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Hello all my fellow brothers and sisters,

I have an issue that just came to my attention tonight. I am a photographer and 2D/3D artist. I sell my art on and have for many years now. to my dismay some of my art has been removed because of what they are claiming as copyright infringement. I am so confused on this because I took the photos myself and created the 3D art myself. One of the images they claim is actually a picture of my son playing a guitar. I had used a software program to manipulate the colors and place it for sale as a poster. This was created over 5 years ago. I have been really working hard to keep my vibrations up especially right now with all that's going on in the world. But this is different. I feel like they have stole my creativity. they have stole my heart for this is what I do. this is who I am. I have always been an artist. I have always used my art as My way to remove myself from this 3D.I really don't know what to do, other then let these images go. I no longer have the originals and I I feel as though they are trying to hit me in the only place that matters to me. My Art.They know that I have released my attachments to the world. The only thing that I have ever really enjoyed doing is creating. I need to know if anyone else has had this type of experience. To be honest I really don't know what I can do about it. and I really don't think I need to do anything about it. Other than maybe create something new. This is something I created today I though I would share it with the world before it taken too. Peace and love my dear family.

This image is named Essential Freedom By Me.

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I do Understand your point. I do understand that we do create our own realities, and much of this is because we all are still playing in the 3D Game. When it comes to the people who are without, "Hungry" or "Homeless" what are we supposed to say to them? Aren't we supposed to open our hearts and our homes to them? because even if our mind says that it's all an illusion, I know that we are not supposed to ignore them.

Hi folks, hi chella, none of my words ever said to ignore them, only sharing my perspective on the cause and if one knows the cause of something, then and only then can the issue be solved, however long that takes.

We each do what we can to help, some can only afford words on a computer screen, others can do much more and others can probably solve the problem over night, but do not have the intention as of yet, to do so.

Hi feather winger, when i speak of money not being found in nature, am referring to the basic need items that are found in nature, not toys or luxury things.

Using money to use in exchange for an apple is not neutral, by that very exchange, proves that to acquire the apple, requires that a condition be met and that condition is for one to have enough money to buy the apple.

That by definition of the word neutral, is not neutral.

Which is one of the points I AM making at this time, here in this thread.

So now one has to acquire something called money that is not found in nature in abundance, which creates scarcity, which in turn gives power and control to those given the power to create the ink paper and all those in cahoots with them.

Not sure what kind of creator you folks think created all that is in creation, though feel quite sure that the source of all this, did not intend for us to be paying to live on this planet with colored paper.

Feel quite sure, that we were intended to pick a piece of land to use, build our shelter upon it and plant our crops to eat and use whatever we need, absolutely for free.

If anyone thinks this is inaccurate, then please explain to me the birds, the ground animals, the fishes, the insects, etc. they are all, as we speak, on a daily basis, taking what they need from mother earth, absolutely for free, shelter and the dirt to put it on included, yet again, absolutely free.

peace love light

Hi feather, thanks for kind reply.

Based on my observations of nature, animals are not all the same, just like humans apparently.

Was giving bread to some geese one day and they were all getting along fine, until a couple dominating type ones, decided to try and run the other geese out of there, so they could have all the bread to themselves.

This is just like many human interactions.

Though, am referring more to the planet systems, like rain, sun, trees, plants, air and things that offer there service and bounty freely, without conditions.

These planet systems are the examples that probably should be followed if we want harmony, though the energy beings (souls) animating sentient lifeforms, like humans, birds, animals, insects, are obviously all not operating with the same programming as the planet systems and one being to another from birth, even overlooking how humans program one another, the geese example is proof of this.

So based on observation, it seems apparent, we have different consciousness levels operating within all sentient lifeforms and we have another consciousness level operating the planets systems.

So, point being shared here is, when saying nature, am referring to the unconditional consciousness level, not the souls inhabitating sentient lifeforms, as those lifeforms are obviously all at varying levels of consciousness awareness.

So to conclude, indeed it is apparent that money is the effect of the thoughts and thus actions of those dominating geese.

If geese had money systems, it would just make it that much easier for those dominating geese, to pillage the rest of the geese.

Hope this message offers more clarity to what I AM sharing.

peace love light



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