Hello there everyone in the one,

I've been meaning to make this post for a long time now. I have proof that Steven Greer has a hidden agenda.

The National Press club is the organization that funded the start of the UFO disclosure initiative in 1993 called 'The Disclosure Project'. This National Press club is owned by the rockefelllers, and there headquarters is two blocks from the White House.

The first red flag comes from the National Press club seal. Here is a picture of it:

Notice the Owl and the Lamp with the flame. Also notice the Capitol Hill building in the background. First if you look at the Capitol Hill building on google Earth it shows and Owl made of the surrounding roads. Here is a picture:

Then you must ask yourself what does this owl mean????

If you research into a group in northern california you will find the answer. There is a group called the Bohemian Club. This club has a member list of many heads of state, including many US presidents. They have a Redwood Forest Grove with a forty foot tall stone OWL. They do occult satanic like rituals at the base of this statue. This is called the OWL OF MOLOCH.

Here is a picture:

If you have good eyes you will be able to see a LAMP at the bottom of this statue. The same identical lamp that is on the National Press Club symbol. This is VERY important because the National Press Club seal matches up with an Owl and a lamp.

If you research more into the Bohemian group you will read there LOGO. it goes like this " Weaving spiders come not here". 

This motto is a dead on indication of the owl that is on the US one dollar bill. Notice how the design of the dollar bill is covered in what looks like spider webs. The bohemian club motto relates to how the spider web design does not touch the little hidden owl on the dollar.

So, you have to be able to make the connections between the National Press Club and the Bohemian club. With that you have to take into consideration that these people have secret messages on US money and US government buildings. Only the most powerful people in this world could be able to do this.

The National Press Club is the front runner for the disclosure project. Which means the very people who kept the ET presence secret are the very ones who are disclosing it.

The second red flag about the disclosure project, is there official stance on good/bad alien theory.

Steven Greer says that no negative ETs exist.

This is silly to me because I have found a major contradiction to that statement.

Steven Greer is also the leader of CSETI, which is an ET ambassador training program. I was very interested in joining this group. I had sent in an application to join these training seminars. The second in command of the disclosure project and CSETI, Debbie Foch called me to interview me. I had a very long conversation for about two hours. Near the end she quickly brought up the question if i believe in the good/bad ET theory. I said "no i believe all ETs are good", which was a lie. I then later asked her a quick question myself. I had asked if the underground base at Dulce, New Mexico was real. And she quickly answered and said yes it is real. 

But, that is a clear contradiction to the good/bad ET theory. If you look into Steven Greer's books you will see that he says the supposed reptilian ET species was not at all extraterrestrial. That these reptoids were created by terrestrial humans to scare people during illegal MILAB abductions. 

This is all so stupid. Because Debbie Foch ADMITTED that Dulce was real, so therefore she admitted the ET reptilians were real.

From there I knew the disclosure project was actually the deception project, under special interest by the alpha draconian reptilian influence.

I would rather not type out what has happen at Dulce, New mexico. I leave it to you to research.

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  • Nonetheless, Dr Steven Greer exposed and disclosed quite a bit of information that wouldn't be out there today! If you take his information and look for truth, you can learn quite a bit. I don't care if Greer is reptilian, draconian, human, or a giant slice of pizza, he definitely helped millions wake up!
  • Hi Hermit, I appreciate what you are saying, but I wanted to highlight a few things:

    -The National Press Club owns a building in Washington, which has various rooms that can be rented out for press conferences and various events. It is often a popular choice for events in which journalists will be in attendance as it features the equipment and facilities to accommodate them plus it is in the US capitol giving it a certain prestige and legitimacy factor. Furthermore, the NPC is first and foremost an event, conference, banquet-hosting business.

    - The Disclosure Project rents out a room at the Press Club every year to hold a press conference highlighting some of the testimonies of key officials and to draw media attention and public awareness to the ET issues in a mainstream fashion.

