General characteristics:
1-Explanation about the world and the spiritual world: There has been no religions explaining exactly about the world, about spiritual science and phenomenon of spirituality, the invisible world and the soul based on modern quantum physical science. Some religions used spiritual mysteries to direct believers along with their complex discipline and scriptures. They became helpless in explaining some spiritual phenomena such as the soul of the death, medium, haunted, fortune telling, prophecy, imperishable body, telepathy, mind controlling, intuition, dreams, astral projection, etc. There have been no heads of religions that were allowed to see God by divine eye or were taught by God.Therefore, they could misunderstand our Father God or could use mysterious simulations to entice the believers or do arbitrary spiritual intimidation.

2- There haven’t been any religions illustrating arguments about natural philosophy and social philosophy, building the way and the methodologies to transform human society so that humanity becomes intelligent, civilized and has psychic powers and attains great goodness, great beauty, bliss, liberation from samsara while living and at the same time transforming and building a peaceful and content society. They only showed the measure and ethical criteria. Furthermore, ideal society on the Earth was not addressed. The Christianity dream of heaven above and God bringing the Church into the air in the end of the world, and then building the lasting forever safe and sound kingdom. Where is that kingdom? On the heaven or on the ground? and how to build it? what is it like? Everything seems to be very vague and there is not specific philosophy and methods to proceed. That means there is no social revolution or spiritual revolution. While humanity will exist for billions of years so how will the mankind live? Do they all go to temple or heaven? No one can explain.

Buddhism followers cultivate to reach enlightenment, repression of all desire and being away from the principles of social existence such as living, bearing; Buddhists cultivate to reach liberation or Nirvana and then go to Nirvana when they die. But how about the society? Who will take care of it? Buddhist monks also have to eat, wear, use items of beings so they also have to pay (the karma) because their cultivation is only helpful for themselves. People go to pagoda to pray to Buddha but they do not understand much about morality and the discipline of Buddhism. Today and tomorrow, can Buddhism save mankind from war or diseases? Buddha said that in the era of decadence, it is difficult for the monks to save/liberate themselves, not even others .
Therefore, Symbolic Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh has once said: “The Buddha in the pagodas is gentle and good, but he could not help anyone”.

The concepts about Great Holiness society belongs to Buddhism, so I may ask: How to build Great Holiness? Who build it? Do people go to the temple to build it? Or advising people live a moral life is enough?

Buddhism waits for Bodhisattva Maitreya to descend on Earth to build Great Holiness; does Maitreya descend with the appearance of a fat man? Does he wear Buddhist monks’s rode and go into the temple to build Great Holiness? Who knows how the face of Maitreya? How long will he come down to here? Is it up to 8400 years after the death of Buddha Shakyamuni, Maitreya will descend on earth? So what will the human society be like at that time? It will be very modern, so what will Maitreya teach at that time?

Now the term as leading of Buddha Shakyamuni is up; he has returned Heaven & all the temples will be not visited by him anymore. This is the new law of Celestial Hierarchy. In addition, as we know, Buddhism considered God is a Brahmā-rāja (Phạm Thiên Vương). Brahmā-rāja is just as the ones who lead Earth, Mars, etc ... There are many Brahmā-rāja. Therefore, Buddhists misunderstood and they have been disrespectful towards Father! Our Father is The omnipotent/Almighty God; he even gives birth to Buddha Shakyamuni and lets him descend on Earth to create the Way. We should remember that Hinduism or Brahmanism all worships Brahman, i.e God. As Buddha Shakyamuni saw the decadence of Hinduism which could not save beings from suffering, he took an oath, cultivated and created a new discipline on the basis of Hinduism which are still about meditation, reincarnation, karma, but advocated leaving this world of dust to be away from suffering; It is also about No Self or non-ego while Hinduism said that human is ego-soul in the great Ego-God. This is the main difference of Buddhism; when someone is the state of nirvana, he then returns to nothingness, to none which is in fact that to return to Father and become liberated from samsara. However, the primitive Buddhism did not recognize soul or God. Now, the souls of Buddhas who have already reached the peak of still exist and we can see them every day so are those theories right or wrong? And the Buddha said: I am chief of the world,
Eldest am I in the world, Foremost am I in the world” Is that right or wrong? I just know there is only one unique chief of the world who gives birth to all, that is Father God! Father is still leading all divine beings/spirits/Buddhas. Before Shakyamuni came down to earth to establish Buddhism, he had already cultivated countless lives. The True Discipline of Buddhism as stated in Buddhist scriptures could only develop in 2500 years after his death and then became decadent. Today, he had already passed away 2553 years.

