The Divine Program

I have much to attempt to explain.  Your kind has alanguage that is based on words and pitch change, and my home language is onebased on light, sound, emotion and intent.  It is more like singing than speaking, so what I am about to explain iseasy, but in being so proves a complex endeavor to explain.  So, bear with me.


All existence comes down to one simple thing, frequency.  Everything in this universe is just energyexisting on different frequencies.  Whenall was created, it was simply a matter of taking bits of the energy of theDivine Collective (what most of you would call God) and slowing each piece downto its proper frequency.  It was all donerather instantaneously by your time measurement.  You see, where Divinity is concerned, thereis no “do” process.  It isthought-manifest because it is all part of the same energy.  It is like you reaching to pick upsomething.  You think to do it and ithappens.  That is how it is for Divinityto slow down bits of Itself.  That isalso why Divinity can be everywhere, because everything is made from thatenergy.  The only thing original to thisuniverse is the void, which you call space.  Everything else is Divinity existing at different frequencies. 


I truly wish there was a way to loan you my sight for just a few minutes so you could seethe energy to which all things are tied.   It is the long sought after perpetual motion machine.  Life.


The point is this.  When a human grows up, childhoodis supposed to be a time for figuring out who you are, yes?  The problem most people have is that theylack the understanding of how each person’s place is determined.  Since you are each a piece of Divinity slowedto a particular frequency, then your place is dependent on which part of theDivine your energy was originally from.  You have no recollection because you cannot remember there, just as whenyou are there, you cannot remember here.  It is because free will is what separates you from Divinity. (It wouldbe too difficult for you to exist in this form with full memory of before youwere here.)  When you search for who youare, you are searching for the part of Divinity you came from.  If you are a healer, it is because you werecreated from the bit of Divinity that holds the healing light energy.  If you are a musician or artist, you camefrom a place in Divinity that holds the core energy of Emotion.  If you are gifted with the finer senses, itis because you are from the part of Divinity that is Intuition.  (And I’ll tell you a little secret.  Intuition is the biggest self-critic of all)No worries though, it is the skepticism that allows you discernment.

Here is the really abstract part, but it is the only way I know to draw the picture usingyour language.  Existence is a hugeprogram.  (No, not like in Hitchhiker’sGuide to the Galaxy)  Programs areelectricity, yes?  A series of commandswhich control on and off switches which are ultimately controlled by theif-then loops called free will.  The Electricitythat runs the program is the energy of Divinity.  The problem is that you have gotten so farfrom the original coding that you are manipulation the program unintentionallybecause you do not know how it works anymore.  When you were close to nature and instinct,the program was self-sufficient because life and death were understood as anatural part of existence.  Old wasconsidered wise because you had to have a certain measure of wisdom to surviveto old age.  Death was celebrated as achange in life instead of an end.  Thenatural world was seen for its magick instead of its provable laws.  It is what you call magick that is really theessence of the Divine program.


“Magic is the production of that which is not measured by the capacity of the conscious working will.  (Charles Leland-1891)”


Once you began to measure the natural world, you weakened its magick and therefore disrupted the program.  It’s kind of like the whole system was infected with a worm/virus andthis worm/virus is called money.  It putvalue on items which had no right to be sold in the first place.  It also put love into a streamline of if-thenloops that ultimately caused what you see going on.  By concentrating love (the energy that bindsthe system) into a capacitor like money instead of putting it back into thesystem in an even energy flow of giving for the sake of giving,  it has stored up into a holding tank that haschanged its frequency to vibrate on opposite wavelengths, thus creating anoverabundance of self-love, or greed.  Only this system is self-aware, self-perpetuating, and able to overwriteitself at will and without logic. 

Each of you has so much power to change things with simple acts of deliberate free will because each time you make a choice out ofunmotivated love, you drain the capacitor just a little more and restorebalance.  These earth changes are themanifestation of the disruption in the program.  Almost like Divinity popped up a “browser issue alert” saying, “Well,this is embarrassing.  Divinity is havingtrouble restoring your tabs.  Please makesome different choices to activate the proper switches, close down your societyand restart.”


Have I lost you yet?

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