    - In Canada, we have a "National Press Club" as well and it has a building close to Parliament Hill with various rooms for rent. Similarly to the US one, people who have absolutely no connections to any sort of dark friend activity can and do rent out the facilities for various events including weddings and they can without being a member of the press club. Again people like to rent out the facilities as it is a way of bringing attention, prestige and legitimacy to their events.

    - While there is a certain sketch factor and the NPC seems very much attached to illuminati types, I wouldn't completely discount the Disclosure Project solely based on their location choice for a press conference.

    To me the Disclosure Project is a very mundane and 3D way of reaching out to the masses in an attempt to awaken those deep asleep arrogant individuals who still think humans are the only intelligent life in the entire universe. Greer and others have been very careful at trying to appear as legitimate and professional as possible in what seems to be a media ploy in order to secure press coverage from mainstream news channels, as well as reach the masses. If they come on to strong, many non-believers will completely discount them, so they try and water down the message and are very careful with their words. If you have seen interviews with Greer and other people who have testified as a part of the disclosure project, they are very candid about their beliefs and their experiences, but they also recognize the need for sensitivity when discussing these issues in mass public domain. Many of the witnesses are people who utterly bought into the system and status quo and would not be considered "spiritual" or "alternative" in any way - they are the 3D people deeply engrossed in the mundane and illusion. They are coming from a completely different paradigm than most of us on AC as well. But they recognize and have experienced ET contact in one way or another, so they are sharing in an effort to open up a dialogue about ETs.

    Nonetheless, it is important to maintain our own intuitions and discernments. Furthermore, we must realize that nothing is black and white - there are indeed many shades of the rainbow in between and many streams of consciousness, intentions etc. Keep an open mind, use your heart as your compass and always trust your intuition.
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  • I'm not denying my ego. What about your words for Greer and the Disclosure project? I don't know your journey, neither do I want to know it. And I can't love you, I don't even know you, maybe I wouldn't know you even if I met you. Who are you? You could be anyone
    But it seems you like giving your power and freedom to the 'outside', to the ones whose power is an illusion.
    • Perhaps we can deny and choose not to love only ourselves... everyone else disguised as ourselves...
  • omg, Hermit stfu you n00b... go be paranoyed elsewhere!
    It's like you want them to control you, and you admit their power! We don't need that here

    Disclosure is happening all the time, all the info is available for everyone to search for, read, watch and know.

    You are pretty deep in duality Hermit....
    • its obvious from your comments that you have no idea who I am or what I've been through.

      If you're unable to make connections from these facts, then there is nothing I can do for you.
      I recommend doing more research into Steven Greer's stance on good/bad ETs.
      • yea, ofc now you're gonna act like a wise old man that knows everything...
        what YOU've been through, that's your ego talking, you... and I have experienced nothing in life and know nothing, right?

        Your post doesn't make sense to me, masonic symbols, bohemian club, so what? You're so deep in duality, your searching for flaws. If you search for 'bad' you will find it, even in the most 'good' places. So your post doesn't rove or disprove anything for me.

        Bottom line, I don't care about anyone's agenda, that's their problem, not mine, the fact of the matter is Greer helped me understand some things, and helped me wake up (not woke me up) to the reality of some things....
        You are deep in duality, friend, everything that's heppened to you is the TRUTH about the LIES in You. That is Karma. Find the peace you need inside and see how things change on the outside. No one from the outside, can have control over your true self. No Demon from the outside can match the Demon IN you. I'm not trying to sound like some teacher or something, I'm sure I'm just reminding of things you know.

        Even if Greer is 'BAAAD', yet I doubt it, he makes good points and has great info, it's not about the mediator it's about the message, and his message is good, that's all I care about. Remember, everything outside is an illusion, good/bad is an illusion created by us.

        • its ironic how you call me egotistical when your the one making egotistical comments.
          • Peace!
            Its time turn inside to reflect and let the love and compassion flow...:)...words are a very poor way of communicating....

            • If my words can hurt you, your ego is even bigger than mine FACT!
              I'm not being harsh, I am being real about saying Hermit is deep in duality good/bad
              You are all going on about how you all love all and everything, but that is an illusion, if you loved all and everything, you wouldn't be here in 3D now would you?
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