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This is a message I wrote back in 2008 and have been guided to re-post it by my ET contacts. There are many new starseeds awakening right now and this information is worth putting back out for them and others who will resonate with it.

Commander Adama on The Equation of Creating Personal Reality

Life is something we all experience. Individuality is a possession obtained that creates life that is different and unique for everyone. The truth that everything in creation is interconnected with itself is key to understanding what we can do to create our life the way we want it. That is one of the first steps; to acknowledge the unity that all of us within creation, no matter how big or small, are equal to one another. There is not a soul that is better or less than you. Call it Universal Equality; Universal Oneness. To be able to create your own reality, you must understand the equation of creating personal reality; a simplistic equation that makes your mind able to shape your reality. With that said, the equation is the following.


(The Universal Law of One + Living in the NOW + Living and enjoying the moments within the NOW) + (What We Think + What We Feel) = (What we become which makes us able to do and manifest) *** Let's first look at the first bracket of the equation.


(The Universal Law of One + Living in the NOW + Living and enjoying the moments within the NOW)


Realizing and fully understanding the Law of One is the first section. This is extremely important. Not only is it important to understand it, but to experience it. This was further explained earlier in the message. Section two and three; Living in the NOW and Living and enjoying the moments within the NOW, are most important in understanding the equation. To live in the NOW, and only in the NOW, means to live without judging or thinking about the past and future. As a friend once told me, the present is a present so take it and enjoy it. See, when you only worry about the NOW and experience the NOW, your mind becomes ONE with the moments within it. Learning to enjoy these moments, whether they are positive or negative, will shape your mind to understand and know the truths of ONE and LIFE. This increases the power of thought.

Let's now look at the second bracket of the equation.


+ (What We Think + What We Feel)


The first section is all about thought. This is important in manifesting what you want or would like into your personal reality. Science has recently discovered that every thought emits a frequency. Nothing always creates nothing; but something always creates something. This is further understood through Quantum Physics. What is perceiving as well as creating what you see? It is the brain. See, the brain looks into the multiple possibilities of what your reality can consist of and chooses which one to experience. So, how can you change the possibilities of what your reality can consist of? Through thought! Everything is merely just a thought that can be transformed into another thought. So, through the power of the mind, we can create new possibilities of what our reality can consist of using thought and can use the power of that thought to be able to choose it to manifest into our personal reality. So as you can see, thought is the power that is creating reality, whether it's personal or collective. The second section is about feeling. When we feel what we think, it makes us ONE with that thought. When we become one with a thought and are constantly thinking and feeling it, it emits those energies to the world around us in which we experience. This then starts to shape personal reality. When this is done, it moves us to the conclusion of the equation.

Let's now look at the final bracket, which is the solution of the equation.


= (What we become which makes us able to do and manifest)


Finally, the solution to the equation. When we fully understand and implement the first two brackets of the equation, we get the solution every time, no exceptions. See, when we live what we think and feel; we can use thought to manifest what we want as long as we stay in alignment with it through the feeling attached to it. When we do that we become ONE with the thought we want to manifest. When that happens, we become that thought which gives us what we need to be able to manifest it physically in our personal reality. And that is it.

So, do you understand it? Is it confusing?

Don't read these words in this message. Feel them. Find this information within yourself. That is the only way to truly understand and implement this equation into your own life.

"The quest for truth is not important. What is important is finding the truth from within."

Everything in this message is not just a philosophy. It is something much more. But only you can truly discover that for yourself.

If this information resonates with you, then please spread this message.

Love and Light,

Commander Adama

-GFL First Contact Team Representative-

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Thank you for reposting this message.  

your welcome :)



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