Im reading this book at the moment, just wanted to share:

The Creator Speaks: A Message For Humanity is a book that gives us hope and understanding of the larger picture of the end times being played out on our planet. We are in the greatest role that we have The-Creator-Speaks-9780615317847.jpg?width=275ever experienced collectively on our Earth plane. This awakening and shift is moving us beyond linear time through the 2012 doorway into Enlightenment, Ascension, and into Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth in all life forms. The Creator explains his great heart awakening with his beloved Sophia and the rippling effect this love still has on all levels of Creation today. He/She explains the different levels and systems of Creation, how they began, and what their purpose is. He/She explains the importance of the Shadow's exposure and its emergence into light, what the Stargates have to do with this shift, and how the end of Karma is affecting the Earth changes on our planet. He/She talks about the "Golden Age of Enlightenment" and the great healing of the feminine, which is activating our DNA coding, and awakening us into the Second Coming of Christ collectively.

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  • Sophia is the greek word for the Holy Spirit, in the bible. She seems to be Gods wife. In Genisis it says, let us (plural) make mankind in our image, Male and Female we were made. This means there is a women in the Godhead.

    Concerning Jesus or Yashua, the scriptures say he was not created like the angels, but was begotton, or born. That implys a union of co-creation bwteen the Father and Sophia, resulting in Yahsua. Now Yashua has a twin, or Shekina, and is called the Holy Ghost in scriptuer and it was her essence that was given on the day of pentecost, that allowed the 120 on the day of pentecost to speak in other languages of the day, to witness about these truths.

    So ther is four in the Godhead; A Father, a Mother, a Son and a Daughter. As above so below, humanity is made in that image, thats why thier are sons and daughters and Moms and Dads here on earth. Its the same pattern as in the 7th Heaven.

    Of course youll never hear this in churches as they have been infiltrated by demons, to block many truths..peace




  • There is no 'money' in heaven:-)
  • How do eye read a book? Do i just look at it? And then what? Sounds like a good book ,is it a talking book also?
  • Hi folks, yes i agree creator source is everything as i said, all that is. Of course it is just my perspective and maybe too lofty of an ideal for this world still, though some things in my opinion should not be capitalized on for gain or even basic needs.

    Let me give an example. Should we start charging for the air we breath to prove the point, how far does this have to go before people say, no, enough is enough and i will trust and have faith in the creator source of all that is to see that my highest good is maintained.

    Also, I never said it's wrong to sell the book as the term wrong is a judgment and all I'm speaking of is results of choices and actions, which carry a neutral charge. Meaning some will not have access, due to money conditionality.

    Just forget about survival for a moment and think about the charging for air example, the manipulators of this world are charging for just about every other basic need.

    There is a part in the first movie 'Matrix' where neo is in the matrix and is afraid to jump off the building he's on to the next one as it's an impossible jump, though only in his mind is it impossible.

    All is possible, keep releasing fear and you will see the world around you change for the better. 

    peace love light

  • we were on same track at the same time. glad to see that we were inspired and opened to let spirit speak through us
    • Tario & Marianinia, thanks for sharing with us your bright light of wisdom.
      ... makes sense!
  • Creator is everywhere, everything and everyone. ALL is from Creator and Creator is ALL. So it could certainly speaks trough a book why not. If the messager decided by is own will to dedicate his life to give to everyone an important message received from an important source, it is normal that we give something in return. When you buy this book in the spirit of giving a donation to say thank you, we love you, we support you... all is ok. Money is a mean to exchange the energy of abondance between us, so i don't see any problem in giving a donation this way. People have the tendency to want to get everything for free but rarely they are willing to give something in exchange. For those of you that can nourish their body with just love, i say lucky one cause me i still need food and a car to get it from the market. I propose to not judge that book or the messager. Maybe it is a great book that will open the hearth of many. Blessings with Love

    (excuse my not so good english, i'm french)

    • 8115885460?profile=originalGood on ya, Tario!  ;o)
  • Hi folks, Hi darla, I was wondering when someone was going to point this out, thanks.

    So let me get this clear, this book claims to be information from the all that is, pure unconditionally loving source energy and is charging to obtain the information.

    I rest my case and If it is from creator source, I can guarantee source did not intend for anyone to charge or place any condition upon others to receive the information.

    In fact, I think if creator source energy did ever write a book, it would fit on a note card using standard size text. It would go something like this, we are all one and from the same source, love one another unconditionally. Pretty simple hey.

    peace love light 

    • 8113878059?profile=original
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