Buddhism now become more popular, but humanity needs a great reform in order to make humanity a big school to live and learn.
Buddha will be always a great enlightened Teacher of Ethics and compassion for us to learn and strive.

3- Many theoritical points are fabulous in scriptures and disciplinal cultivation, which makes modern science oppose. These religions are hard-pressed because of their serious mistakes of important arguments which are even mysterious and legendary so they use conservative and mysterious methods to entice people. They even use tricks to make people ignorant, stupid, and stupid to rule people; that are reactionary!
No religion illustrates the great laws of Heaven or in exact, the science of awareness of major laws in the nature and the universe.

The earlier religions have caused the opposition between religion and science. Why? Because of the mysteries of disciplines, of spirituality and because there was spiritual science to lead. Spiritual science was not unified and did not have in common with the rustic science of physics and chemicals and rustic materialistic philosophy.

4- Different religions have always despised each other, and even used religious powers (thần quyền) to destroy each other, which caused wars of racial origin, religious conflicts; religions were used to serve the greed and desire of invasion in the last 2000 years as a stain in human history. They have used religions as a methodology to oppose other nations, ethic groups or to cause terrorism or impose the freedom and independence of other nations.

"In 20th century, we see that there are about 10 religious wars:
The first is the war in Northern Ireland between Protestant and Roman Catholic lasted for centuries.
The second is the war Bosnia and Kosovo which is between Albanian Muslims and Orthodox Serbia; the war was also about the conflict of racial origin.
The third is the war between Croatian who follow Roman Catholic and ones who follow Muslim.
The fourth is the war in South Sudan between the Christians and Muslims.
The fifth is the battle between Turkish Muslims and Greek Orthodox, i.e Christians, in the island of Cyprus.
The sixth is the war in Kashmir between Muslims supported by Pakistan and Hinduism supported by India.
The seventh is the war in Ambon, Indonesia between Muslims and Christians. Before, there was a war in East Timor of these two religions.
The eighth is the war in Sri Lanka between the Buddhist government and Hindu party which asked to break away known as the Tamil Tigers.
The ninth is the war in Afghanistan before between Taliban Muslim and the Northern Alliance, now is war on terror opposition.
The tenth is the war in the Philippines between government which follows Roman Catholic and Muslim forces called Moro. Currently, there are wars to destroy Sayah Abu which follows Muslim considered as the terrorist organization having contact with Al Qaeda international terrorist.
Most recently, there was a bloody religious conflict in India starting from the date of Feb 27th 2002 between Muslims and followers of Hinduism; in just over a week, there were 700 people killed and many houses were burned in Gujarat State."
(Source: Internet)

5- The most common characteristics are: the decadence of the Prime Discipline which leads to the failure of Ethics and Dharma; they are contradictory in themselves; they divide, conflict and betray; at the same time, their awareness has been wandered, struggled; they illustrate petty philosophy to protect prime discipline. Eschatological time of all the religions is the current time before the transitional time.

We will see the terrible decadence of Christian priests and church ... Russia or America all worships God. Which country is right in term of morals? There are also the situations that monks tease or abandon discipline or people escape life by hiding in the temple, etc. In Muslim, there are conflicts and chaos between factions of Sunnite and Shiite.

6-The moral dogmas cannot reflect or satisfy the complexity of life and are incapable of deterring people to be self-discipline or incapable of reflecting scienctifically in the long term throughout the whole evolution of humanity.

7-About liberation for souls: There has been no religion before incapable of liberating for souls scientifically, modernly, effectively and rapidly like we are! They often say one’s prayers, read scriptures so that the soul can awaken itself or use external forces of Divine Spirits, Buddhas. It is because they did not have right argument about bioenergetics and souls. In Christianity, they even bury dead people deep down. Actually, there are few souls that are liberated and it will take very long long time to go to the 9th realm or Heaven! In addition, in Buddhism, there were very few people reach Nirvana or liberation.

