest man to ever walk the earth..He descended from Heaven where he was at the "right hand of the Father". Jesus lived his life for ALL MEN and his love belongs to all men..not just "christians".

Jesus came to show all men on this planet and in his vast creation how to become sons and daughters of God. Jesus came to reveal the loving character of God in the highest expression, SONSHIP!!

When one is a babe they may follow these minor leaders but once one becomes a full grown adult then one should shed his early teacher(s) for the one eternal teacher which is Jesus..Creator of Earth and this local universe called Nebadon.

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@Eddie..I do not feel I judge anybody..but on the other hand I am a good judge of character..I do not have to agree or  like or support anybody I choose not to!..Even Jesus had enemies.

I'm an angel sent by god

@AL..I Im only supposed to talk about day time(good) and never talk about nighttime(bad)??

@AL..okay..sorry I mis understood..

@AL. I was.reading too fast!

Youve just been waiting and baiting me to have it out with me.....

havent you Auorix....


I know what the books say

I know what the Dharma says

and I know what your trying to do with your rhetoric...


@Eddie..well what Im trying to do is point out the Gandhi ..wise man and all..had an evil side a bigot side a racist side..even a warped many women are going to take blame for being raped??..well thats what Gandhi says..seems flawed to me!

I havent researched this

Im certainly not that focused on these allegations and rumors..

but doesnt change anything...

I have a dog that loves me...imperfect as I am

he doesnt understand that Im not perfect he only feels love..

cant you open up your heart

like Jesus teaches

and love your neighbor as yourself?

You can flaw me-- I have made many selfish mistakes...

but still I love others and there are other who i feel love me

Cant you see beyond the old piscean argumentative confusion and open up to the luminous truth?

@Ed..dont take this personal ..its about facts not your personal walk with whomever or

my heart is open Eddie..the father and I could not be one like I said if my heart was closed.

I see your face Eddie like you said..and my heart is open to it!!

Yet, this is also what Jesus says about "neighbors".."I have even warned you that a man’s foes may be those of his own household. Although this gospel of the kingdom never fails to bring great peace to the soul of the individual believer, it will not bring peace on earth until man is willing to believe my teaching wholeheartedly and to establish the practice of doing the Father’s will as the chief purpose in living the mortal life."

Sorry for interrupting. But in what way will this (if credible source) "knowledge" that Ghandi was a racist help others? If you don't support racism, and there is undeniable proof Ghandi was a racist, then so what? Do you think that will change every other things he said?

I tend to see the good things Ghandi gave this world, and from what I've gathered they have been an overwhelming majority, the only "bad" I've heard about him was until I read this post honestly. And it haven't helped me in any way changing my mind about him, and no I'm no racist. So I wonder what this will help others and yourself Auorix? I also wonder how you can so boldly state that jesus was "PERFECT" and would like to know where you get that faith from since it was a long time ago he walked the earth as a human. I'm not saying jesus wasn't a very wise soul coming here like Buddha or Muhammed, but don't you think it's a bit far out to say he was perfect ? For all it would matter by the way..



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