In fact, in the last two years (2008-2009), I have had hundreds of combats with demons, evils; the number of evil souls to be liberated may go up to 9 million souls such as the battle with conincident spirits (the spirits which cause a situation in a family that a period of mouring that comes unexpectedly while another is taking place), 120 thousands of fetches of dead Yuan-Ming-Qing soliders in the Red River, 10 thousands of dead North Chinese Soliders (Hoang Tau), the army of 30 thousands souls of the Three Queens the army of 20 thousands fetches of White Ghost Queen, etc. I experienced hundreds of battles with evils, fetches, demons and even competitions with divine spirits; I also arrested the Seven Royal (Quan Hoang Bay) 2 times, etc. I have already had enough arguments to prove issues related to souls, astral body/plane, astral improvement or superior treatment as our superior reasoning. I have met countless monks’ fetches which may have been forced to be a military of poltergeist such as the battle with sprites at hamlet 4 HB or fetches try to possess children.

Thus: For the first time in human history, we are the discipline which cultivates and enlightens the Truth and also has the most superior liberation/salvation method that no other head of any religion before could do; In addition, for the first time in human history, there is close cooperation between religion and Social Theory, between theocracy and government, between modern science and the science of spirituality and religion; there are also the unification of science, awareness of spiritual beliefs-religions; natural unity with the ideal of God, between human and nature without any enigma, mystery. All is bright, pure, true, ideal and feasible than any other social philosophy or religion before!
Therefore, we are not religion.
We follow the forever Creator’s Way of our Father Almighty God.

8- About black lodges and avitchi: When Prince Gautama was born, Hinduism and Jainism had already existed for thousands of years with the theory of reincarnation, cause and effect; in particular, the style of leaving this world of dust had already had since 6000 years ago. It was such a very long time; they practiced occult discipline, liberated while living and kept away from life of dust. Later, due to the sense of mercy to sufferred beings, Buddha Shayamuni had created a new discipline with a system of ethics and self-dicipline cultivation (self-realization, self-forgiveness) on the basis of traditional meditation and being away from the life of dust but in an organizational method (in fact, that was to reform Indian religions). At that time, Hindusim considered Buddha Shakyamuni being an avitchi and black lodge. Buddhism could not develop in India so it had to be taught in Tibet and in the East. When Buddhism has been developed, it has been divided into different branches including Mahayana so followers of Theravada considered it being as an evil way. Later, there have been many different disciplines. The situation was also the same to Christian. Judaism worships God - Jehovah even before the birth of Jesus thousands of years.

Religion brings concrete characteristics and history, which is suitable for a specific period of history of human society. Human history has so many different religions; the later was born on the basis of the former and also contradicted to the former; the former considered the later being as the evil way. But only what suits the law of evolution and the stage of subsequent history of humanity can exist, develop but then all will be degraded and ruined according to the law of forming, developing, degrading, ruining and then becoming nothingness as all other phenomena; there is nothing strange here.

The initial creators have always been opposed, damaged, even harmed, according to the law of reaction; there is nothing strange here. However, in the end, the new and civilized things shall go up even if sometimes they may be go down…

Therefore, the perception of humanity with its particular charateristics of different forms of consciousness including religion, morality, etc. always develops from the lower to higher level in vertical and uwardp spiral; the later shall be more fulfill than the former. The awareness suitable with the inevitable law of evolution and conditions for the new development of human society shall exist and develop and then shall be withered; that is the inevitable thing. The old and outdated things shall be withered but of course the old things will oppose the new things; the conservative things shall fight against the progressive things but with the time and according to the laws, things that are suitable with the existing laws shall exist and go upward. The problem here is that we should analyze to have a general outlook and evaluate it so that we shall not be ignorant and discriminating or shall not be too conservative, reactionary, which can cause evilness opposing evolution. This shall be the same to society and other philosophies.

9 – About spiritual rites: most rites of religions are overstuffed, massive; some even force people to donate heavily. Pagodas and churches are still rised while people are poor. Taking fetches into temples is basically wrongdoing in term of spirituality because temples are the places for people to contemplate, cultivate, which are not sepulchres; people misunderstood the idea that the when taking fetches into temples, Buddha shall help them liberate and they will cultivate there. How can they cultivate? Who will they learn from? Some fetches/ghosts/souls say to me that they are so hungry, cold, and miserable! All they would like to go home to be warmer! The deep burial method of Catholic churches cannot eradicate, or disintegrate the spirits/souls but can make their way to salvation even harder; they become corrupted and come back to bring harm to the living world. The hell is not beneath us/underground. In reality, the practice of FengShui cannot be always effective. There are too many former Catholic spirits coming back to persecute their own relatives. I cure the spiritual diseases; arrest fetches/souls and then liberate and teach them; later ask them to cure their own relatives.

There are people who follow the Way but do not eat vegetarian foods or practice/cultivate discipline/meditation; they are even greedy, jealous and desire for fame and fortune or have narrow awareness and understanding… then how can they be salvated/liberated?
Some religions from their beginning until now just bring sorrow and suffering to humanity more than bring salvation! That is the undeniable truth!

Father is of all people, not of any separate religion or discipline.
There are countless disciples to cultivate return to Father; the one which is backward shall be perished.
Please listen to our Father’s opinion about them.
Moreover, it must be emphasized that: in the era of Great Holiness, it belongs to a new dogma/philosophy which is in fact Celestial Way Communist society on earth; people live and cultivate at their own home while they still keep their virtues and attain six transcendental powers; that would be then considered greatness! We cannot all go to the temple while building a peaceful society at the same time. We also can’t advise people to achieve virtues, to enlighten the Truths and to find salvation while the society is still in misery, poverty and plague. If human beings want to exist, they can’t simply escape from the society in the whole picture. People must eat to reach the Way; they cannot beg for food forever; without eating, you cannot attain the Way; the Buddha used to give up being ascetic to enter the Middle Way; the Way is the existence of natural laws including the biochemical law. If we do not implement social renovation, we cannot solve the roots of human sufferings. If people who descend on earth all go to temples, who will work and bring up the society? Or if people are merciful and they release the three poisons (attachment, aversion, ignorance) but the miserable life makes them unhappy, how can they live peacefully or eliminate the struggle in themselves and in the society? The type of people who always try to settle an agreement at all costs are the scariest of all; we fear most the too kindhearted people who cannot raise their own voice; if we tolerate the wrongdoing of bad people a few times, the combination of all them shall be a disaster for the whole society! We truly understand that in the era of decadence, the talented and moral people are often unjustly punished and disadvantaged!

Happiness is not just mere meditation/cultivation but the devotion to humanity and the scientific practice to achieve enlightenment and unify both the Way and the life. Only the Celestial Way society can make Great Holiness Great Unity and liberate humanity from wrongdoings, wars, delusive greed and ignorance, atheism or ignorant superstition while worship our real Father that is God – comply with Celestial Laws or the Way of God that no other religion can simulate and demonstrate scientifically. We are the ego in the Great Ego, petty soul in the Great Soul; in fact, the soul of Buddha still exists. God also suffers because his children are still suffering; taking a few tens of thousands of people to Superior World/Higher Realm in a century is so few but if this world is a healthy society, there will be dozens of millions, of people attain the Way/liberation. All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are always under the command of the King Father. The ancient gods, or ancient Buddhas, or Divine Spirits/souls, etc. are all one; they are just the names of different religions because the whole Humanity is One.

However: in the future, we will select the quintessence of Buddhism to build Great Holiness which are the noble virtues, the noble Eightfold Path, the doctrine of reincarnation and causality (of course they should be revised), meditation method; meditation is very important because without meditation, divine abilities and spiritual abilities cannot be achieved. Buddha is always our great teacher.


To achieve Great Unity and unity of religions and humanity, we must: Have a Prime Discipline that is strong enough to cover all former disciplines and go beyond any current philosophy & theory in society; it must be able to explain scientifically anything about the nature - society - humanity - modern science and rationalize the ideal of the society & science with Way Discipline-Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline but it must not become obsolete in the following tens of thousands of years or the old practical ways or the old rites, etc. and it must meet the criteria and reflect the development of any era in the future; at the same time , we implement a profound spiritual revolution with the ideal for the society in both physical and emotional aspects; we must prove the existence and feasibility of The Discipline/Way. There must be a effective and positive cultivation discipline but it must not be away from the ordinary life of people with simple rituals which can unify both the Life and the Way for next thousands of years.

1.The humanity in the future needs a new unified and consolidated WAY that is NOT a religion or that is Celestial Way – Creator’s Way for the whole mankind’s peace and stability. Either worshipping God or not is not as important as comply with ideal and orientation taught by God – it is the inevitable law of human society.

2. Humanity needs a precise philosophy of science and spirituality about the evolution of Universe - humanity. Now the modern Western philosophy is at a standstill and crisis, capitalism shall be inevitably perished. Philosophy and modern science are incapable of explaining mysterious phenomena and the truth of spiritual world.

3. There will be people telling us that: what are you to "judge" other religions?

Then I will illustrate the following reasons:

- First: as an outsider, and a human being with consciousness, we must acknowledge what is good and what is bad such as we perceive others and other perceive us. Thus, we have the right to perceive the good, the bad of different religions.The newborn things always deny the old things just like other ancient religions or the doctrines.

- Second: Religions have become depraved because of themselves; this is the popular and inevitable truth. Because we obey the order to build a new Prime Discipline with spiritual power entrusted by Celestial Hierarchy; we have decree, spiritual ability and connection; we have the right to sit in the right position. Therefore, we have the confidence to study and analyze on the basis of an objective assessment and science according to our own perception; we do not make things up or insult mindlessly or disparage religions but respect, carefully evaluate; not only us but also other general assessment and their own religions’ assessments do this as well. We even seriously and scientifically acquire their quintessence. Why? Because the genuine morality of all religions is all beautiful and the head of religions in the past are all great original souls descending on earth under the order and prophecy of our Father to establish the way. What was old and obsoleted, we say it old.

- Third: Currently, according the order of Celestial Hierarchy, Great Holiness shall be established on Earth but the old disciplines will never be able to initiate that ideal and thus cannot implement a revolution of spiritual science and social science! If anyone has the ability to implement this, we will pray for their success! They will only be helpless towards the suffering of Father and humanity today.

- Fourth: I am not an absurd in spirituality. Father has enlightened me/opened the Way and teaches me every little things and divine powers/magics; especially, Father allows me to sit in the throne shadow of him. In the past, there were only few incapable of witnessing fetches/souls; now in the new era, Father has allowed many original souls in incarnation to see HIM, and there are many superior psychics incapable of seeing Father and knowing that Father gives me blessings and teaches me; Father has allowed me and them to see HIM. So it is unnecessary to argue whether God is real or not! Therefore, I have the right to judge everything under the will and the order that was given by our Father!

In fact, until now, every wandering soul/original soul all complies with the order for the transitional time.
Anyone who has reincarnated in this time opposes the law/order of Heaven shall be then punished.
We shall wait for the transitional time; do not be hasty. Nobody can compete as everything has been arranged accordingly by our Father. This theory shall contribute as an offering to our Great Holiness.
After the transitional time, original souls that remain in the world shall comply with the precept of Father to implement the general work. There will be more original souls arising.

The words of God:

God is ME, I am God
Create all species, I am the lord
I am the grasses, the flowers, the humanity
I am the land, the happiness, the peace
‘Am the Truth, the root of life
‘Am civilization, the green, the awaiting destination
I am the blessings on places to places

Everywhere I go, I give my blessings
Those who slight me shall lose me

Those who leave Me shall turn back
Those who I leave shall start again
Those who harm Me shall be decimated themselves
Those who betray Me shall be betrayed themselves
Those who oppose Me shall be opposed by others
Those who ridicule Me shall destroy themselves

I am the Great Almighty God
The great Compassion-Beauty-Truthfulness
My Way I teach three thousand Worlds
Ten directions of Heaven, I dwell in the Centralization
That is the Northern Star, the marvelous White Jade Tower

I am God
God is ME
I am all beings
Beings are all
The Most Venerated God is the tree, Celestial Master is the leaf
I am Sky
The Sky which is so high.
Saints, Buddhas I generate
I am Great Creator, Compassion Way

Those who talk about Me shall have my company
Those who think about Me shall have me inside
Worship me is the true Way
The Way of Compassion, the Way of Unity
The Way of God shall be forever loyal
It is the forever the red blood stream


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